The Flames and UFA Perception



Interesting discussion on the FAN960 this morning between Dean Molberg and Rhett Warrener. The issue was the Flames perception in the UFA market and how that might impact the club going forward.

The Flames never had too much problem signing name players during Darryl Sutter’s reign. The 2003-04 cup run, a climbing roster budget and the presence of some notable NHL stars (Iginla, Regehr, Kipper) meant the club never had to profer grossly inflated offer-sheets to RFA’s or produce promotional DVD’s to convince players to sign in Calgary. Certainly the org was probably never at the very top of all players lists, but they were at least competitive and able to attract more than a few desired names over the years.

Warrener noted this morning that the attractiveness of a potential city and organization is highly relevent to UFA players in the current capped environment. The salary and length of the contract is always going to be a prime concern, but quality of life and potential to win have become nearly as important. The Oilers have gone whale hunting more often than not over the past few seasons because they’re perceived to be a loser franchise in a relatively small, inhospitable town. Not even $5-large per season could convince Michael Nylanders wife to move there (which is a shame. how hilarious would it be if they had yet another albatross cluttering their books?).

Keep in mind that Calgary isn’t too far from Edmonton in terms of size and climate. The Flames have been able to land a few big fish from the free agent pool since the lock-out because it hasn’t had stars demand trades or finished last in the league. However, with the Flames marquee players now aging and the playoffs going from a foregone to conclusion to a question mark, the club’s cache to UFA’s might be deteorating rapidly. This probably isn’t a big issue this summer, given the lack of cap room the org has to play with in the short term, but it’s possible the Flames will be looking to spend some money in the summer of 2012 without a lot of takers. Especially if they miss the dance again this upcoming season.

Also of note was Warrener’s comment that the current and on-going dance around the GM-chair might do further damage to players perceptions of the club. As Domebeers reminds us weekly, the confusing and largely unexplained waffling about the GM position makes the Flames appear either indecisive or directionless as a franchise. Neither are great selling features.

Of course, that may not be an issues should the team announce a PC in the next few weeks and make a big, splashy announcement naming their guy and explaining their delay. However, the longer this drags on, the lower the club’s reputation may sink in the eyes of potential future employees.

  • dustin642

    I hope the flames can sign a few notable players come july 1, but this whole acting GM crap dragging out as long as it has has really lowered my expectations for this team. I just want them to hire someone. Be it Feaster or someone else, and have that person make at least 1* of our albatross contracts disappear, and to not trade away our 1st round draft pick. Hopefully for whoever is going to be in charge that wont be too much to ask.

  • marty

    A combonation of this is what i would like to see.
    Europe or Abby – hags, kotalik, ivanans

    Resign- Tangs (2 or 3 yrs cause iggy signed for 2 but if a yr longer is required fine 3ish per season) Glenncross (if it is not longer than 3 yrs and/or 2.25 per year)

    UFA’s if available no big splash – Laich, Lieno,J Jokinen, M.A Bergeron

    RFA’s if available Callahan, Dubinsky, Bogosian, Turris, Sekera

    Trade Bait – Kipper (if a centre can be had)
    Reg (i don’t wanna see him go but if rumours are true about him or organization wanting him out i think it could be this off season)

    Up from Abby – Brodie and/or Breen (probably one not both although both probably upgrade from staios minus the leadership role… sigh.)

    I am not saying all these should happen but i think it could be a combination on one or a few of these players. Sure i would like to see the flames sign Brad Richards, it just isn’t going to happen.

    P.S. Sj or Det just beat Vancouver I hate them and their fans.

    I am not saying all these should happen but if a couple of these moves could be done iw

  • dustin642

    I don’t think Feaster is the guy or they would have made a decision by now… and as far as attracting other UFA’s; they shouldn’t have any problems if they re-sign Tanguay and Glencross, maybe even Morrison. I think part of the attraction to the Flames organization is the strong group of leaders/ character guys. It helps when Conroy and Iggy are the faces of the team…

    • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

      Leadership? No offense, but….BWAH HA HA AHA AHAHAH AHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      When are people going to figure out it’s not 2004 anymore?

      Yes, Iginla once again stepped up this summer and showed his great leadership skills and commitment to the game and his ocuntry when he again refused to play in the World Championships. Only the Olympics are big enough for Jarome. Ovechkin is there after 2 rounds of playoffs, but Jarome is too busy water-skiing the beautiful Okanangan. How many years in a row has he declined the invite now?

