Rant O’ The Week: Kings Contracts



Everyone’s favorite malcontents Domebeers agreed to stop by and share a rant or five with the Nation. Enjoy!


You know what players we cheer for? Undrafted free agents. Undrafted free agents are, to the true sports fan, one of the purest expressions of the simple desire to play the game. It’s because they are closer to us, the normal mortals, then to the inhuman immortals who inhabit Halls of Fame. Undrafted free agents do it (play the game) for money, of course, but they don’t do it for the massive fortunes.

They do it for pride, for compete, for the corny love of the game. As a sports fan, you feel good about cheering these players, rooting for these players. Because they are there at the major level not because they were drafted high, or have a contract that can’t be buried in the minors, or have the ear of the coach. Undrafted free agents are there on merit, and the sports fan likes that. And when undrafted free agents do make it, and stick in the bigs?

Well, then you have a real player you can cheer for. Because you know that at some level they care. Really, we like them because in the super-stratified world of sport, the undrafted free agent represents, in our minds, the common man. And we all cheer for the success of the common man, who has never tasted the silver spoon. Curtis Glencross is an undrafted free agent who bounced from team to team until he finally found a home here.

He was able to stick in the NHL, and has been rewarded for his hard work with a contract. Good for him. We are happy for Curtis Glencross.


But we have the ability to take a step back. And while on a general level we are happy that an undrafted free agent was able to get his in the NHL, that doesn’t mean we are terribly thrilled that the Calgary Flames decided to give said undrafted free agent a four year contract and a No Movement Clause. First off, four years is insane term to give any player that is replaceable.

Sarich is an example of what happens when you give too many years to player types that are invariably on the free agent market every year. Second, NMC are insane to give to any player not integral to the organization. Jarome Iginla gets a NMC because at the time he signed his contract, he was one of the top players in the world.

So if he asks for one, and you want him on your team, you give it to him. But to give one to a player the caliber of a Glencross? On top of a four year term? To save $500,000 a year?

No, we are sorry, but that isn’t a smart move. It’s just too much risk to assume.



It speaks directly to the mediocrity that inhabits the upper echelons of the Flames organization, that they would construct a contract so poorly. But who does it speak about?

In other words, what are the roles? According to published reports, Ken King took Curtis out on a horsey ride, and convinced Curtis to stay with the team, hammered out the contract, and more importantly, hammered out some of the contract details (specifically, the NMC).

Well, we are pretty sure that’s the job of the GM, who is supposed to be Jay Feaster. Optically, it appears that Ken King is the real GM, and Feaster was installed to deal with the media, and look bad and take the blame when Ken King makes a stupid hockey decision. And while this arrangement is great for Ken King, we don’t know how great it is for the Calgary Flames.

Look, Ken King has said in the past his job is to manage. He can manage any business, he says, but you might not want him operating them. Well, Ken King managed the Herald into a news-floor strike, and the Calgary Sun into a joke fishwrap, and then he managed the Calgary Flames into a high spending also-ran. And now he wants to take a crack at the operations side of things. Something he himself is quoted as saying he shouldn’t be allowed to do. And nobody says a word.



Why would they? Ken King has made it clear that access to the team is dependent on how the media treats the team. The media in this city has also made it clear that they don’t mind this arrangement one bit. And who suffers? Us, the fans. Anecdote time.

We are sitting in our office yesterday, when we get a phone call from a Domebeer-aholic. "Are you listening to this?" he said. "Listening to what?" we replied. "To the press conference! Curtis just called out the FAN for saying the NMC wasn’t a good idea. Kerr is talking to him one on one right now, listen!". So we had to change the dial of the radio off of AM1060 and switch it over to the propaganda on 960.

And what we heard was absolutely shocking. A groveling Rob Kerr is apologizing to Curtis Glencross about ruining his big day. Apologizing for what? On behalf of whom? Apologizing that people on the station gave voice to an opinion?

A sports radio talk show host was apologizing to a player because someone on that station offered an opinion.

Really, that is a symptom of the slow death of sports journalism in this city. The players are deciding the editorial content that will air on the FAN now? Can we all say ‘conflict of interest’? Can we all say ‘salesmen, not journalists’? Can we all say ‘whitewash’?

Most importantly, can we all say ‘loss of credibility’? At least it is good to know that the knee-pad salesmen in this city have a reliable customer.



At the end of the day, what do you get? You get a fanbase that is underserved by a mewling, jock sniffing media. Because the media is cowed and complicit, you get an environment where Murray Edwards feels there is no heat on the team, and therefore no reason to make real, substantial changes. You get Ken King for a GM.

You get apologies for the temerity to express opinions.

And eventually, if this goes on much longer, you get cirrhosis.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.

