Postgame: Goodnight

The Calgary Flames took a convincing 6-1 win over the Edmonton Oilers on Wednesday night, but the 41st win of the season for the team didn’t do much to ease the pain of a second straight year out of the playoffs.  Thanks to a Chicago 4-3 win over St. Louis and a 6-2 Anaheim win over San Jose, the Flames are officially eliminated from postseason play with one game still to go this season.

What Happened

An absolute walk for the Flames didn’t start until the second period, and despite an 11-2 advantage in scoring chances, it was a scoreless tie after 20 minutes.  It really was a preview for pure and utter domination from the home side, as the Oilers were no match at any point for the opponents.  Shots after one period saw Calgary leading the way by a staggering 20-3 mark, and the lopsided nature of the first period didn’t change in the second.

The Flames would score three times in another one sided period, with Rene Bourque opening the scoring at 3:44 with a wraparound marker good for his 27th on the year.  Then the Iginla show began, with Jarome scoring twice before the period would let out.  He’d get to 40 on the season at 13:18 of the second before potting his 41st on the powerplay at 16:24; Iginla would take a gorgeous powerplay feed from Alex Tanguay, who went right point to left circle for a patented Iginla one-timer.  The Flames would take a 3-0 lead into the third.

Calgary wouldn’t let up, making it 4-0 less than a minute in, with Tanguay finishing a two-on-one pass from Mikael Backlund for his 22nd.  Edmonton would bust the shutout with number 15 on the year from Magnus Paajarvi, but Greg Nemisz’s first NHL point on Curtis Glencross’s 24th on the year restored Calgary’s four goal advantage.  The Flames would make it 6-1 when Iginla would complete the hatty, getting to number 42 on the season at 6:47.  Calgary would get a few more chances before the period would finish up, and they’d seal an emphatic victory.

What was interesting was watching the out of town scoreboard throughout the night.  Chicago won their overtime game early on in the second period, putting all eyes on Anaheim, which wouldn’t go very well.  They’d be up 6-1 as the Flames would finish their 6-1 win, and the Ducks would finish up with a 6-2 win.  Backlund said in the room afterwards the team basically knew after 40 that the season was over.

One Good Reason…

…why the Flames won?  On this night, because they were straight up dominant.  I know it’s the Oilers and I know they’re an AHL team right now, but in a game Calgary needed to win (they did at one point), the Flames put the foot to the floor and absolutely crushed the Oilers from start to finish.  Even though the game ended up not doing what they wanted, at least they didn’t miss the playoffs by losing a game.  Well…not this game anyway;)

Red Warrior

Give it the captain.  Jarome would score three times for 42 goals on the season, and his line would be an absolute force.  Iginla, Tanguay and Backlund would make their Oilers matchups look like the kids most of them were, and for the second time in three games, he was straight up dominant.

Sum It Up

Well, there’s no need to update the elimination number, because the clock did strike midnite on the Calgary Flames tonight.  Plain and simple, they were not good enough this season.  For two months they were great, as January and February were incredibly months for the team and their fans.  However, a flaccid month of November combined with average months of October and December did this team in.  With one more game to go, I do have to say…had you told me in in December that Calgary would be playing meaningful hockey in game 81, I’d have called you crazy.  That was fun, the run was fun, but the season wasn’t good enough for the Flames.

  • Scott

    Worst lawyer ever…. enough said….

    I would have to agree with, “the wolf” though, as traffic on Flamesnation picked up, and the traffic on the oilers nation and canucks site went down, all the trolls came here.

    The opportunities for decent conversation and discussion dissappeared. Oilers Trolls stay on your site and insult eachother with ridiculous and lame insults, and Canucks fans…. well stay off the internet before you hurt yourselves.

  • the-wolf

    My ideal trio would’ve been to hire Yzerman last summer when he was available, Nicholson as President and Lanny as a special advisor.

    I’ll never stop being ticked about how a guy with so much class, who is still the face of the franchise to a lot of people, has a very solid business acumen and actual hockey knowledge (and lots of it)can’t get a hockey posting. “Sorry Lanny, we just want to use you for your moustache.” Absolutely shameful and an eternal black eye on this organization.

