Conroy Retires

Obviously it’s the news of the day, and we’re not breaking anything, but Craig Conroy has announced his retirement after 17 seasons in the NHL.  Conroy had two seperate stints with the Flames, and he remains in the organization, being named Special Assistant to the Acting General Manager.

Our new contributer Kristen Odland will have a piece up on Conroy shortly, but here’s an opportunity to talk about his time with the Flames in the comments section.

  • Vintage Flame

    Hands down, Craig is one of the best guys to ever come through this organization. No one will soon forget the season he had with Iggy in 04, or what he has meant to the team on a morale basis.

    His dedication to the Flames was only matched by his dedication to the fans and to this City.
    Who doesn’t remember Conny staying on Overtime until 3 AM or calling in from his cell phone after the series winning games.

    This organization should be proud and consider itself lucky to be able to have retained him in the club. He could have EASILY taken a job in broadcasting and been an instant star!

    Thanks Conny for all the great memories and for your dedication to helping this club in what ever way you could. You gave everything and asked for very little in return.

    I hope the Flames retire your jersey just for the way you hold yourself as a player, a teammate, a man, and a person.

    • Vintage Flame

      Craig has addressed this on countless occasions. In the end, the game to us is STILL a business to them also. He made a business decision that he thought was BEST for his family. How do you begrudge a man that looks out for his family?

      When he came back, he said it was one of the happiest days of his life.. Not because he was traded FROM LA.. but because he was coming back home to Calgary.

    • wattree

      He went to LA because they were throwing money around before the lockout. A lot of teams weren’t doing anything (Calgary included) until they knew what the new CBA was going to look like. I don’t begrudge a guy for putting his family first and taking a contract instead of waiting around for what might happen.

      There is no doubt that we missed him while he was gone though.

  • icedawg_42

    Connie is a class act all the way. Dont get much open honesty out of players these days, so kudos to him for being personable! Makes me glad to be Calgarian when guys like he and Theo choose to retire a “Flame” and stick around. I have NO idea what a “special assistant to the GM” does on a day to day basis, but I wish him the best of luck.

  • Graham

    Win win for both the Flames and Conroy.
    Class move by Sutter to resign Conroy and allow him the opportunity to reach the 1,000 game plateau! His retirement (although somewhat forced) free’s up a valuable roaster spot!