Flames Retain Lowry, Lose McGill



According to our own Pat Steinberg via Twitter, the Flames have decided to renew the contract of assistant coach Dave Lowry, but walk away from Ryan McGill. The latter joins recently ousted coaches Jamie McLennan and Rob Cookson as the franchise continues to make minor tweaks behind the bench.

No major news out of Calgary yet this off-season, but all this activity on the bench suggests the club isn’t merely sitting on it’s hands while the miney men decide whether Feaster is the guy or not.


  • Gange

    I am left to wonder if Cookson, McLennan, and McGill were Dutter choices and not Butter choices.

    I’m intrigued as to where this is going, although I’ll stop short of saying that this is a true difference maker.

  • Scott

    Dave lowry was the one responsible for the power play wasn’t he? Hopefully these firings make room for lowry to be “promoted” from coaching the PP. Lets bring someone in that can actual teach a system to adults!


    Your probably right, these guys have all been around along time, and well before Brent got here and had his coaching staff given to him from Darryl.

    Lets hope he brings in his own staff, finally, and can improve this team

  • Scott

    I professed that I don’t know the exact roles of the coaches who have been let go, with the exception of McLennan, who was the goalie coach. This leaves me to wonder if the primary reason the assistants were let go is due to crappy specialty team play? PK was mediocre. PP was good for the last quarter of the season. They really need to hire a PP specialist. 10 more PP goals for the year will get you a few more wins.

  • the forgotten man


    Just a shuffling of deck chairs on the Titanic…

    This is just K-squared throwing out some “head-fakes”, so that us Plebs feel like decisive/concrete action is being taken to right the “Good Ship” Flames.

    My bigger question (which the media will never ask King…) is why you have an “acting” GM in place and critical personnel decisions are being made relative to the coaching staff. Either Feaster should be made the permanent GM, or if K-squared’s Master Plan (I use the term loosely) is to bring in a new GM, then he should be the one dropping the hammer and hiring his chosen replacements. (CUE THE TWILIGHT ZONE INTRO) That is, unless there is truth to the conspiracy theory that King actually has more say than he lets on in personnel and player decisions as it pertains to Hockey Ops??

    When one objectively, from afar, sees how this franchise is currently run like some 3rd World Banana Republic, what competent soul in their right mind would even want to be a GM here??

    The Class Acts of yesteryear like Cliff Fletcher/Al MacNeil/Bob Johnson/Lanny etc. seem so very far away 🙁

    • As Gange says, I think this is Brent getting the chance to choose his staff now that his autocrat brother isn’t calling all the shots.

      On the topic of Feaster…I’m going to hold all commentary until they make a final decision. Frankly at this point I’ll be more annoyed if they announce Feaster as the guy because the apparent waffling/twisting in the wind over the last 4+ months would have been meaningless.

      • the forgotten man


        I agree on the Feaster matter – if he ends up as Permanent GM, it sadly just reinforces the whimsical nature of decision making per King and Ownership Group.

        Do you think Kent that the GM (permanent one preferably) should have as much say as Head Coach on the makeup of the Assistant Staff?


        • I don’t think it matters too much. I mean, the coaches have to work intimately together, but the GM is ultimately responsible for the fate of the club. Both parties have vested interests in hiring guys they think are capable of the job.

  • I would like to see Playfair come back to be an assistant. I still don’t know why they got rid of him as coach after one year, I would’ve given him more of a chance. The PK was better when he was here. Our PP needs some work, so maybe we can hire a specific PP guy. Is there any guys like that available?

    • Matty Franchise Jr

      Agreed. Brent will have his own assistants next year.

      If I had to guess the process involved in hiring a coaching staff, I’d say that the head coach submits a list of guys and the GM gives them his A-OK. I’d be surprised if a GM (other than darryl) would not give his A-OK to an assistant.

  • I posted this before, but the thread died I think….Playfair has repeatedly stated and recently for that matter, that he wants to be a head coach and would rather be a head coach at lower level than as assistant in the NHL and will only come back to the NHL as a head coach.

    • icedawg_42

      I was going to mention this very same thing – I’m not so sure Playfair would accept a position as an assistant with this club at this point. Personally I’d like to see him get a shot at the big leagues again.