      The facade is gone. The cat is out of the bag. Everyone knows this team is hopelessly removed from being a contender and it will only get worse.

    • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

      Leadership? No offense, but….BWAH HA HA AHA AHAHAH AHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      When are people going to figure out it’s not 2004 anymore?

      Yes, Iginla once again stepped up this summer and showed his great leadership skills and commitment to the game and his ocuntry when he again refused to play in the World Championships. Only the Olympics are big enough for Jarome. Ovechkin is there after 2 rounds of playoffs, but Jarome is too busy water-skiing the beautiful Okanangan. How many years in a row has he declined the invite now?

      The facade is gone. The cat is out of the bag. Everyone knows this team is hopelessly removed from being a contender and it will only get worse.

    • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

      Leadership? No offense, but………………. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      How many years has Jarome opted out of the Worlds now? Ovechkin plays 2 rounds and is there, but I guess water-skiing the Okanagan take precedent.

  • The Flames organization always seems to wait to make these decisions…

    Remember Mike Keenan? Everyone and their dog knew (or hoped like hell) that he would be let go. They did a big, long drawn-out evaluation and then let him go on an unassuming Friday evening.

    This is how they handle their business… IMO these decisions should have long been made and it hurts the team the longer it takes.

    But, we shouldn’t be surprised.

  • The longer this drags on, the more it looks like Prime Candidate(s) are in the mix. If King is suave enough to convince Feaster to stick as an assistant GM I would applaud the move. The only thing to lower the volume of Boomer’s nattering would be an Elite GM. Please for the sanity of 960 listeners, hire a stud.

    • At this point the best way they can regain their credibility with UFA’s AND fans is by hiring someone new with a promising resume. By carrying on this long and sticking with status quo is pretty stupid.

      As a side note, do you think players really notice the “acting” in front of a GM’s title or care that much? Sure they are mentioning it on a radio station in calgary on a slow news day but do you really think Brooks Laich or anyone looks at it that way?

      I wonder with their recent failure if Philly may want Kipper + in exchange for someone like Carter.

      • Warrener brought the point up with specific reference to players making decisions as UFA’s. I don’t regard players as authorities on all things hockey simply because they played the game, but his views on this topic are probably relevent.

      • SmellOfVictory

        After the media bruha with Sutter, I think alot of players would be interested to see what the ownership will do. Second rate GM or a stud? Are you a second rate organization or a dud?

        If Kipper was available, Carter would have been on the table eons ago. IMO.

        • everton fc

          This makes sense. We need to hire a GM w/a promising resume, or simply with promise. Look at Tampa Bay. Look at their roster. They just smoked the Caps. Clean sweep. Boucher is a new, up-and-coming coach. One could argue Brent still is… still new to the NHL… One could argue Playfair may deserve a shot, like Boucher… And so on.

          The Bolts signing Yzerman, and his picking Boucher… Shows you the potential of bringing in a promising prospect. The acquisition of Roloson was brilliant. Our “acting GM” picked up Modin… Carson…

          We need to make a change. New President. New GM. I am okay w/Brent. But change the President and GM. I can stomach our acting GM as an Asst GM. I like Conroy in his position. But we need dramatic change in head office.

  • Derzie

    One reason for waiting would be to poach from a team in playoff contention. Just a thought. Although I doubt that they are that organized. The Flames info drought is tough to take. Especially with the Canucks winning (aargh). Can we have Kesler and Bieksa please?

    • A guy by the name of Chris Pronger has done pretty well everywhere he has signed.

      Zdeno Chara?

      Joe Thornton? (he could have left San Jose and re-upped for 3 years) Patty Marleau? (ditto)–don’t give me the garbage about them not doing anything wither. They’ve been money since they were there and may well have a trip to the finals this go around.

      Ilya Bryzgalov? (can’t remember if he signed as a Free agent or was traded)

      Malhotra wasn’t a “big” name but there was a lot of talk that he was extremely overpaid for what he brought to the table. Now his deal looks like a steal.

      Not sure if you are only talking about UFAs that move cities. If not there are a million signings that appear to have worked out with “big name” guys.

