Flames Hire Jay Feaster as Assistant GM



According to twitter reports, it looks like Sutter has found someone willing to make balloon animals. Ironically, it’s Jay Feaster, the GM of the Tampa Bay Lightning team that defeated the Flames in the 2004 Stanley Cup finals.

That sounds like a good resume, of course, but frankly I’m unimpressed by Feaster. His team slid into terrible territory soon after winning the cup and his writings at the Hockey News since being deposed have caused me to both laugh derisively and raise my eyebrows more than once.

So, yeah…color me less than thrilled.

    • CP is GARBAGE

      Sutter brings in low tier players who basically suck outright (Ivanans, and apparently Jackman), doesn’t take the possible high reward draftee when he has the chance in the 2nd round, and brings in a guy who Kent has ALWAYS disliked as the new assistant GM. Weird how that might not inspire optimism, eh?

      He’s not spinning things negatively; Kent is the most analytical hockey blogger I’ve come across, aside from the guys at BehindTheNet and the Contrarian Goaltender, and that is how he delivers his posts. There are a lot of people/writers who are more than willing to be blind faith fans or the weird, emotionally-volatile fans, and I’m personally glad he does things the way he does. Yes, he’s posting his opinion, but it’s a highly-informed opinion, and he never delivers rhetoric.

      • please. Kent’s ‘analysis’ is as one sided as you can find.

        it’s one thing to sit in front of a computer for 12 hrs. a day comparing corsi ratings, it is another to actually know more about the people you openly criticize.

        has Kent ever spoken to Daryll Sutter? probably not.

        has he spoken to Jarome Iginla? doubtful.

        has he spoken to Clarke Wilm? no.
        who has Kent spoken to? good question.

        has he ever been in an NHL dressing room? maybe on a tour in the offseason.

        has he ever even played hockey at a half way respectalbe level? probably not.

        does Kent write blogs and then goes to Stienberg’s house to play dungeons and dragons? probable.

        I understand the criticism of the flames and their management. they deserve it. but since I have started to read this blog I can’t count the times in which Kent has given flames management the benefit of the doubt. not once. clearly there is an agenda here, and to what end? none whatsoever. don’t know why I waste my time reading these highly predictable blogs.

        further more Kent sports a d-bag alt rocker goatee. that alone should discredit almost everything he has to say.

        • I know a lot of people fear the witchcraft of mathematics and scientific analysis, and if you feel that having a conversation with a GM or a player will give a person great understanding of hockey, then more power to you. I’m not well-versed in advanced sports statistics, but I am well-versed in statistics in other areas, and I know that you can get a lot of information from those little numbers. You can’t get context necessarily, and you can’t get a lot of “soft” information, but if someone gave me demographic information about the US, for example, I could tell you which states have a higher standard of living without EVER HAVING LIVED THERE. Shocking, I know. So yes, experience in any area is useful for determining information (eg having played hockey to a high level, as you mentioned in this case) however it’s not necessary for a lot of analysis, and certainly not fan-based analysis.

          I’d wager that most guys who have played even to the level of junior hockey aren’t better than Kent is at analyzing players; simply playing something does not make you good at analysis. In order to analyze properly from the point of view of an insider you need to be good at it. When provided with statistics such as the ones he uses, it makes things a lot more straightforward for at least a partial understanding of whether someone is good/bad/average in relation to the rest of the league.

        • I’m not going to reply to the personal insults in this thread.

          To those expressing support, thanks. To those who don’t like my analysis because I haven’t spoken to Clark Wilm personally or my beard doesn’t suit them well…feel free not to read or comment.

  • Canucks Suck

    Meh, some guy to give pressers who won’t sweat disdain and bile for all us non-“real” fans and un-“important” people. I think that’s all we got here.

    That said he’s got a Stanley Cup winning team on his resume. So at least that’s something, and if ownership ever decides to think about handing Darryl a gold watch and thank him for his years of service they won’t have to fret about having someone inexperienced to handle things in the interim (since I’m not sure I’d want Feaster in the big chair either).

    Almost wish they’d brought in some new blood… another good ol’ boy wasn’t what I was hoping for.

    • Gange

      That is SUPER easy to say in hindsight. Of course at the time he was a top ten player in the league. I’m not convinced that he isn’t one right now. Yeah, he did have a bad year though.

      Is he the greatest GM that ever lived? No. Did he put together a competitive team that eventually lost a stanley cup in game 6 to the Flames (revisionist history in effect)? The reality is that had he not paid LeCavalier someone would have.

      The reality is that he is a serviceable GM candidate who will be fine in an AGM role. Personally I’m glad to see someone completely opposite of Darryl as AGM

    • …I agree. Flamesnation is full of cranks. I’m almost through with this board. Someone, give me a reason to stay, please. Most of these punks will have Flames flags on their cars when the Flames are HOT HOT HOT next year. Adios bandwagon punks!

  • So pretty much here was the interview

    Sutter: blah blah blah don’t cross me blah blah blah

    Feaster: Okay

    Sutter: Talk to the media

    Feaster: okay

    Sutter: don’t cross me

    Feaster: okay

    Sutter: Make sure to mention all our “prospects”, and talk about how we need to infuse young players in the line up, but keep recycling old farts.