    But Conroy walks straight in. I guess that’s what happens when you have objective opinions vs. running around with a glass half-full mentality all of the time, feeding the owners what they want to here, “it’s all good, it’s all good, just some tweaking!”

    World’s not fair I guess.

    • icedawg_42

      I dont think Yzerman would have been overly interested in coming to Calgary, but if he was we certainly missed the boat there. Has Lanny ever voiced a desire to get into hockey ops? If so, then you’re bang on, shocking he couldn’t get a shake here where he’s still a legend.

      @Kent – looking forward to it, and here’s hoping the trolls dont come pollute the discussions. I have a feeling the canucks trolls are going to be very quiet when their team gets bounced in the first round. I wont be trolling their boards however, cause I’d rather talk/debate/argue with folks who have a point.

    • Vintage Flame

      Yeah I remember when the talk was based around Stevie Y and Nicholson. They obviously missed the boat on Yzerman, if they were in the running, but I’m not sure how much of an opportunity there was with Nicholson. Would he really want to leave Hockey Canada? I have no idea.

      Interesting view on Lanny though. Never gave much consideration to THAT possibility. I think Lanny is grossly misused in this organization. He definitely has something more to offer, I would think.

      I don’t mind Conroy stepping in at all in the management scheme. I think he brings a lot to the table here, just look what he did in working with Langks to get him into game shape way ahead of schedule.

      In talking to Pat on the radio, I suggested we see more chess like moves from the Flames this offseason. Make moves in succession. If one works out, then it opens the door for another and so on. Does that make sense?

      I don’t think we have to burn this to the ground, but make smart, outside-the-box decisions. I suggested some position moves in the lineup… For example..

      Top line:
      Tanguay – Moss – Iginla
      – I know Moss is a winger but he played well on this line before getting hurt. Plus he is developing his presence more in front of the net. I’m telling you this kid could be another Joe Nieuwendyk in front of the net with tips and screening.

      2nd Line:
      Bourque – Langkow – Backlund
      – Again, I know Backs is a center, but he’s not going to replace Langkow and he won’t be a 1st line center for us. However I think it’s important to get him top line minutes for his development. The kid has a laser for a wrist/snap shot and would work well on the wing. Plus we have to hope Bork gets it together with Langks and with his smart positional play, it could open up the ice for Backlund.

      3rd Line:
      Kosto – Olli – Jackman
      – We need a center that can drive the play north for these muckers and I think Olli redeemed himself somewhat this year. Drives the play North a lot more frequently and has shown great improvement on his defensive game.. Could be a great shut down line.

      4th Line:
      Bouma – Stajan – Nemisz/Hagman
      – If Kotalik buggers of to the KHL, the Flames can bury Hagman in the Minors. Stajan doesn’t deserve to be even this high, but hey, we’re stuck with him. Not much else to say on this..

      I’ll end with my D Pairings [just thoughts – no commentary]
      Giordano – Bouwmeester
      Sarich – Brodie
      Babchuck – Erixon

      Staios – Gone
      Regehr – Traded

      • OilFan

        Makes sense but wouldn’t the Flames get a roster player for Regehr ? Or trade him for a late first round pick ? What do you do with the tenders ? Trade Kipper if possible, for another tender ? But but but STAIOS IS A STAR

        • icedawg_42

          or – as someone brought up last night, use Reggie and a pick to get a higher first rounder. No one around here seems to think Kipper is moveable, who knows – I do believe that Feaster is very reluctant to f*ck with a proven higher end starting goalie though.

          • OilFan

            They say the talent isn’t that great in this seasons draft. Do they wait till the trade deadline ? I really would like the Oilers to face Calgary without him. He has killed the Oiler forward for years

          • OilFan

            They say the talent isn’t that great in this seasons draft. Do they wait till the trade deadline ? I really would like the Oilers to face Calgary without him. He has killed the Oiler forward for years

        • Vintage Flame

          I don’t think so OilFan.. Kinda like Dawg said a couple of replies below you, I think they would use Reggie as a way to move up in the draft or get additional picks.