      • For every good one there is 2 really bad signings of a players who dont do much and are extremely overpaid. To name a few:

        – Jay Bouwmester: Not bad but really really over priced.

        – Kovalchuk: His contract will never be confused as a high value contract.

        – Chris Drury: No explanation needed.

        – Gomez: Ditto

        – Wade Redden: One of the worst signing possibly ever!

        – Brian Campbell: Not a bad player but so overpaid its stupid. Chicago is an extremely worse team today because he is still around and cost them their depth.

        Smart GM’s are going after players that are not high profile but doing really well. Glencross is a perfect example of this and these are the players that we need.

        • SmellOfVictory

          Important to note that 3 of those are Sather’s doing, and he’s notorious for being a complete tool when it comes to UFA contracts.

          And we can’t say how much of these massive contracts is a result of bargaining on the part of the player versus offers by the GM. Just because a GM signs a player to a certain salary doesn’t mean that it’s the lowest that player would have gone. The only one of those contracts that I can definitively say was the fault of the player is Kovalchuk’s, since his bargaining process was so publicly, painfully, drawn-out.

        • I never said that all free agent signings worked out. I was just responding to the comment that they hardly ever did.

          Glencross was a free agent wasn’t he? Seems to have worked out too.

          The issue is signing the right free agents.

    • Pronger (Anaheim-Philly) and Thorton (SJ) were acquired by trades and then re-signed as free agents. Marleau could have left as a UFA but chose not to.

      If we are talking only about free agents who left a certain team to join another that’s a different thing but that wasn’t specified.

  • Emir

    I thought the Sutterian era taught us that signing free agents or trading doesn’t really make a winning club? It makes you competitive but not a contender. July 1 is fun to watch for fans but it is largely a day where GMs make mistakes. Buying on July 1 is good for over paying players. Now if your looking for depth you can do good out there.

    Hey Todd I’m having a bit of a blah day, can you come out of your moms basement and borrow her laptop for a bit and make a post? Really need that kind of laugh only you and your flaming can provide me. Thanx!

  • SmellOfVictory

    Someone else wrote this earlier and I’ve been thinking about this for a couple weeks now. If Babchuk wants too many Rubles, why not take a chance on Marc-Andre Bergeron? I think he signed for $750,000 two deal with Tampa right? Whatever it was, he’s a power play specialist that doesn’t know a lick of defence, somewhat similar to Babchuk, and could come at half the price depending how Tampa does in the playoffs. Just a thought.

  • That should read two-way deal regarding M.A. Bergeron. Sorry, can read or write tonight. Also, if there is a team out there that would want Kipper, Philly would be the team. I’d say yes to Carter, Van Rimsdyke(sp?), ect.

  • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"


    Ok… lets compare Iginla and Ovechkin shall we.

    Olympic gold medals? Stanley Cup appearances? Trophies? Points this year? Who would you rather be the Captain of your team?

    moving on…

    @Kent Wilson

    Good Point…
    I guess I just pegged Todd as a “I enjoy wearing spandex and annoying people” kind of guy…

    • I’m not making a direct comparison of the two. It wouldn’t be hard to find a player at WC who has accomplished more than Iginla. How about Gretzky, so lets make that comparison, shall we?

      Obviously my point was to demonstrate Iginla’s lack of character and your point on our vaunted leadership. He’s selfish. He’s available, but he’s in hi sKelowna home the day after green garbage bag day. The Olympics he’s there for, but I gues the WC is too small to bother.

      Iginla is a one-dimensional offensive player who in his own words is there to “score goals.” His +/- was brutal during his stretch run and the team were still losers. He plays no D and never adheres to the system whereas guys like Datsyuk and Zetterberg are the faces of Detroit’s system. Way to lead by example. He’s a RW, but spends half his game on the left side of the ice like some kind of roving centre (but one who doesn’t backcheck). Face it, if Iginla was a European there’d be no shortage of critics.

      We have no leadership. Even Darryl called the core “a special group.” Darryl was the leader in 2004 along with guys like Ference and Gelinas. Iginla? Over-hyped. No one is coming here because of him unless it’s to resurrect a career.

