Friday Heritage Classic Update

The countdown for Sunday’s Heritage Classic at McMahon Stadium officially began Friday afternoon with both teams practicing, including the Flames in their full garb.  The biggest news comes on the Montreal front however, with Mike Cammalleri confirming to the media he will be returning to the Canadiens lineup Sunday against his former team.

Cammalleri hasn’t played since January 28th when he suffered a shoulder injury in a game against the Buffalo Sabres, missing 12 straight games as a result.  It’ll be a welcome addition to the Habs roster, as fans in Calgary still remember Cammalleri’s career season as a member of the Flames during the 2008-09 campaign.  From what I got from being in his media scrum today (which you can see from above was rather large), he wasn’t missing this game for the world.

Also on the Habs front, defenceman James Wisniewski has been classified day-to-day after suffering a facial injury Thursday night in Edmonton.  It was thought the injury might be serious at first, but Head Coach Jacques Martin said there’s a chance he may play against the Flames on Sunday.  Hal Gill is also a possibility to play for the Habs after missing the last four games.

For Calgary, not a whole lot to report.  In talking with Mark Giordano, the team hasn’t been thinking about this game until it was upon them, which it is now.  There’s no question this is the most important outdoor game the NHL has staged, as for the Flames it’ll be game #61.  And the way Calgary has played over the last 25 games, I really am confident the team will treat this game as what it is…game 61, and a huge two points.

Flames defenceman Cory Sarich missed practice, but Head Coach Brent Sutter said it was only a maintenance day, so he’ll be good to for the game on Sunday.

I’ll be on the ground Saturday and Sunday, and depending on internet access, I’ll try and bring as much coverage as possible to FlamesNation.

  • everton fc

    I heard you all say Sarich didn’t practice today. Hope that’s not a problem. Certainly shows how badly we need to pick up a d-man in the next few days if Pardy’s out for some time.

  • Not all that big of a news item, but apparently Kotalik told reports he “offered solutions” to Flames management rather than send him to Abbottsford.

    More important, and humorous, is Puck Daddy’s little blurb regarding the article:

    “We can only assume he means faking his own death and then returning as a masked player”

    Good stuff. And would have been mildly amusing had it actually happened.

  • Surprise 1AM trade…

    Erik Johnson, Jay McClement, and a pick from St Louis to Colorado for Chris Stewart, Kevin Shattenkirk, and a pick.

    Wow, just wow. Lot of Avs fans going to be pissed about this. Stewart just got re-signed this past summer and Shattenkirk had a great first half of the season. Anybody with their jerseys, or Anderson’s, is going to be even angrier.

    If Feaster is going to offload a d-man, or anybody, it had better be soon.

    • everton fc

      Good trade for the Blues here, I think. Shattenkirk is smallish, but has done well this season… And I was thinking about Stewart a few days ago – would the Avs move him due to his having a sub-par season.

      What d-man would we move – we have few? If anything, we could use a replacement for Pardy, if he’s out for some time. Staois is not the answer.

      Hagman… Bourque… These two make the most sense, though I hope Bourque can turn it around.

      And I still think we should consider picking up Chris Neil, if he’s available cheap.

      • SmellOfVictory

        Stewart was having an insanely good season (in scoring terms, at any rate) until his injury. I wouldn’t call it sub-par on the whole at all.

        As far as trades, Glencross makes the most sense in terms of return on asset. I know he’s been a driving force on his hot streak, but whenever it ends he becomes a good, but expendable player, and right now I think he could be worth a lot more on the market than he should be.

  • Hopefully, Feaster doesn’t claim Souray off waivers. We don’t need another Edmonton double agent in the room, especially with the animosity that he has had with Iginla “slew footing” him. We also don’t need to help Edmonton out by footing the bill on his salary.

    If Glencross is really asking for $3-4M, we need to offload him. He has done well and provided us with some scoring but he is not worth that price tag. Let another team overpay him.

    • everton fc

      We are paying Bourque $3mill, Hagman $3mill, and Stajan $3.5mill. Glencross is worth more than all 3. In fact, he’s worth more production-wise than Hagman and Stajan combined.

      I say we unload two of the aforementioned and offer Glencross what these 3 are getting. I think he’ll produce.

      • SmellOfVictory

        Huge disagreement from me on that. This year Hagman has been terrible and Stajan has been underwhelming, but at Glencross’ age, Hagman was better, Stajan is probably about equivalent in terms of value (averaging out GlenX’s hot/cold streaks), and Bourque on a hot streak is most certainly better than GlenX on a hot streak.

        I might end up eating my words in the next season or so, but the Glencross situation is like Nystrom last year with a better player. Bottom 6 guy has a career year in the final year of his current contract, and was/will be overpaid substantially by someone in the coming year. Glencross has a useful set of skills in terms of his penalty killing abilities in addition to his ES play, but it’s not worth paying him out based on what will likely end up being a 25 goal outlier season.