Flames Claim Brett Carson




Calgary made a minor move today, claiming former Calgary Hitman Brett Carson off of waivers from the Carolina Hurricanes. Carson is mostly an NHL ‘tweener, having played in just 72 NHL games over the last 4 seasons. The 25-year old is more "veteran" than Mikkelson, but hardly moves in the needle in terms of actual defensive depth for the Flames. He’s a pending UFA, so no real commitment beyond this season.

This may be the only move Calgary makes today folks.


Edited by Robert – As I noted in comments, Carson is a RFA this summer.

  • everton fc

    The playoffs are 50/50 due to the current log-jam of teams. I bet one or two of these teams hits a skid, then a slump.

    I don’t think the Flames will be one of these teams.

    As for making no moves, clearly Feaster is playing it safe. His jobs on the line. Nemisz, Bouma, Cunning, Kotalik, whomever, will be called up to fill any voids created by injuries.

    It’s almost like Feaster’s telling this team, “Make the playoffs, as you are. Or they’re will be changes.” They may surprise him, make the playoffs, and go on a run.

    Even so, look for significant player-personnel changes in the summer. Regardless.

  • We should’ve made the trade for McGrattan and claimed McBackup off waivers. You know, relive the glory days…

    Seriously though, claiming Sturm off waivers might have been a decent idea. Or getting Brad Boyes for a 7th round pick or whatever that was.

  • Per Darren Dreger’s Twitter…

    Contract talks between Calgary and Curtis Glencross hit a snag. Glencross was hoping for a 4-5 year extension. about 1 hour ago via web

    Thanks Curtis for letting us know about an hour before the trade deadline. We’re going to lose him for nothing.

  • I wouldn’t worry to much about Glenny. Just because he won’t get a 4 or 5 year deal to his liking doesn’t mean he wants to be here. In fact I think its a very good sign, it shows he wants to be here long term. So I don’t think its worth worrying about.

  • everton fc

    He had said the weekend of the Winter Classic he was enjoying himself here, liked the boys in the room… And so forth.

    I think we re-sign him, Tanguay, Morrison and Babchuk. Which is perhaps why we made no moves today.

  • everton fc

    As for Carson, well hey, good on Feaster IMO. Here is why, he just wanted a depth defencemen and he has that. He didn’t give up anything to get it so I think that is alright.

    I’ll admit that I was curious if we were going to pick up a macarthur or hemsky. But the asking price was certainly too high and macarthur can be had in the off season (if we want to over pay for him.)

    I’m also wondering how good free agency will be, it seems there is less and less cap space available so i’m doubtful there will be so many dumb contracts as in years prior.

  • Looks like Higgins is on the way to Vancouver to burn us 6 times a year now.

    Wasn’t there some thing about him wanting to play in a place like FLA or LA because of the weather? Or just not in Canada? Or was that he just didn’t want to play for the Flames?

    • Would YOU turn down a trade to the Canucks? I sure wouldn’t. You only get so many chances to join a first place club that is poised to take a serious run at the cup.

      Having said that, Higgins doesn’t have a no-trade clause so he wouldn’t have any input into this trade at all.

      • Of course the players want to go there. I meant more on the team/management side – helping a team that is clearly dominant this season and having the potential to meet them in the finals is a bad thing.

        Imagine if Boston had traded someone over to the Canucks, then faced them in the finals. That person turns around and scores a game winner to clinch the Cup or turn momentum. Burns like gonohrrea.

  • Derzie

    Why oh why do we always get the homer GMs. Sutter brings in his past heroes and now Feaster does the same with Modin. Makes no sense at all. We need young pluggers and draft picks.

    • Yeah I know. Like imagine that superstar we are going to miss in the 7th round with that pick we gave away. The fact that he is a UFA at the end of the year makes it all worse too right? He is only a guy who is good at a 4th line role and can be better than Hagman in that spot. Aboslutely terrible.

      Why didn’t we trade Iggy, Reggy, and Kipper for some first rounders in this upcoming draft that by all accounts is going to be fairly even in the first round with not alot of deviation.

      Like look at Edmonton, after years and years of sucking they are finally going to put it together.

      Ontop of that the Flames have the scouting staff that knows how to draft and draft well too! Look at all of those amazing players we have in Abbotsford that are about to crack our roster.

      Look, we don’t have the scouting staff to make use of draft picks so why hope we blow it up for them? Do you like to watch the flames lose? Do you miss the 90’s?

  • Carson is by no means anything to get excited about but his stats out of Carolina aren’t terrible. I dont know if he will play with the Flames this year, he honestly probably isnt better than Staios (i just threw up in my mouth).

    Ultimately given the price this was likely worth a try. If nothing else he is a positive player in +/- and last year did alright with counting stats. It sounds like he can skate too so maybe this wasn’t terrible, time will only tell. Just dont have super high expectations and take him for what he is #8 on the depth chart for this year. Probably he wont be with us next year either, it was just a cheap stop gap without the assets to go after any defender with a slight bit more relevancy.

    Modin was had for nothing pretty much. Will he help up win? Maybe slightly. I can see him on the chart of relevancy being between kostopolous and Kotalik. Nothing more, nothing less. It is depth and if my memory serves me correctly he scored the game winning goal in game 7 of the finals in 2004.

  • Here is what we know:

    – Carson is big.
    – Carson is pretty fast.
    – Carson played for a team that B Sutter would have watched a LOT (given that Brandon plays in Carolina.

    As a depth move, with some potential upside, I like it. The price is certainly right!

    He’s on a 2 way contract, makes the league minimum salary, and he is UFA this summer. No risk move.

  • I like these moves. Carson is a young, big, mobile D-man at low cost and is RFA come season end. What more do you think we could of had at this point? He is familar with some players on our team and can fill in in place of our bottom pairing in a pinch.

    As for Modin he nothing more then a stretch guy for us at this point. Someone to add depth and fill in if/when injuries occur. He has experience, is a winner on multiple levels, low cap cost, $800,000 I believe, and is a UFA at season end. Very, very low risk. Not sure what people thought we were going to grab but this is what I thought we would get if not even a bit more. Are we better then before these moves, yes even if it is just slightly.

  • Parallex

    Is Carson a UFA or an RFA? Some folk in some other places were saying that he’s an RFA.

    Did Feaster basically call out Pelech at his presser? Heard that he did (but didn’t hear the presser).

  • Robert Cleave

    Carson is a RFA, Parallex.

    And yes, he did mention that Pelech was still having trouble with wide speed at the AHL level. He also mentioned that he was reckless when looking to make hits, rather than just keeping his position. He made it clear that given Calgary’s position in the standings, he was too risky a call up, which is why they went for Carson.

  • If they’re saying that kind of stuff about Pelech now, I can’t imagine he has much of a future in this franchise. He turns 24 next September and will be entering his 5th pro season. If he’s not up to snuff now, he’s never really going to be a worthwhile player at the next level. Anyone worth a damn from the 2005 draft year is already in the show making a difference.

    Random fact: Brendan Mikkelson was selected by ANA 31st overall the same year.