      • SmellOfVictory

        There are no hard-and-fast rules saying you have to stick to your wing; if there’s an opening on the opposing wing, why not take it? Iggy’s also decent defensively. He’s not fantastic, but he does enough most of the time. His main issue the past couple of years has been what looks like tentativeness in the offensive zone. He was one of the best power forwards to play the game (the best power forward?), but he stopped driving the puck the same way about 2-3 years ago, and since hasn’t been as effective as he could be. He also dropped weight which seems only to have done him a disservice.

        All discussions of “leadership” aside, Iginla was an amazing player, and is still very good. For years he did his part and more to drag the team behind him to some modicum of success, and he’s finally at a point where he can no longer be the dragger.

  • everton fc

    Great band, Thin Lizzy. Bad Reputation was an under-rated album…

    I hope Regehr stays – where did the rumour the organization would like him out come from??

  • @the-wolf

    I think Iginla would be a great European.. at least he fights…

    Look… it’s fair to be critical of his game, but you have to admit he’s the face of this franchise for a reason… he knows his game and he does a pretty good job scoring goals, but I don’t think he’s as selfish as you think, he has the reputation of doing a lot for charity, and making phone calls to players to try and convince them to play here.

    • Matty Franchise Jr

      So he’s a charitable salesman who is good with the media, oh and can score goals. Also, he fights even though the bosses don’t want him to because he could break a hand or get a concussion which would cost the team a helluva lot more than it gains by him fighting.

      The Flames only playoff series wins with Iginla in the lineup came with Irom Darryl behind the bench and Stonewall Kipper in nets. Other than 2004, he hasn’t managed to lead this team to a playoff victory in any of the seasons in which they’ve happened to make the playoffs.

      I do not understand why people assume he is the greatest leader since sliced bread, and don’t say “Messier thinks he is”. Did you see Messier’s mensa certificate? Neither did I.

  • Matty Franchise Jr

    re: Iggy – Look, he’s great in the room, great in the community. But outside of scoring goals he’s not a difference-maker and is not a guy who leads by example. He takes periods and nights off and doesn’t play the system. At least this year he got back to playing more of a power game. To me, he’s worth more in a trade. I just don’t trust our ‘traders.’

    That aside, I agree with the opinions expressed that the ‘acting’ label hurts Calgary. It looks unprofessional and a like a lot of hand-wringing. If they choose to keep Feaster it’ll look like he was their second choice.

    Whether or not Calgary is waiting for certain teams to fall out of the playoffs in order to make offers/do interviews or if it’s just King being anal and saying “look just buy beer, a jersey, season tickets and shut up because we’re the experts and we’ll follow our own damn time-line just for the sake of following our own damn time-line,” I don’t know.

  • Matty Franchise Jr

    Why your FLames are where they are.

    1. Taking Dion instead of Getzlaf, Carter, Richards, Parise, and Perry. Yess I know at the time it looked good for you guys, but Sutter couldn’t deviate from his Western Canadians only mantra.

    2. Taking Ramholt over Weber. YEs I know every TEAM has that kind of draft, but really this one killed you guys. YOu screwed up the 03 draft.

    3. The DIon trade. Yes he had to go, but Sutter rushed it. IF the “rumors” are true, yeah he had to go.

    4. The Stajan contract- Your GM had to make the Dion trade look good, so he signed him to a stupid contract.

    5. Getting rid of Prust AGAIN! This guy was one Flame who I hated to see play my team.

    6. YOu wear out Kipper. Look at my team, we have TWO goalies.

    7. YOu aren’t using Boumeester right at all. That’s 6.7 Mill of waste

    8. NO NUMBER 1 center.

    I could keep going FLames fans, but this is enough.

    BTW who is your GM?

    VAN in 7 over the SHARKS! Look at how a team should be built???

    • everton fc

      In 3 years Dion has 20s 17, 17 and had 60 points in 08. As a defenceman you were thinkin damn. Not a bad pick. Norris nomination, damn. Great pick actually. Now listen to you.

      How many teams passed on Weber. Shut up.

      Dion trade. We all would argue it was a missed opportunity. Thanks Don.

      Stajan. Wow. Hindsight is 20/20 again. Some think he’s a charachter guy and will show up in shape as opposed to leafs camp shape. We’ll see either way, you’re not Svengali.

      No comments on Kipper from trolls accepted. Unless you want to discuss Luongo being overpaid by at least 2mill.

      Bouwmeester. Bet you wish you hadone.

      #1 Center. Like yours? The playoff Pedigree???

