The Rebound of David Moss



Centreman or winger, the job doesn’t matter to David Moss. It shouldn’t. And, frankly, it can’t. With Brendan Morrison out of the picture and time running out in the regular season, fitting in between Alex Tanguay and Jarome Iginla is imparative if it needs to be done.

"We don’t have much time to sit back and wait," Moss was saying earlier in the week. "No matter who is in the lineup or who is playing, we’ve had good efforts for the most part from everybody. Those points are crucial. I think since we have games at hand, it feels like we have to keep winning to keep pace every night.

"The pressure we’ve had has been there for a while."

We all know this. And for Moss — this week, specifically — the latest point of pressure has been filling in at pivot for Morrison on the top line.

"Obviously, with Mo going down, he was a big piece of our team. We’ve just had guys step up and play different roles. Hopefully, guys take advantage of it."

Moss, who played at pivot in the early stages of the season, shrugged off the switch.

"It’s just a matter of getting back into it and getting your feet wet," Moss said. "Your role is a little different on the ice.

"You are playing down low and it’s one of those things where it might take a few shifts and then it’s old news."

Of course, Harvey the Hound could play with Iginla and Tanguay — and still fit in.

"I think any time you are with different linemates, it takes a few games to jell and know where they are going to be," Moss said. "Iggy and Tangs have been together for almost a whole year. Those two guys read off each other well and I just tried to create some space for them.

"They are easy guys to play with."

Editor’s Note – This is David Moss being modest. After a disappointing season filled with injury last year, Moss was considered expendable in some quarters heading into 2010-11, particularly due to the Flames crush of wingers with the additions of Tanguay, Jackman, Kotalik and Ivanans.

Ever an effective player at moving the puck in the right direction, Moss’ rebound ironically began on the "fourth line" this season beside Tim Jackman and Tom Kostopolous. The trio were together for a couple of weeks and managed to go on a tear over that period, often humiliating other club’s fourth units. Soon after, Moss was reunited with Curtis Glencross and has rolled ever since.

His emergence as a viable option as the first line C is a example of his impressive utility as a player as well as his incredible value versus his salary. With Mark Giordano, Curtis Glencross and Alex Tanguay all looking for raises this off-season, there’s a chance that Moss will be the best value contract on the team in 2011-12.

    • For the record, Kent, Robert and myself have all been huge boosters of Moss all season. It’s my contention he’s been Calgary’s best forward all year long.

      Good stuff though KO, and I’m glad Moss is under contract through next year too. He’ll be 30 when his contract expires, and I think another two year contract at the same dollar figure would be a great move by Feaster, or whomever.

  • Vintage Flame

    Good article Kristen.. you should stop letting Pat Photoshop your pics though. Moss as a Vampire?

    In all seriousness though, Mosser has been, as Pat has dubbed him, A beast. I htink he has played very well on the top line. Last night, in the Vancouver game, he showed that more than ever.
    His goal was 100% tenacity and good ol’ fashion “muckin”!!

    We were sitting in our seats, and in the midst of my fuming over the officiating and the moron Canuck fans sitting to my right, my wife asked who I thought was the Enmax energy player. Without hesitation, I grabbed my blackberry and entered 25 as the last two diigits!

    I know I’ve said it before, but it’s just sick to watch the difference in Moss game this year, compared to last. He probably won’t reach his career high in goals, but he brings so much more to this team than 25 goals. I much prefer to see this side of his game, and sacrifices the 5 or 6 tallies. He even looks a bit bigger, and more solid in front of the net.

    He definitely looks a lot more focused, and his leadership presence is much more prominent this season. The kid might be modest off the ice and in front of the microphone, but on the ice, there is clearly another gear for this guy.. i really like Moss this year, and I just hope that with all the tools he brings to his game now, that the cornerstone is consistency!

    Now hopefully I win something from Enmax!!!
    Go Flames Go… Die Canucks Die!

    • Please remember, when you post at this site, people may read your comments from anywhere in the world. Don’t make all Calgarians look like idiots!

      “in the midst of my fuming over the officiating” – when all else fails and you have a losing sports team – blame the officials. SAD!

  • Robert Cleave

    VF, that “Mosster” picture as been around for a while. Kent sent it to me when we still when we were both still at M and G, as best I can remember. Pat is innocent on this particular matter.