Staios! Is! Available! Contest Entries


About a week ago I was randomly offering Steve Staios to various rival clubs fans on Twitter. I came up with this wacky idea for a contest on a whim (thanks to some of the creative responses I got via twitter), so I was pleasantly surprised by the response. Following are 17 of the top "Staios ads" I’ve received since I put out the announcement.

The winner will be determined based on Flamesnation staff input as well as reader response. As mentioned at the outset, the victor will win not only praise and accolades, but $100 worth of gift certificates to a Calgary based Hudson’s Tap House (and yes…you can spend that on food AND booze).

(Disclaimer – Steve Staios is by all accounts a good guy and probably doesn’t deserve any of this.)

And now, the good stuff. Entries are presented in no particularly order and I’ve decided not to disclose the identity of the entrant so that voting/results are unbiased (although the creators are free to take credit in the comments I suppose). Enjoy!

This entrant took my suggestion of using "Slap Chop Vince" and ran with it. Bonus points for the Kotalik throw-in.

The true genius of this one is the carefully positioned heads of Feaster and Sutter in the background.

This is less photoshop work than just a brilliant piece of "found art".

I feel like both Skechers and TSN should be paying us for this one.

"Now look at your cap space. Now back at me. Now back at your cap space…"

I think we all knew that Olli would make an appearance in this contest.

 I also would have accepted "Abbotsford Heat" on the brown sign.

 Given Staios’ state of undress, that could also be sexual harassment Panda.

Prepare for a barrage of irrate Leaf Fans.

I feel Jay may have overestimated the market with that 6th round pick asking price.

It’s like the Mona Lisa smile. Only more…creepy guy in an alley-ish.

Try walking around the room while looking at this picture. Do the eyes follow you around too?

Ahh, the Last Supper. Always fertile ground for parody. Notice Kevin Lowe to the left.


The addition of Steve’s Head and tighty-whitey’s to the Flames "Guardian" is good, but it’s the description that makes this one.

Best part? Sutter’s name crossed off and replaced with Feaster.

Relief is just a trade away. Cap relief.

Okay folks…this next one is a bit…suggestive. If you’re easily offended, don’t scroll down.

You were warned…


No comment required.

A late addition by Colin S. Actually, this was one of the first entries I received but it unfortunately slipped through the cracks. Sorry about that Colin.

Please leave your votes/comments/favorites in the comment section. I’ll contact the winner within the next few days.

Thanks again everyone. And no hard feelings I hope Steve.