Postgame: Keep Em’ Comin

The Calgary Flames are riding something crazy right now, and they’ve moved into an absolute logjam tied for fourth in the Western Conference.  The team won again on Wednesday night, this time riding some nice bounces from lady luck to take a 4-2 win over the Dallas Stars.  The Flames sure weren’t great, but it’s two more points, and they’ll take it and move outdoors for their next game on Sunday night.

What Happened

The Flames ran things in the first period, killing the Stars in possession, shots, and scoring chances, and were able to come away with a lead.  Olli Jokinen would tip home a Mark Giordano point shot for his 13th of the season, and in a period where the Flames outshot the Stars 16-3, they’d lead 1-0.  Calgary seemed to ease off the gas pedal as the period went on, and really were letting a beat up and thin Dallas team stick around, something they’d take advantage of in the second period.

That middle frame saw Dallas tie the game at 7:21 when a failed 3-on-1 rush would actually end up successful.  Mike Ribiero made the decision to sweep the puck right through the slot on the rush, not shoot, and then somehow put the puck in from the left corner for his 11th of the season.  Then as a powerplay expired, Jamie Langenbrunner put home his sixth of the season, and a poor second period for the Flames had them trailing.  Calgary certainly didn’t get things on track in that frame, and yet they were able to score a goal, with Tom Kostopoulos tipping home a Rene Bourque shot on the powerplay at 14:09, and after 40, Calgary and Dallas were tied 2-2.

It was a pretty mediocre second for Calgary, and the third wasn’t THAT much better, yet the Flames were able to do enough to put the game away.  At 2:35 on a weird sequence, and a span where Stars Head Coach Marc Crawford thought there were a few missed penalty calls, Cory Sarich floated home the eventual game winner, eluding an out of position Kari Lehtonen for a 3-2 lead.  Well, you know things are going your way when Cory Sarich would score the go-ahead marker, and Steve Staios would add the insurance IN THE SAME PERIOD.  Staios scored his second shorthanded at 4:47 on a nice feed from Rene Bourque, and bam, this game was over.

One Good Reason…

…why the Flames won?  They capitalized on some favorable bounces tonight, plain and simple.  Two tips, a change up from Sarich, and a shorty on this night means the needle was pointing towards Calgary’s side.  They’re getting the bounces right now, but what’s important is they’re taking advantage of them.  Dallas nailed a post immediately after the Sarich goal, and Dallas got a few more chances after that, but once again, the Flames found a way to earn two points.

Red Warrior

Five blocked shots, and assist on the opening goal, and an all round whale of a game gives the go-ahead to Mark Giordano.  He could be a fair nominee for this "award" almost every night, but there was no other choice on this night, he was the best player on the ice.  Giordano is just a really, really good hockey player, plain and simple.

Sum It Up

The Flames get a three day break heading into their Heritage Classic main event on Sunday afternoon.  Calgary has played .740 hockey over a 25 game stretch, and they’ve won their games in different fashions.  They’re getting crazy bounces.  They’re resilient in almost any situation they’re in.  And they really are playing their best hockey of the season.  Tonight’s game wasn’t strong overall, but if you’re a good hockey team, you have to find ways to win hockey games when you’re not playing well.  Sure is interesting to watch though.

  • Vintage Flame

    Well it certainly looks like the flames are living by the motto, “Win and you’re in!”

    It’s great to see the team getting scoring from all areas of the team. And it definitely helps that Kipper is playing like he has something to prove.. be it to the fans or himself, no one should ruin whatever routine he has going.

  • everton fc

    No doubt the Flames could have been better considering the state of the Stars (back to back/injuries). However, I wouldn’t say they rode the bounces to victory. I think the Flames were the better team (just not by much) over 60-minutes and did enough to win (if not to guarantee a win).

    Both Dallas goals were lucky bounces after all so I think we can forgive a couple of bounces going the Flames way (and I don’t see strong net presence leading to a tip or a 2 on 1 short handed rush as all that lucky).

    The Flames really limited Dallas’ shots and chances. Gio was a beast. Kipper made some timely saves. There weren’t many defensive break downs by the Flames. They kept Dallas to two PP’s, and they won the special teams game. I will take it.

  • Canucks Suck

    Awesome game tonight, and watching steve staios score that beaut of a goal definitely made my night.

    OH Yah and TK great to see him rewarded for his hard word

  • I like that they were clearly trying to get Glencross the empty netter at the end of the game to keep his goal streak alive. Even if it was to no avail, the extra effort was there and that seems to be something new since this whole “winning” thing started. I’m digging it.

  • Canucks Suck

    awesome because I wanted to see how well they would come back after a 9-1 victory. They didn’t let it get to their heads and did what they had to do to win. They certainly didn’t play the most awesome lol.

  • everton fc

    …tired for 4th and 1 point away from droping back to 9th. Tight playoff race. Anyone that makes the playoffs have a chance to go deep. ANYBODY. If you don’t think so give you head a shake and rethink the situation.

  • everton fc

    Moving Hagman should be priority. There are many players out there, many younger players, who could take his spot on the roster, via trade.

    If we could move him and a pick for Setoguchi, I’d do it. Probably best to look at teams out of the race. Kent mentioned Winnick in Colorado. I wonder how Brad Boyes would do here? Chris Neil would provide more than Hagman.

    Or… move him for a depth defenceman if Pardy’s out long-term, and give his roster spot to Bouma.

  • so if the flames are playing .740 hockey over the last whatever games, why bother making a trade? the team is clearly doing what its supposed to: playing like a team. dont break it up. please jay. for the love of god stay the course..

  • everton fc


    There’s always room for improvement; I think a minor trade with a player like Hagman wouldn’t mess with the chemistry they have right now. I think we have a good enough team to make the playoffs, and who knows?

    Wow… Flames are 4th overall in goals for right now? Crazy! Forget Setoguchi, I would like to see Calgary pick up another D-man… Eric Brewer or Steve Montador. Brad Boyes or Stephen Weiss I think would be the best Forwards for Calgary.

    • everton fc

      I am with you in terms of picking up a d-man, as well. And I like the possible re-addition of Montador. He can take Staois minutes. Brewer wouldn’t be bad, either. But both are > 30 years old…. (I like Montador’s grit)

      Setoguchi would be a nice fit. Boyes is a bit of a gamble. Weiss may be, too. He’s never scored > 61 points (I think). His career stats are level above Stajan’s… but he’s not elite… and getting older…

      Boyes might be the best gamble. Setoguchi is the youngster. We want youth. I’d take the Taber man, if available.

      If we move Hagman with picks (what do we have for this draft, which seems less-than-stellar?) could we get Setoguchi, Boyes or Weiss? Could we get Brewer or Montador simply for picks/prospects??

      Perhaps both scenarios are possible. Feaster will be tested, soon enough. We need one more piece. One more addition. Moving Hagman does nothing to the dressing room. It makes the most sense.

    • everton fc

      Bourque? Or can Frolik play the right side (then Hagman may be gone)

      This would make some salary space for another d-man, as well. Which we’ll need. Immediately.

  • everton fc

    Ya I agree everton, it’s looks to good to be true to tell you the truth. But if it did happen I would hope Hagman would be the odd man out. Not that Borks is doing that much better.

  • everton fc

    Whats with the crowd at the dome? All this winning yet its almost silent. Flames score and half the crowd just sits in their seats and clap. We need to get back to the 04 type of excitement.