Heritage Weekend Open Thread



With the news of the massive Blue/Avs deal today and the impending alumni/Heritage classic game on tap, I"ve decided to open this "catch-all" thread for discussion on whatever topic suits your fancy – trade speculation, analysis, alumni memories, etc.

We’ll be on top of the Heritage Classic tomorrow with the usual gameday coverage, including another live chat. Till then…

  • How did we go from having a glut of defensemen to having a lack of them? It’s amazing what can happen over a season.

    I doubt the rumours are true, but if so, Frolik for Pardy would be a good deal. Then offload GlenX/Hagman/Bourque for another D-man and pick, I think we could do well.

  • Robert Cleave

    Did anyone go to the Dome yesterday and catch the Heat vs Barons game. I missed it, I was out with a couple of friends. How did Nemisz play? Brodie? Wahl? Patterson?

  • everton fc

    Stajan makes 3.5mill. Hagman 3mill. Bourque 3mill.

    Glencross is more valuable than all three.

    If we unload at least one of the above (perhaps two) we should be able to pay Glencross to stay. Again, he’s worth what we are currently paying the aforementioned trio of under-achievers.

    Think about it; this organization, particularly Brent Sutter, have worked hard to get this guy to where he is. Why dump him after all that effort? First round picks are never guarantees. Look at Phaneuf. Many never make it. Is Glencross worth the same as Backlund, another first round pick?

    Until this organization can prove it can draft and develop talent, why are we so willing to give up a clutch guy for an unknown commodity?

    We need to retain Glencross. Our second line is one of the hottest in the league. It could be for another season. And Glencross has a few 20 goal seasons left in him, methinks.

    I also think we should consider signing Chris Neil after dumping Hagman. Weiss might be worth a gamble, and I like Danel Winnik, as well w/the Avs. Ditto Jeffrey and Tangradi w/the Pens.

    Any ideas on d-men that could come in here and give us some depth? Could we land Bogosian and not give up too much??

    (If Pardy for Frolik is more than a rumour, I’d take that deal, as well)

    • CP is GARBAGE

      don’t kid yourself, the asking price for Bogo would be steep. and unless the flames want to part with a combination of their few prospects/picks they likely do not have the chips to get that deal done. I don’t see any players with a NTC waiving it to go to Atlanta to boot.

      It’s also worth noting that you probably shouldn’t weigh the positives and negitives of Glencross v Bourque while Glencross is on a tear and Bourque has been MIA for months.

      The truth is Bourque is a better hockey player than what he’s shown over the past 2 months and, at some point, Glencross will probably revert back to the dumb cowboy he has shown himself to be for long periods of time as well. All in all, I’d take my chances with Bourque over Glencross in the long term.

  • TheGirlOutWest

    @CP is GARBAGE
    I don’t see any players with a NTC waiving it to go to Atlanta to boot.

    Especially with Atlanta ownership saying they’re fed up. Atlanta is on the move to somewhere else, but may take a while a la Phoenix. Bogo’s asking price is far too high for most teams.