Hagman on Waivers

As per TSN’s Bob McKenzie, the Flames have placed Niklas Hagman on waivers. Clearing cap space for another acquisition? Stay tuned.

  • Seriously....Gord?

    I have this feeling a major/minor trade is in the works. Why would you let Hagman, go for nothing? Doesn’t make any sense unless something is on the go. If he clears and then is sent down to the minors; upon re-entry waivers any team can pick this guy up for half his salary, for this season and next. Good deal for some team out there.

  • Seriously....Gord?

    3 million reasons to send him down. His point production is not where it should be for 3 mill. I wonder who is coming back?

    =5.4 million in cap space cleared

  • RCN

    I wonder if Brad Boyes (1 more year at $4M) would be worth a shot? If Hagman clears, the Blues would need to take him back in return. The Blues have been rumoured to be trying to dump him for quite some time. Blues GM Doug Armstrong had Hagman when they were both in Dallas.

  • RCN


    what you on bro? you would take the monstrous vinny contract, which was ranked as the worst in the league, for a one year shot? wow, incredible. He has the highest average contract and he is on a big time slide. Remember, he wasn’t even on the rader for the olympic team. If we get vinny, feaster better not be retained as GM

  • Wow.

    So if Babchuk walks as a free agent Calgary traded Phaneuf, Sjostrom and Aulie for Stajan and Kostopoulos?

    Calgary’s system is thin enough as it is, and to give away a prospect like Aulie is just plain silly under those circumstances, but for two bit-players who cost over $4 million? Shameful. Calgary could have gotten years of good serviceable play from Aulie for less money. Of course the deal wouldn’t look so bad if it hadn’t been for the bonehead extension Stajan got.

    Say what you want about Phaneuf and his big ticket, but a lot of teams said afterwards that they could have made better offers.


    Too bad the man at the helm was Sutter.

  • RCN

    I loved Lecavalier back a couple of years ago, and the way he played 04 world cup, but that was long time ago. Getting vinny, and help take the shackles off his hands, and put them squarely on the flames organization for years to come. You don’t rebuild around Lecavalier

  • icedawg_42

    Maybe nothing in the works at all – Feaster may be simply clearing up cap space to potentially sign important UFA’s – aka Glencros, Tanguay et al.

    • everton fc

      Random thoughts…

      Feaster did say he wanted a top 6 forward and a d-man.

      Picking up Lecavalier… with that contract… Makes no sense. Tanguay, Babchuk, Glencross, and I think Morrison, too, we should re-sign.

      Montador would be a nice pickup. So would Frolik. Perhaps Weiss. Setoguchi…

      If we pickup a centre… (Spezza?) then what happens to Backlund? I’ll assume Stajan’s here next season…

      Also – Morrison can play wing. And should, at his age. He is great in the dressing room, and should be re-signed, as a wing. This would keep Backlund on the roster as a centre.

      …So… I can see us picking up a d-man like Montador… and a centre, perhaps like Weiss, who I think is smallish, and obviously not a big goal scorer. Then Morrison takes Hagman’s spot on the wing, fourth line, or Jackman moves back down to that spot, and Morrison takes that spot on the third line. This, to me, makes sense.

      Not Lecavalier. If Feaster makes this trade, we have 2 7mill. forwards.


  • everton fc

    According to Mackenzie (via Twitter) Calgary is just making flexibility if a trade opportunity is there, but nothing close so far. He speculates Hagman won’t be claimed. Also speculates that Calgary isn’t willing to part with the assets necessary to make a trade.

  • otto

    According to capgeek next year we have 6 million in cap space,9 if you add Hagman.However we also have 7 UFA’s and 1 RFA who we either have to resign or replace.

  • …would the Avs and Flames trade within their own division? Would the Avs take Stajan and something else for Stastny? For those who doesn’t like Vinny’s cap hit (7.5), Stastny’s isn’t much better (6.5), although it is for a shorter term. Vinny is 30 and will continue to be a productive 20 or 30 goal scorer, but has already peaked. Stastny is only 25 and is a legitimate point per game player, and arguably hasn’t reached his peak yet. The Avs got just traded away Stewart, maybe they would want Stajan and Glencross?