          As for the Tenders.. If the right deal presented itself, take it. Right?
          I don’t think Kipper’s contract is tradeable, and I’m okay with that.. I’m still pretty big on him.
          As for the backup.. Free Market Baby! Bring up Irving and let him and Karlsson battle for it. Best man wins… If they sign Karlsson that is. No raise for him, if he wants more, let him walk.

          If you think Staios is a star, we’ll have our 3rd rounder back thank you very much?

      • icedawg_42

        I’d like to get get Cody Eakins for Regehr out of the Caps if I could.

        Good points, but I disagree on a couple of things:

        1) Backlund needs to stay at centre. The organiztion is so desparately short of talented centers.

        2) Nemisz needs more seasonong in the AHL.

        • Vintage Flame

          I’d do that in a heartbeat for Cody Eakins.. Good luck though.

          I really think Backlund would flourish on the wing. It gets him top 6 playing time and his shot would be better utilized. Ask Ice Dawg, this kid has a quick release and it’s a laser when he was in the WHL. I think having Langks as his center opens the ice for him and he can use the shot more than he could up the middle.

          I agree about Greg.. More time in the AHL to bring him along.. Undoubtedly there will be call ups through out the season

  • T&A4Flames

    I thank the Flames for their efforts this year. I know it sort of enters Oiler territory to thank them for a season that they did not meke the playoffs but they showed me the one key ingredient that I thought they had lost since ’04…Heart! To battle back the way they did with so much negativity surounding them, I applaud them. I would like to see B Sutter back, I think he has this team going in the right direction. I would say Tangs (if Iggy is staying) and Karlsson are the priorities to resign. Beyond that…. I don’t think we can afford any others, but GlenX and others, thanks for the efforts. Good luck.

  • Matty Franchise Jr

    Florida (according to has over $40M in salary space next year, meaning they are a long way below the salary minimum.
    They also have only 3 defencemen signed for next year, 1 of which will still be on his entry level deal.

    Maybe JBo goes back to Florida in the offseason?

    Coyotes, Avalanche, Hurricanes, Islanders, and Blues all have between $27M and $30M in salary space to fill next season. Perhaps some of them could be convinced to take Stajan, Hagman, or Kotalik.

    There are 13 teams with over $20M in salary space available for next season. Maybe the Flames can get rid of some crappy contracts.

  • the-wolf

    George Johnson from the Herald has repeatedly stated and is quite adamant about it, that he was waiting for it, but when too much time elapsed he went elsewhere. Thank hockey czar Ken King for that one – all so he could can Darryl 4 months later anyways.

    My understanding of Lanny at the time was he was in a PR position schmoozing corporate types and when changes were being made (don’t remember if this was Coates in/out, Button in?) he made it known he wanted a hockey posting. They were only willing to retain him in the PR role so he he quit. He had paid his dues and didn’t want to be used – good on him.

    Of course, these are bits and pieces gleaned together from various places so the entire story is a little cloudy, but that’s my honest understanding of it.

  • Super_Gio

    If only someone would pick up Boumeesters ridiculous contract..that would be awesome.
    Even with a wallop like that last night Stajan is flopping and falling all over the place. Honestly – how the hell is he in the NHL?

  • T&A4Flames

    What would it take to get Setegouchi- he could be a good 2nd line RW that in time could spell Iggy to the 2nd line. What about Statsny? I would give another 1st (2012 or 2013) for a very good young center and apparently the Avs are upset about giving him that big contract (I know we don’t have cap space- but if we moved some). How about Boychuk from Bos.? They want to resign Kaberle and will need to clear space. To me he is a $1.8 mil 2nd pairing defender with a big point shot and physical play- wouldn’t need Babchuk anymore who I think will want as much or more than $1.8 but is at best a 3r pairing D.

    D- pairings: Regher-JBo, Gio-Boychuk, Carson-Brodie/Erixon/Negrin/Pelech…..