  • This is the best thing to come out of the Calgary area since Ryan Smyth. Flames fan….as much as we take it for having KLowe truely running the show, Ken King has shown that he indeed is the heavyweight champ of the presidents who dont know how to run a team

    With that I say “Bon chance”


    Your neighbours to the north whose team does suck but has H.O.P.E. (Hall, Omark, Pajaarvi, Eberle)

    Edit: PS-FIST

  • I, for one, cannot figure out why you would ever switch from any of AM1060, 98.5 Virgin Radio or CJAY 92.

    (plug plug plug)

    Glencross would’ve gotten 3.5-4 million over 3 on the open market. There is a dearth of quality players this year and someone would’ve overpaid. It’s not an excellent contract, but it’s not a bad one.

  • Yeah, Im much more okay with the Glencross contract than DB, although his argument isn’t without merit. I’m going to post something on NTC/NMC tomorrow I think, because that’s become something of a talking point. They have their benefits and their drawbacks.

  • @negrilcowboy

    Loubo will call the Memorial Cup. Some kinda broadcaster. I actually don’t mind loubo, he calls the game like no one else. His voice is the only issue and I hate him on the FAN. Now his sidekick for the Memorial, Sam Cosentino, is some kinda disappointment. Where’s Simmer to tell the kids to keep it simple and keep their feet moving!

  • When I heard Glencross’s comments I thought, GROW UP! Get a pair! Get thick skin! You want the big bucks be prepared to take both sides of comments. When I heard he said something like “I wasnt going to accept a contract at that money without a NMC” i would have shaken his hand and said thank you. He doesnt deserve one. I believe only Iginla deserves one, he’s earned it. I like the way the NBA has the rule on NTC. I believe the player has to have a number of years in the league/with the team, etc and can only be one player per team, or something to that affect. They cant’ be given out like candy.

  • MC Hockey

    Blah, blah, blah…whine, whine, whine. Ken King only slightly assisted in getting Glencross signed and it probably saved $1M per year to give him the NMC so I am fine with it. Glencross gives a consistent effort, more than almost any other player on the team including higher-scoring and higher-paid guys like Bourque.

  • THE REAL TODD. Again sad I have to keep typing that for all the fake Todd’s out there. Anyways I wish I could find my post where I said the SEDINS WILL HAVE A HUGE SERIES.

    Great game, sad to see Eager run around like a moron. That hit on Daniel is EXACTLy what’s wrong with hockey. AH well, we made him pay on the scoreboard.

    No Kevin doesn’t need to drop the gloves. If you look Marleau dropped his first. You guys had a guy named Dion who would NEVER drop the gloves.

    I swear the Flames wagon is getting lighter by the day. Glencross deal was actually a decent deal, but 4 years was too much. Who cares about a no movement clause? YOu really think the Flames couldn’t get him to leave if they wanted too?

  • You guys should be happy Glencross was PISSED. Unlike Stajan and Bourque, who you both over paid Glencross is mad for being called out. Maybe he’ll play with a chip on his shoulder. I have nothing with a radio stating an opinion, but they should be supporting Canada. It’s bad enough Bettman doesn’t like us, but 960? COme on now, GO CANUCKS GO! We cheered for you in 04.

  • Domebeers.com,
    You’re the man!!!
    As for Good For Curtis. Well I could take him or leave him.
    Bad Deal. Yes another F!@#ing no movement clause. Now we’re stuck with him for 4 years and maybe 100 goals.
    Bad Management. To say the least, Ken King is one stupid Mother F@#$er. Can’t wait to see him fired.
    Spinless Media. I like Rob Kerr, he needs to keep it a level playing field. A little give and take.
    Damage Done. This team has been screwed for years and now we get to miss the playoffs for a third year.
    P.S. I agree 100% that Peter Loubardias should get fired. He said on Fan 960 last year “Wake up peolpe, you think Darryl Sutter has an easy job”. Yes I do you jackass.

  • otto

    I don’t have a problem giving a NMC to a player who takes less than market value unlike Bourque or Stajan.Think of it as a “Don’t trade me to Long Island”clause.

  • coptin_

    first off great article mr beers sir, i think it is obvious to everybody but murray edwards that this club needs a new president. secondly todd or toad i lived in van city in 2004 and took nothing but crap from canuck fan for flying my flags during the playoffs,canuck fan wasn’t even watching.third i have been critical of 960 before and since the loss of mr richards the only time i listen is when rome is on,we need another station or new personalities with balls.can;t wait for another season of mediocre hockey to start and another 10th place finish.

  • coptin_

    Lubo shooooooooting scoooooooooooooring. Some kind of save BOBBY LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU. RENEEEEEEEEE Bourque Shoooooooooting, skating, Lac Lebiche’s own. Matthew Stajan is there anything he cannot do?