  • we want improvement and this is what they come up with, well i can live with it. Daryl is the most unfriendly media guy i’ve ever seen. this gay may, at least, give us, the fans , some sort of acknowledgement. that said i don’t think daryl will pay too much heed to the guy who ends up getting his coffee. in my opinion a few upper upper management changes need to be made, starting at GM and above.

  • You lost me when you said you’d pay 7M to Gomez.

    Richards is an overpay but at least he produces offensively.

    I don’t know if Gomez doesn’t produce offensively.


    All the scoring chance stuff I’ve ever read here points to a guy who’ll kill his opposition in scoring chances.

    Granted Gomez has a pretty unique context of icetime IMO. I don’t watch MTL much but going off of Olivier’s stuff and BTN’s charts it seems he plays tough opposition but with wildly inflated OFF zone starts relative to the rest of the team. More so than even the offensive stars like Crosby, Ovechkin and Thornton.

    Still, a tough-opposition-man who can play in all situations and produce a goodly amount of scoring chances for his team? I’ll take it. Those don’t come around very often.

    • More offensive zone starts gives you a much better chance of being in on scoring chances. I don’t think that he’s a bad player by any stretch of the imagination. I just don’t like the length and value of the contract for what he brings. That isn’t value for dollars.

      EDIT: Plus Richards only has one year left. His next contract won’t be the same length or value as Gomez’s

      • CP is GARBAGE

        More offensive zone starts gives you a much better chance of being in on scoring chances

        That’s my line 🙂

        No seriously, I know what you mean but the complete star forwards end up getting deployed in this league, I can forgive a bit of offensive zone starting. It turns out that a lot of them end up looking like they take tough opposition based on the QUALCOMP metric anyway.

        Different story entirely for the elite tough-opposition Dmen, they look like they get hammered both in quality of opposition AND shift starting position. That makes all kind of sense, who amongst Dmen can influence even-strength outscoring the way forwards can? Lidstrom maybe, Keith this season was unreal too. Green obviously (though he gets the Ovechkin leg-up).

        I don’t know, that’s just my sense of things. NHL coaches don’t often line up their difference-making forwards and defensemen quite the same way, I would speculate that’s because usually different coaches run the F and D matchups. JMO.

  • Yeah, Kent, Feaster will ensure that if we can’t have substance then we’ll at least have style.

    Though who knows. Sutter’s a douche but I doubt this dude’s any better. I’d probably prefer Sutter’s approach to the ball-licking that some of these clowns will engage in with the media, anyway.

  • Yeah. As I noted previously on this issue, I can’t imagine the new GM materially altering the team’s culture or Sutter’s decision making process.

    Maybe we’ll get better PC’s now, which is something to look forward to I guess.

  • Personally I don’t at all mind the strategy of giving big $ to a few players, it has to be the right players though.

    Richards at 7.8, well the number is a bit wonky but he’s at least a true difference-maker. I’d pay it, just like I’d pay 7 to Gomez. St. Louis is a pretty good forward too. It’s Lecavalier who kills that team time and again.

  • Something isn’t right. The Flames barely acknowldge the role of Michael Holditch, though they still list him as an AGM in the press release. I think some have Holditch taking the blame for the cap crunch prior to the 2009 play-offs and don’t be surprised if he eventually follows some scouts to the unemployment line.

    As for Feaster himself, I agree with Kent. While Jay did a nice job of piecing together a team that did well for itself from 2002 to 2006, it quickly fell apart, partially due to signing of long term contracts with no trades and bad scouting (remind you of anything?).

    This is not a knock on Jay as a person, I have long suspected that the Flames (i.e. Ken King) would want someone more media friendly to handle a lot of Q & A in order for Darryl and his apparent disdain for us to stay out of the public limelight. This is where Jay shines. He is a genuinely nice person and he welcomes the media and fans to inquire about his team. His decision making is what is the issue, as that was what led to his downfall so soon after their Stanley Cup victory. The issue some may have with this is did the Flames just hire a “yes man” for Darryl?

  • Kent, Im listening to the radio right now and they are going ‘what a great hire’. Mostly, it appears, because he talks to the media. What a qualification.

    Im with you, I dont think this is a great hire. This is the guy who ruined his team by giving all the jack to 3 forwards and Dan Boyle and forgot to get a goalie.

    Terrible move. Why are they hiring people who have been fired for not being able to be an effective GM?

    Darryl Sutter gets another retread. Awesome.

    • Canucks Suck

      What are you talking about. When Feaster made those trades, he barely had any power. The news owners were pulling all the strings, and Feaster was just a puppet lost in the shuffle.

  • Robert Cleave

    Personally I think it will be therapeutic to be able to bust out the Ass-Man label now and again.

    Oh, the hockey side? Agree with Cleave, meh. I doubt Sutter will let someone usurp his power. If it so happens that Sutter gets overthrown… then we got bigger problems than the fact that it’s Jay Feaster in the hot seat(i.e. owner meddling, *never* a good thing)

  • Robert Cleave

    My snark-free assessment is that this might be Feaster’s rehab job to get him back in the conversation for a future GM position. From a Flame POV, meh.