    • Vintage Flame

      I have no interest in Setegouchi.. never have, but that’s just me I think. I don’t see a fit for him here unless he is replacing Hagman.

      Stastny carries to high a contract and is injury prone… Pass

      Boychuck is interesting.. Sort of a younger more mobile Regehr really. I still think you keep Babchuck thoughin that case.. he is a good 5/6 D-man. Keep him over Carson. In your d-pairings.. What are you doing with Sarich??

      • icedawg_42

        Here’s what they do – check with the owners to make sure that 10 more million is ok in the AHL, and then send Hagman, Stajan, Sarich down. Problem solved.

      • T&A4Flames

        I’m looking at Carson as a 3rd pairing because I don’t believe we could afford Babchuk and Boychuk (as I said I think Boychuk is the better D-man especially at that cost). As for Sarich, he finished pretty strong I think and some team looking for veteran leadership on their D may be interested. According to he has a cap hit of $3.6 but his actual salary is $3.3 mil. Someone looking to get over the cap floor could be interested.

  • the forgotten man

    “the-wolf” makes 2 very good points in that the discourse at Flames Nation has indeed suffered with all the trolling, but more importantly that success for the Flames going forward starts at the Top. Flames ownership, like one US President Obama, strike me as an unserious bunch. I think they like the “idea” of owning a Sports Franchise or being Commander-in-Chief, respectively; but aren’t actually all that interested in the mundane day-to-day or tough decision making responsibilities required by these roles.

    That said, the Owners are Smart Guys (hell some are Billionaires), so here is some simple Newtonian Algebrae to ensure future success:

    Move Ken King to Manage The FanAttic = Opening to Hire Sound Hockey Mind (Lanny/Gainey etc.) = New Calgary Flames President = Competent General Manager = Coach Who Doesn’t Ice Kotaleech on PP during Anaheim Game in a Must Win to Essentially Avoid Playoff Elimination = More Hockey Wins = 2nd/3rd Round of Playoffs = Stanley Cup Runs based on Consistent Talent…Not Lightning in a Bottle = A Monkey Being able to sell Flames Jerseys = A Monkey replacing Ken King as FanAttic Manager

    Legal Disclaimer: The above Mathemetical Formulae in no way states, or implies, that Ken King is a Monkey…

    • the forgotten man


      As per my therapist’s recommendation, I try to tranfer my frustrations into wit…

      As a quick aside, listening to Fan 960 for the last 1/2 hour and Holy Homerism Batman – is there a Secret Ken King Booster Club in Calgary and are they stuffing the 960 phone lines???


      1. This is a 9th/10th place team.
      2. No playoffs in arguably the easiest Pro Sports League to make the post season.
      3. They are riding the Cap Ceiling.

      Homerism at this point only reinforces the plausibility of keeping the status quo & telling the Franchise that showing up for only 2 months this year is acceptable behaviour…the mind spins & reels.

          • the forgotten man

            First off, Sorry Kent if I got you in any trouble…not my intent.

            Second, Pat, I know what your topic was when the callers were chiming in. If you read my comments the last couple of days they pertain specifically to Team Management and the Owners – quite frankly the Players overall played up to their inherent potential (excepting 2-3 players) and I was not the least surprised of where the Flames finished this year based on their lineup beginning the Year – good on the Players.

            Calling in to offer specific positives like “Glencross outperformed his Contract”, “Backlund showed a lot of promise going forward” or “Hextall should be considered for GM” are great to hear and needed, but when “Homers” call in “turd-polishing”(h-tip:Kent) today with stuff like “thanking the Flames for such a wonderfully played season” or inane stuff like “we are just 1 move away from Glory…” is not positivity but naive, boot-licking delusion which in the big picture is counter productive and distracting from the task at hand.

            On the flipside, just calling to say the Flames Suck or seeking to run Iginla/Regehr out of town accomplish little either…

          • No worries. I didn’t hear any of the afternoon show today, so I was wondering about specifics.