      We don’t know who our GM is yet . What’s your point?

      If you have any knowledge if hockey, you’d fear SJ’s depth at center. In 7 would be tje only way Van could do it. I’d be fearing a sweep, if not 6 ganes Van is seeing a pitch fork jousted through their hearts. You hrard it here first troll.

      Calgary fans know hockey. At leadt enough to know Canucks don’t deserve the moniker.

    • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

      The Twins have proven Nothing! Nor has your goalie yes a lot of what you say about Calgary may be true but both they and Us have been to a game seven much more recently than you and we both share names on the Cup. Until you have that word “Vancouver WITH Canucks on the Cup.(Not Millionaires)you can NOT say a thing about HOW to build a TEAM. Yes Calgary has their problems and I hope they address that as they are not good enough to make a true battle of Alberta.(Neither are we but its coming.) But Cut the “Look at how a team should be built???” garbage until you have a right to brag with some silver.

  • everton fc

    I usually can’t spell but my iphone allows me to be especially retarded. Oh well. SJ in 6 at the very most. Sorry their depth at C could push a sweep. DET losing was their worst nightmare.

  • Matty Franchise Jr

    Judging by your propensity for taking shots at the Oil, the following reminder seems necesaary.
    The flames don’t make the playoffs either.
    The flames have as many, if not more albatross contracts than the oilers.
    The flames have a bleak cap situation.
    The flames have no prospects in the top 50 prospects in the league
    The flames are old and slow
    The flames gave us a third for staios
    The flames have bouwmeester and stajan locked up. well done.
    the flames will have to let decent players walk due to sutters ridiculous cap management.
    the oilers have more cups than the flames.
    the oilers have won far more playoff series than the flames.
    the oilers have been to the cup more recently.
    the two teams have the exact same amount of playoff series wins since each teams last cup appearance.
    If you polled hockey experts, they would probably tell you the oil is on the rise and the flames are headed downhill.
    The Oil have Taylor Hall.
    I could go on and on. Please, dispute some of this.
    Keep running your mouth Kent.

    • Matty Franchise Jr

      I hate to say this because to me the Oil are still my most-hated enemy and always will be.

      But…’re right.

      If this roster of players/team situation were in another town probably 99% of the people on this board would roast them mercilessly.

      Having watched and cheered for this team since they came to Calgary I’m at peace with the fact that we could’ve probably had another 2 or 3 Cups if not for that astounding collection of talent north of us. A collection of talent that will never be seen again, I might add. But what Fletcher built was still an amazing accomplishment and about the only thing that Oil dynasty ever feared. And they did fear them. They may have won the majority of the battles, but it was always war and always required max effort on their part to take it. I take a pride in that. I wish a few bounces had gone different and we’d come out on the other end more often, but what can you do?

      However, when I look at my team now it makes me want to weep. We have become the very antithesis to what the Flames once were and if more Flames fans came to grips with and accepted the truth that we are nowhere close to Contender status and nowhere close to getting back on the path to it, maybe the team would be forced to take a long, hard look at themselves and take measures to start going back to the way it was.

      Edmonton was forced into a rebuild, but they’ve accepted the reality and realized that if they don’t duplicate the drafting and development of ’78 to the early 80’s they will never win again.

      It’s time we did the same thing.

      • Sheldon "Oilers Fan for Life!!!"

        As an Oiler fan you Can sit by me at any Oiler Flame game so we can verbally jest each other in good fun with just enough real venom to keep it honest. I too miss those days its time to get what you can for Ingala etc blow up the team suck for two years so that the NHL lives in terror of coming to Alberta again. The east coast bothers to stay up till 1 am to watch the 6 wars + including playoffs that happen in Alberta. Why? because it lives up to the moniker “Battle of Alberta” In full measure.

  • Matty Franchise Jr

    Our goalie has a gold medal. Our goalie beat the Hawks, Preds, and soon to be Sharks.

    You really think Vancouver is afraid of the Sharks? Marleau is about as sturdy as a straw shack. Yeah he got the winner yesterday, but my MOM would have got that one.

    Thoronton is a joke. Did you now see his class act before the game yesterday? It’s all jokes and giggles with this guy.

