NationRadio is a weekly show that airs from 12-2 PM on Team 1260 in Edmonton and is also podcast from The show focuses on the history of the NHL and the Oilers and chats with some of the biggest names in the MSM and blogospheres. NationRadio has been on the air for 15 episodes and we intend to bring it to more Canadian markets as we can figure out how exactly that would be done exactly.

There are often FlamesNation fellas on the show and so we will post segments from the episodes that are pertinent to the Flames or larger league topics. Never would we dream to soil your site with Oilers smut talk.

Speaking of Smut Talk – check out this Japanese "music video" that our main man @ounyea tweeted at us earlier.

Segment 2 

Matt Bugg from – outlines what is involved in preparing the Dobber Hockey Prospects Report where over 100 players are profiled for the annual NHL Entry Draft. Bugg also discusses the 2011 Entry Draft including players who might make a big move up the charts and who might fall down the list.

Segment 4 

Matt Fenwick from Battle of Albera blog talks about Calgary’s plans for the 2011 Entry Draft. Lowetide also taunts Fenwick telling him that "Winnipeg is only going to make it harder for Calgary to compete in the Western Conference" and then brings the arena into it.

Full Podcast 

The full show can be heard at the above play box thing.