• Well, I almost have to hand it to someone who can be that confident in the face of this…well, I’ll call it “management”.

    And there’s no question Sutter is not done. But I can’t possibly assume he’ll do something sensible.

    • marty

      who the hell is the 3rd line goin to be? i know he can’t be done but who when why? the morning started so good then this. i think i gotta get away from any news for a bit. jesus christ save us

  • CA Flames Fan

    Wow….speechless….maybe Sutter is on the phone trying to re-sign Haken Loob, Kent Nilsson……Joel Otto still lives here….why not try to re-sign Otto…..

  • Graham

    Let me give you a perspective from an Oiler fan…

    It’s one thing to make ONE counter-intuitive move (bringing Tanguay back) but it’s another thing altogether to make two of them … in the same day.

    If I was a Flames fan, I’d be OK with the Tanguay deal if that was the only move Sutter made today. Nothing really wrong with the money and it’s only a year. So what the heck. He had a good year with Iggy, why not bring him back again for another look?

    But the fact that Sutter went to the discard pile twice … well … that tells me he’s either lost his mind or he honestly thinks he’s smarter than everyone – everyone – in the NHL.

    Sutter’s ego is getting the best of him now. Oiler fans have seen this before – back in the final days of the Sather era when he cared little for scouting or drafting and traded Miro Satan and Ray Whitney away for players who are now selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door.

    Of course, there’s a chance that Tanguay could end up with 65 points and Ollie could score 35 goals and Sutter will come out smelling like a rose.

    But don’t bet on it, fans of the Flame. The best you can hope for is ONE of these moves to work. Two moves like this working out is like winning the lottery.

    Courage, Calgary. Courage.

  • Graham

    I cant wait to hear Sutters presser on this. I hope they tear him apart. I hope they dont sell out every game because of this. Thats how you inspire change, cut support.

  • House

    I realize everyone is crapping bricks right now, but either the Joker is going on the wing, or Backlund is going in the minors to develop. And having 11 million down the middle on your top 3 lines isn’t particularly excessive. I hated Jokinen at 5.5/year, but I think I can handle 3; he’s an upgrade on Kotalik, and can be the brunt of many jokes in the following seasons.

  • House

    I like him more at 3 million dollars per then Malholtra at 2.75.

    And if Butter can properly utilize by giving him soft 3rd line minutes at ES and cushy PP time, this might not be a bad signing and can help this team win some games. That being said, this team is still pretty weak compared to most other teams in the west in terms of having difference maker forwards.

  • Skidplate

    Oh man, I’m… I’m… frag I can’t even articulate what I think now.

    Why? This makes zero sense. Olli 3M, Langkow, 4.5M, Stajan 3.5M… where does Backlund play? Who plays (at an outrageous price) on the third line? I don’t get it? Something HAS to be up? Please?

  • Skidplate

    if you look at what’s happened on this team in the last five days, you have to really start to wonder if darryl sutter knows the names of any players who haven’t historically donned the flaming C.

    this team is gonna get annhialated this season.

    TWO MORE YEARS OF THAT CLOWN ??!?!? is darryl TRYING to alienate the fanbase ??

    anyone who said he shouldn’t be fired at season’s end is probably reconsidering their stance now. three words: john. ferguson. junior.

    god help us.