Moss and Glencross Hurt? Ru-roh!


According to our very own Pat Steinberg, the Flames were without Curtis Glencross at the morning skate today. What’s worse is the fact that David Moss left in the middle of the practice, apparently hurt.

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Of course, we certainly don’t know the extent of these potential injuries so it’s probably useless to speculate. That said, the Flames have 11 games left on the sched and probably need 7 wins to secure a playoff spot. Losing Moss and Glencross for any length of time at this point would be…uh…not good*, so let’s just hope this is standard maintenance stuff.

*ironic aside – hard to believe that the Flames post-season hopes might ride on a pair of guys worth less cumulatively under the cap than Steve Staios alone, isn’t it?

Also, Pat…that twitter background has simply got to go. Makes me want to stab my own eyes out Oedipus Rex style (but for purely esthetic reasons).

UPDATE – Via Pat in the comments (with editorial comment added)

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– Moss is indeed hurt and unlikely to play tomorrow (doh! That’s what we get for singing his praises).

– Glencross was out due to the birth of his child (Good news on all fronts. Congrats Scoreface).

– Jokinen was down with the flu (I always wonder if it’s really the flu, or it’s catch-all for just about anything from food poisoning to alcohol poisoning). Probably means he’ll be a GTD tomorrow.

– Modin out with for "maintenance" (no surprise given his extensive injury history. No big loss either given his play so far).