    WOW Dion had a couple of 20 goals seasons, if he’s sooooo good why did you guys get rid of him? YOU GUYS BOOED HIM! So pretty much you took the Hugh Jessiman of the draft. Oh yeah google that FLames fan, because we know you have no clue who that is.

    Stajan was a hack in Toronto, and getting into shape isn’t going to improve his production. He is 2 mill over paid!

    If what I wrote was “so obvious” then why is your team spinning the opposite?

    YOu guys in Calgary sit there on your high horse, but you are out of the playoffs AGAIN! My team is going to the third round. Doesn’t matter who is scoring or not scoring but we are there.

    Umm the Sedins have faced the toughest d-pairing each round, but will FINALLY get a break this round. Daniel has 13 points in 9 games. Yeah that’s pretty bad stats.

    If you guys think Max Reinhart is your saviour, then you have bigger problems. Pretty sad a VAN fan knowsw more about your team, than you. BTW he could be a steal from last year’s draft. His dad played for the FLames and Nucks, yeah google that Flames fan. Get back to your golf and watch my team STEAM roll the Sharks.

    • Matty Franchise Jr

      “Pretty sad a VAN fan knows more about your team, than you.”

      Weren’t you the guy who was saying Linden was better than Iggy, and saying the only reason Iggy’s stats were better were because he’s played more games, and then it turned out Linden’s played a couple hundred more games than Iginla. Yep that was you. You may know more about the Flames than a casual Flames fan, but I guarantee almost everyone who posts on this site knows more about the Flames than you do. Oh, and Daniel has 9 points in 13 games, so you’re wrong there.

      Comparing Dion to Hugh Jessiman is insane. Come on, while Dion wasn’t the best pick in that draft he is sure in hell better than Jessiman, no comparison.

      I unfortunately do think your team will beat the Sharks. However, guys like you make me want to cheer against the Canucks more and more. So if the Sharks pull off the upset, I’ll be thrilled.

      No one is saying Max Reinhart is our saviour at all. It’s just nice to see him playing well at this moment. As I’m sure you know since you claim to know more than any Flames fan, our drafting has been awful recently so it’s nice to see someone doing well so far.

  • SmellOfVictory

    Yet again Flames fan is TWISTING my words. I didn’t say Dion is the same as Jessiman, I SAID by trading him away you pretty much got nothing for him, which is LIKE drafting Jessiman. You are worse than a girl Flames fan, get your story correct. Daniel Sedin has 10 points in 13 games, right off the nhl website. Now back to my point on why the Flames are in trouble. 2003 is FILLED with franchise players who should be carrying your team. They should be helping Iggy out. Here is a breakdown.

    9.Dion Phaneuf- At the time good pick by the Flames but the return from TO is not good at all.
    10 Andrei Kostitsyn- NO way they would take anybody from the C.I.S.
    11 Jeff Carter – Big miss
    12 Hugh Jessiman -THANK GOD Glen Sather is around
    13 Dustin Brown- Flames brass is not big into taking Americans.
    14 Brent Seabrook – Probably would have taken him if DIon is gone
    15 Robert Nilsson – Probably would have taken him because sutter lvoes his bloodlines.
    16 Steve Bernier – No chance
    17 Zach Parise – NOt a western Canadian and too small for Sutter
    18 Eric Fehr – From the dub
    19 Ryan Getzlaf – Flames are weird about not taking hitmen. I guess you guys took Brent homer pick Krahn.
    20 Brent Burns-Not enough scouting to know him.
    21 Mark Stuart -More of a Brent Sutter guy
    22 Marc-Antoine Pouliot- Flames are anti French
    24 Mike Richards- They never take OHL forwards
    25 Anthony Stewart-Not a sutter type
    26 Brian Boyle-Sutter type
    27 Jeff Tambellini-not a sutter type
    28 Corey Perry -Second steal of the draft, again Flames don’t go to the OHL for forwards
    29 Patrick Eaves-bloodlines
    30 Shawn Belle -Not a sutter type
    33 Loui Eriksson- They might take him now because your team loves their Sweeds
    37 Kevin Klein -Not a sutter type
    39 Tim Ramholt- SHOULD HAVE TAKEN ANYBODY after. SOmbody in your organization dropped the ball.
    45 Patrice Bergeron- French guy, Sutter wont take
    49 Shea Weber – MAKES NO SENSE. I thought you guys loved your WHL players.