Postgame: Razor Thin

In a game where this is virtually nothing seperating the two competitors, sometimes all it takes is one, and that’s all it took on Sunday night as the Calgary Flames got back on the winning side of things, taking a 1-0 win over the St. Louis Blues at the ‘Dome.  It was as even a hockey game you could ever watch, but a David Moss third period goal was the difference, as Calgary went from eighth to tenth and finally to sixth in the Western Conference Standings.

What Happened

The first period was kind of a fair representation of this one, as there just wasn’t a whole lot going on.  Thanks to a four minute powerplay, Calgary would hold the edge in terms of Kent’s scoring chances, but the story was how both teams were kept to the perimiter for most of the opening frame.  St. Louis blocked a ton of shots while Calgary did a nice job positionally do limit any damage.

The second period was much the same story, with the Blues getting the edge in the scoring chance category this time around.  Neither team was really wanting to put too much into the offensive side of things with the margin so thin, so even when there were chances, they got away on both sides with the tentative nature of the hockey game.

The final frame saw Calgary finally break through, taking advantage of a St. Louis turnover at 5:39.  Alex Tanguay would find David Moss near the slot and his 15th of the season was an important one.  That would kind of change things, and as the Blues started to play the score, the game opened up.  St. Louis had their opportunities before and after the Moss goal, and they’d have a golden chance to tie it late, going on the powerplay thanks to a Cory Sarich holding call.  The Blues thought they had tied it, but the correct call had it as a no goal thanks to a high stick…shortly thereafter, Patrick Berglund would ring a shot off both posts, and that was all she wrote.  The score was about as accurate as you can get…Calgary wasn’t markedly better, but they took advantage of a chance one more time.

One Good Reason…

…why the Flames won?  They got a timely goal in an even hockey game.  Plain and simple, both teams played things extremely close to the vest, and neither team looked like a world beater.  But when you get your chances, as few and far between as they may be, you have to make good on them…and Calgary did it in the third period.  St. Louis wasn’t too upset about the loss, so things might be just as close in the return engagement on Tuesday.

Red Warrior

Going back to back is Moss, an absolute beast once again.  He scored the only goal, but was added value in more ways than that.  He drove possession, was physical, and was rewarded by being bumped to a top line role midway through the second period.  Moss has been Calgary’s best forward for the past two months in my eyes, but as Kent points out, he can’t be doing it on his own forever…the top end needs to pull their weight a whole lot more than they did the past two games.

Sum It Up

It’s another crucial two points, regardless of how they got it.  Had things bounced the other way, which they aren’t doing much lately, St. Louis could have easily won this hockey game.  They didn’t, Calgary did, and they move to sixth in the Western Conference.  They’re not going to move much higher than that, as I’d slot San Jose in Phoenix into those three and four slots, in some order.

  • I’m at a loss for words on this one.

    Why would you give up a second round pick for a guy who has produced 42 pts this season when Hagman produced 30 pts to date and you could have had him for free.

    Great job for the Blues on this trade; and I just don’t get why you give up a second for past performance… Unless i’m just grossly mistaken since i’m reading this trade from a stats perspective.

      • Like…were you thinking Hagman for Boyes would be awesome? Or that it was realistic?

        As for Razor…it was an easy decision. I really wanted a photo with him realllllly dirt bagging it up, but I couldn’t find one!

        • Like, umm… A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

          I figured the Blues were looking to dump him & his $4M cap hit (for a 2nd ish). And I also (wrongly, quite obviously) figured you could get a 3rd for Hagman… so while not necessarily a straight up swap, yes I did figure you could trade Doug Armstrong his former 27 goal scorer from Dallas days, along with a pick (2nd in ’12 for instance) & a milli in cap relief for Boyes (and a 3rd in ’12 for instance).

          Yeeeeah… I was waaaaay off.

    • Boyes is 28, Hagman is 31.

      Boyes had 43 goals in the 07-08 season and 33 the year after. When he’s with someone who can dish, he can be a decent offensive player. Buffalo doesn’t seem like a great fit, though.

      Basically…Boyes > Hagman

  • Vintage Flame

    “Say hello to the bad guy…”
    great pic P-Stein!!

    Not an overly impressive game tonight. The two bright spots tonight was the rock wall performance from Kipper and just like you said.. a BEAST performance from Mosser. It’s incredible to see his leadership emerging and the push for another 20 goal season.

    Going to the “dirty” areas and his net-front presence only adds to his value on this team.

  • RKD

    Awesome photo, how appropriate! Glad the Flames won, there were times when the Flames weren’t moving their feet at all. St. Louis kept skating, were aggressive on their forecheck and penalty killing. A big two points, hope Karlsson gets to play soon.

  • Yeah I guess that gives you some reason to look at him that way. I’m still one who is not super sold on the deal. But based off of the draft pick evaluation thread, giving up a second round pick isn’t truly giving up the farm either.