Hagman on Waivers

As per TSN’s Bob McKenzie, the Flames have placed Niklas Hagman on waivers. Clearing cap space for another acquisition? Stay tuned.

  • BobB

    Geez, how far has his stock dropped. You’d think with three straight 20 goal seasons that be worth something to someone.

    Plus I liked that he gave Mickis someone skilled to play with instead of just the muckers.

  • I’m assuming there’s a taker in mind for Hagman, because I can’t see them sending him down. Hard to believe they couldn’t even find someone to give up a draft pick for him.

    I was so-so on the Phaneuf deal when it was made, but it’s basically a disaster at this point.

    • I still believe the Phaneuf trade isn’t a disaster. What has Phaneuf done in Toronto? Nothing. Basically with all changes, including Hagman, since the deal it ends up like this:

      Toronto: Dion Phaneuf, Freddie Sjostrom and Keith Aulie

      Calgary: Matt Stajan, Anton Babchuk and Tom Kostopoulos

      Babchuk has more points than Phaneuf, I’d take Kostopoulos over Sjostrom and unless Aulie ends up being a great prospect, I don’t mind the deal

        • BobB

          It’s true that moving Phaneuf’s contract was a boon.

          That isn’t necessarily true. A player of that calibre cannot be subject to a ‘salary dump strategy’

          I’d take one Dion at 25? or 26? over Sarich and Staois ten times out of ten.

          • BobB

            Sure, but that’s not apples and apples.

            You’re leaving a hole. Sutter may have blown the Dion deal, (which really should have been getting rid of Sarich at any cost) but he was smart to go out and get Babchuk, a good sixth/seventh defender

            However, Babs is not a top 4 defender and likely never will be. Dion was. Even IF Dion was a drastically over-paid 4th man, and couldn’t reach his potential…ever, he’s still better than Sarich our current 4th. Add Staois, a drastically overpaid 8th man and their money almost evens out (Dion vs Steve and Cory).

            Dealing Dion led to us getting Staois… at that point, the Phaneuf deal was completely non-sensical.

            Unless he truly was some terrible cancer… but..

          • Well, sure, the fact that the money can be worst spent is not proof that it was well spent in Dion’s case.

            He’s not a $6.5M defender Lawrence. I think his offensive struggles are exaggerated by some bad luck in TOR, but he’s firmly on Jovo path at this point.

          • BobB

            I’m not saying that it is.

            I’m just saying that Dion on the second pairing and overpaid is a risk worth taking in my opinion against his skillset, potential and age.

            MORESO than

            Overpaying both an aging 4th man (who’s only there by necessity) and an over-the-hill 8th man.(who was brought in, in part because of the Dion hole)

            All teams have guys not playing at value. Dion can crush second pairing competition. He’d never have played at value at that contract… even if he had become who we all thought he would.

            There is no 25 year old defender in the league who is a 6.5 million dollar value defender. Overpay was part and parcel when we signed that deal. That still doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be a great second pairing defender to have on this team today vs Sarich and Staois.

            As for Babchuk, that’s not apples to apples. Babs will never be a second pairing guy. He’s a very good 6th/7th/8th man.

            If anyone is telling me that they wouldn’t swap Sarich and Staois for Dion at any point until today, if they could… I’d be surprised. Even if your end goal was to spin Dion off to another locale again. He’s an asset, Sarich barely is, and Staois is not. Sure, now it’s been time and Staois is almost off the books, but it shouldn’t have got to this.

          • mikeecho

            Sarich and Phaneuf are pretty much equals in terms of goals, assists, hits, PIM.

            I’m sure someone will look at the underlying numbers and compare, but Sarich is half price and not a d-bag like a topped out 25/26 year old Dion.

          • RCN

            Agreed. Over at ON I actually said it already stings. I don’t understand that at all. Aulie seems like a total Darryl-type – 6’7″ prairie kid that pulled his Dad out of a dugout and saved his life. I was shocked he was part of the deal. When heard Phaneuf & Aulie, I assumed we were getting Schenn. Le sigh.

    • wattree

      At this point if you remove Phaneuf from the trade, it’s starting to look like the return wasn’t enough for Aulie and Sjostrom.

      Course the way Dion is playing, it’s about even since we got his salary off the books.

  • you’d have to really dig down to find 2 guys who have fallen faster than Hagman and Stajan. Both could be had for nothing right now.

    That being said I don’t know of any team that would take Dion and his contract right now. Last January probably a different story.

    • SmellOfVictory

      Or the summer prior would’ve been even better. As soon as JBo was signed, Phaneuf should’ve been traded (would also have allowed for the signing of Cammalleri).

  • BobB

    Damn. Well… this is surprising. I’m holding my breath for what Feaster is working on, and fear it’s not going to be good.

    1st line centre to play with Iginla?

    Well, the Phaneuf deal was an unmitigated disaster.

    Can we trade Stajan too?

    I will say, I do like Babchuk for the money.

  • otto

    I know I’m in the DRAMATIC minority, but I think Stajan hasn’t been that bad the last couple months are so. In my opinion his defensive zone play has improved and he has been a decent penalty killer. That’s not what they brought him in for but at least he’s somewhat contributing in that department. He’s not worth his contract though

  • everton fc

    Hagman on waivers means no takers. Not good.

    What do they do if he clears? You can’t assign him to Abby – can you?

    Could Feaster be creating cap space to re-sign Glencross? We should also re-sign Babchuk. The coaching staff has done an incredible job w/these two.

    Could it be possible Glencross takes a local discount? He did say he was happy, and “having fun” in a recent interview this weekend. ???

    Stajan will be okay, I think, though grossly over-paid as long as he’s here. He’ll produce slightly below his #’s in Toronto. 40-50 points, methinks. Not good for 3.5mill/season, but who’s going to take him?

    I wonder if Feaster is trying to land Weiss to centre Tanguay and Iginla? And what then happens to Backlund? Does he become trade bait??

    Or… do we land a good defenceman… with Pardy on the shelf, perhaps long-term… We need someone back there w/Babchuk. Sarich could go there… and we could sign someone to partner Gio.

    Exciting stuff, indeed. We are winning, and now making a move – Feaster’s first. Hope something happens today.

    I’d still take Frolik for Pardy! And I still like Chris Neil on this team.

  • Jarom

    Hagman goes on waivers, and what happens if he doesn’t get scooped? There can’t be too many teams salivating to get a 3/4th line guy who isn’t producing. Would sending him to the Heat be so bad? Give another one of the kids a chance to play with the big club again. I enjoyed Bouma’s play while he was up.

    • everton fc

      If Hagman doesn’t get scooped… He probably stay on the fourth line

      Perhaps it will wake him up? I dump his salary for a 3rd round pick, at this stage….

  • thymebalm


    Can’t see how management, with no pressure on how to deploy players, should be blamed for Hagman’s poor point accumulation.

    Sutter probably shouldn’t be to blame either. Hag’s was given shifts with every different line combo this year.

    Sometimes it just doesn’t work out in some cities. Hagman needs top-6 minutes to be successful, but hasn’t earned them over glencross, moss and jokinen.

    Feaster is still mopping up after Darryl’s departure, and at this point, it looks like he has a trade firmly hidden up his sleeve.