Flames Acquire Modin


As predicted, Feaster was pretty quiet today, scooping Brett Carson from the waiver wire and trading a 7th round pick for 36-year old Fredrik Modin. The former Lightning center/winger has just seven goals and 10 points in 36 games for the Thrashers this year and is six seasons removed from his last 30 goal season.

At this point in his career, Modin is a 4th line player. He was  mostly playing against middling comp in ATL and getting buried, despite a healthy zone start ratio of about 52%. He’s not going to hurt the team any and the price to acquire him was nominal, but he’s also not going to help the team much either. He’s probably better than some of the options from the farm should the Flames suffer from injuries, but that’s the extent of his impact. There’s also a good chance he’ll get injured himself since he hasn’t played a full seaosn from 2003-04.

This is Feaster grabbing a depth player he knows for next to nothing. It’s not anything worth celebrating or condemning, frankly.

  • I have to say I find in funny that almost all of the pick ups/ trades this season have been meet with a negative attitude yet they have worked out to this point. Olli, Tangs, Babs, TKO, Jackman. I will save my opinion on our newest members at least until they get a chance to play some hockey with this team, for fear of putting my foot in my mouth.

  • At least it wasn’t the albatross of a contract that is Vinny Lecavalier.

    Kent – what do you think of Penner to LA for Teubert/2011 1st/conditional 2012 pick? Also, Lapierre and Higgins to the Canucks?

    Seems LA got the best of that deal, considering that Teubert seems to have fallen off from his original promise, 2011 draft is weak, and the 2012 is conditional. For Canucks, it seems to give them a forward that drives possession, as we saw last season, and one helluva agitator (Burrows has a partner in crime now).

    • I like the moves by both LAK and VAN. The package that the Kings gave up for Penner isn’t nothing, but given the fact he has a year left on his deal, it isn’t a lot either. As you say, Teubert was not one of their best prospects.

      The Canucks shored up one of their only remaining weaknesses with the Higgins and Lapierre. Their bottom-end won’t be nearly as vulnerable now.

  • Graham

    Basically a 7th round pick for a little ‘depth’ insurance should we make the playoffs. (or suffer a bottom six injury in the drive for the playoffs). Good size and experience, decent low cost fit for the 4th line or 13th forward.(and his age fits in the rest of the team!)

    Might be good for Hagman to have another Swede.

    Prorated $800K this year, and an UFA next year.
    No real downside, could be a useful 4th line rental ‘depth’ guy for the balance of the season.

    • Vintage Flame

      “Might be good for Hagman to have another Swede”

      Hagman is a Fin.. but Backlund is a Swede so i guess it evens out.

      I’m going to have to agree with funkyjaman. i’m going to wait and see what these guys do. They are as exactly Feaster said, depth. And we’ve been walking the tightrope of need for depth lately. Jackman and Hags both pretty beat up, can’t be at 100%.

      Feaster wasn’t going to make the “big deal”, and quite frankly I’m glad he didn’t, considering what we probably would have had to give up.

      If anyone is expecting the jaw-dropping change to this roster, then maybe in the off-season. I think then.. All bets are off.

  • Vancouver looks scary good right now. They add a responcible player in Higgins, and a pest in Lapierre without giving up anything off their active roster. Theyve got a real good shot at winning the cup, since the Hawks arent the same team as they were last year.

  • Perhaps Modin is going to be our 03-04 Gelinas… couple crucial GWG to bounce Vancouver and Detroit, take out San Jose in the Western finals, and get the Stanley Cup winning goal, only to have it… oh wait, happened already.

    Good thing we have goal reviews now.

  • I figured that this was all that was going to happen today in Flamesland but was dreaming of some kind of collossal deal. All said and done seems like Feaster did what he said he was going to do. So I guess- meh.

  • I don’t like what the Kings gave up for Penner. Penner’s got a fairly big cap hit and if their ultimate goal is to sign Brad Richards in the summer, that cap hit might hurt them. A prospect, a 1st and a 2nd is a lot and I don’t think Penner’s worth it

  • Always respected this guy. Glad he’s on our side. He looked genuinely enthusiastic in his first interview with rillions. I predict his enthusiasm and confidence in his role permeates the dressing room and we see this team shows Vancouver another level. Hate to see TKO sit but with Hagman scoring, that’s an international line with two natural shooters & a passer. It MIGHT just outscore Higgins and Torres in the conference final haha.

    TSN will not degrade us, we will be victorious….. Go Flames Go!

    @backburner He made an NHL team so he might be more useful than Conroy. .