            And I hassle Pat with mean text messages all the time even though he’s pretty even keel. I figured if there was any turd polishing, it wasn’t by him.

          • the forgotten man

            In all fairness to Pat, he wasn’t polishing anything…just a string of callers. Maybe the wound of not making the playoffs again is too fresh compromising my level of patience. Anyways, onward and upward.

            Go Flames Go.

      • Come on dude. You heard a lot of positivity on the radio because I asked the question: “what positives do you take?”

        This is going to be negative for a long time…and so it should be. But it’s not all negative, and PLENTY of people take good things from the season.

        Homerism. Please.

  • Scott

    Wow Pat, you went into defensive mode real quick!! haha,

    It is nice to not dwell on the negatives all the time, when everyone knows the negatives. Thats actually why I listen to you guys. Its not all doom and gloom!

  • Scott

    haha, nice to see that all blog sites have weirdos on them.

    I guess no more canuck fans to troll on here anymore for a few months.

    As for the offseason – I just hope the brass don’t stand pat.

    Going forward, the Flames that NEED to stay are:


    the rest are expendible. Someone will take on bowmeester… it just has to happen. Maybe the Isles or the Thrashers since they both have 10M in cap space…

    • T&A4Flames

      I think at this point everyone could be considered expendable. It starts with Iggy. If he wants to stay then you continue to TRY to surround him with skill and talent. However, if there is a great deal out there that makes you better for the now and later, it’s got to be done.

      Let’s just say for example that NJ needs to move Parise but we have to include Bourque in a package of picks/prospects you do it.

  • why would anybody take bouwmeester at that number? you also need to remember that you are only allowed to go 10% above the cap in the summer, including the contracts you plan on burying. i think you need to face the fact that you will not be resigning both glencross and tanguay.

    • Matty Franchise Jr

      As per my comment at #46, Florida has $42M in cap space next year, and only 3 d-men. They need big dollar contracts and defencemen…


      • at the time florida probably felt they didn’t get enough for bouwmeester. although hindsight says otherwise, i doubt they would be willing to give up anything to bring him back. further, whats the floor going to be next year? 46-47 million, maybe. i think dale tallon can think of better ways to spend 4 million. just because a team needs to hit the floor doesn’t mean they will take a bullet. too many years of bouwmeester at that number.

    • SmellOfVictory

      Given how much Tallon loves underperforming dmen with bloated contracts, maybe JBo can be swapped for Kulikov 1-for-1. Not going to get picks out of a guy who prides himself on building from the draft, though.

  • Weiss + Kulikov ($4.425M cap hit) for Bouwmeester + Bourque ($10M cap hit)

    Clears about $5.5M from our cap, gives the Panthers a decent winger and defenceman, gives the Flames a good center and a younger upcoming defenceman.

    Move Morrison to wing then have Langkow/Weiss as #1/2 and Olli/Backlund as #3/4 down the middle.

  • RKD

    Terribly disappointing the Flames missing the playoffs for a second year in a row. The Flames definitely made it interesting by playing really strong hockey and going from 14th in the West and climbing to 4th at one point. However, the season doesn’t start on Dec. 23rd, it started on Oct. 8th. Winning 2/3 should have happened in October, not until Christmas when Darryl Sutter left. All the other teams who also played poorly at the start of the the season really paid a price. Just go ask New Jersey and Toronto. The mountain was too high to climb and the injury bug hit the Flames at the wrong time. They still cannot get it right, strong offensively, weak defensively and vice versa. They need to balance it out. I want to see more foot speed from the defence. Next year we could look at Gio, J-Bo, Pardy/Carson, Brodie, one of Pelech or Negrin. Play Kipper a lesser number of games and play Karlsson or Irving more. A bona fide top two forwards like a Parise or Zajac. Just look at Anaheim, Selanne is 40 but surrounded by really strong linemates in Perry and Getzlaf.

  • ForeverRed

    Yeah, there is no way that Tanguay and Glencross can stay on the team. If i had to pick… i’d beek Tanguay though because Jackman could EASILY fit into Glencroses shoes.