Kotalik to be bought out?


News from the twitterverse via TSN’s Bob McKenzie:

Waivers, likely for buyout purposes: Cheechoo, Ott; Nokelainen, Vandermeer, Phx; Koistinen, Fla; Kotalik, Cgy.

From CapGeek.com:

Ales Kotalik is 31 years old on the buyout date of June 28, 2010, putting the total buyout cost at $4,000,000 spread over 4 years. His contract was originally valued at $9,000,000 with an annual cap hit of $3,000,000 beginning in 2009 and ending in 2012. The following is a season-by-season breakdown of the buyout. A negative buyout cap hit number indicates a credit.

2010-2011: $1,000,000
2011-2012: $1,000,000
2012-2013: $1,000,000
2013-2014: $1,000,000

Interesting times lay ahead for the Flames. How dealing Olli Jokinen’s expiring contract & cap space for Kotalik, only to buy him out makes sense is anyone’s guess. Personally, I was hoping they’d loan him to a KHL team and get him off the books completely!

  • If the Flames end up buying out Kotalik, is there any other word to describe this stuff than incompetence? I don’t think there is.

    You could say that if the Flames buy out Kotalik and don’t re-sign Higgins to a nice contract.

    If they do re-sign Higgins then they’ve essentially paid $1M x 4 for the right of first negotiation. You could (and I would) seriously question Sutter’s ability to properly value player rights, but at least they added a good player that way.

    Anyways, in my mind I had it that we probably had the ability to re-sign one of Higgins and White even with Kotalik on the roster. This move indicates a couple things:
    1.) The Jokinen trade really was about Higgins. That’s a little scary but there it is.
    2.) One of Higgins and White is likley playing hardball.

    • I know it’s really silly for me to reflect back on my own thoughts about this, but when people were asking for Joker and Phaneuf to be traded mid-season, this is the mess I worried we would be in, and why I hated those ideas.

      It’s rapidly becoming a huge hole and we’re just digging deeper and deeper.

      The possibility stands to be:

      Dion Phaneuf + Matt Lombardi + 1st (Brandon Gormley) + Prust (x2) + Sjostrom


      .5 – 1 season of limited effectiveness from the reinforcements and a 10th place finish


      Matt Stajan (3.5) + Niklas Hagman (3.0) + -1million cap hit (4 years) , -2 roster players + negotiating rights at White and Higgins.

      Now, White could turn into picks/OR be re-signed at what value?…but…

      Holy hell.

  • Yup. Why Sutter didn’t just trade Jokinen for some mid-round draft pick is beyond me.

    If the Flames end up buying out Kotalik, is there any other word to describe this stuff than incompetence? I don’t think there is.

    • I imagine Sutter had to take salary back in order to move Jokinen. How many teams had space for his contract mid-season and were willing to use it all on Jokinen? We traded our problem for New York’s problem.

    • It’s giving the Gary Leeman debacle a run for its money…

      Lombardi/Prust/1st –> Jokinen –> $1M cap waste for 4 yrs ($1.5M cap hit after you consider a replacement player on the cheap)