Don’t Worry…

I feel like a cheerful distraction is needed on a day like today, after witnessing a travesty of justice transpire in Vancouver last night.  Somehow, God or Buddha or whoever controls things decided to take holidays this playoffs, and the Canucks are in the Stanley Cup Finals.  So while the high, unkempt, hemp wearing population of Vancouver celebrates, the rest of the hockey watching population will try to drown their sorrows.  Alas! FlamesNation to the rescue…a post full of things guaranteed to put a smile on your face, even in these dark, dark days.

Vancouver Fails

I watch these when I feel down, or when Canuck fans start to try and change history.

I could hear "SAVE BY RICHTER" all day long.  It could have been the Rangers, the Bolsheviks or the Galactic Empire winning the Cup that year, as long as it wasn’t Vancouver.  And it wasn’t.

And more recently, there was game 82 of the 2007-08 season, a game between the Canucks and Flames at then GM Place.  Trevor Linden was playing his last game of his overrated career, and this happened…

But that only starts to scratch the surface…there has to be other things that can make you feel better.

Distractions Are Fun

What’s just as good as Vancouver fails? Oilerfails!

That was game one.  Game seven was better…

And this one is a special request from our own commenter Justin Azevedo, because he really has been wanting to see this picture.  I don’t ask questions…

That picture may very well be the worst of all the Oiler fails in the last 15 years.  How they never took more heat for this is beyond me.  Save the "comfortable in their own skin" argument too.

Stupid Canucks

Now I’m just reaching for things to put on here, but I want to guarantee every single person who views this post will get some sort of enjoyment out of it.  So, sneezing monkey here we come…

This one makes me feel better 100 times out of 100 times.  Only the first 30 seconds are necessary.

And now the grand finale…

Well I feel better.  I was supposed to write a Flames article.  Instead I wrote this.

  • OilDrop89

    Really? This is the junk you come up with to make yourself feel better about another teams success?

    I guarantee I hate the Canucks just as much as you and everyone else in the world but this article just brings you down to their level.

    Luckily you’re a Flames fan and this is a Flames site so I don’t have to feel embarrassed, I’d be ashamed if this were on Oilersnation.

  • icedawg_42

    We are the SOON to be champions my friend. We’ll kEEP on fighting t’ill the end. WE are the SOON to be champions…………….

    Thank GOD Henrik didn’t touch that cursed trophy. Yes I know Crosby did the one year, but stats still support teams who don’t, usually win! Remember in 2004 when Iggy touched the handle? LOl I kid I kid I joke I joke. There is still time Flames fans to join the wagon of the best team in hockey today!

    Are you really going to cheer for Tampa if they make it? The same team who “stole” your cup??

    Kudos to the Monsters of the game: Kes, Henrik, K-B, and the NEW little ball of hate Raffi. Oh can’t forget Bobby Looooooooooou. 50 some saves.

    Don’t hate the players Flame fans, hate the game and your g.m. Well old gm.

    Hey at least your prospect got 4 points in the Mem Cup, hopefully you guys don’t turn him into a 4th line checker. lol

    • joey joe joe jr shabadoo

      have to wonder how things may have played out had David Bolland played the first 3 games of round 1.

      no doubt the Canucks are a strong team, but luck and circumstance has as much to do with it as anything.

      And now they get to steamroll whomever comes out of the east. Methinks things could’ve been a little more interesting had Malkin and Crosby been healthy.

      At least we get to see Ryan Kesler wince, grimace, cry, and lay on the ice for at least four more games. Seriously, this ‘guy’ is the Meryl Streep of the NHL.

      • Scott

        Yeah, When Burrows is your least cry baby on the team, you have problems.

        Like when Raymond was “shot” in OT with that slash to the face and he tried to throw his glove and stick into the stands to try and get the call?

        This is why no one can get behind this team, they are leaps and bounds past last years ‘Hawks as whiners, divers and all around douchbags.

  • Gange

    Proving again that truly no one cares about the Vancouver Canucks except people in Vancouver Todd has arrived to talk about the Vancouver Canucks.

    It’s really only because there are only two comments on the game last night on the “Canucks Army” site.

    2004 – Canada gets behind Calgary in their cup run

    2006 – Canada gets behind Edmonton in their cup run

    2007 – Canada gets behind Ottawa in their cup run

    2011 – Canada gets behind Lauren Alaina on American Idol

    The reality? The Canucks will only ever be relevant in Vancouver.

  • Gange

    I don’t think that’s only it though. I mean really this team has no personality. It just is.

    Henrik is the most nondescript leader I’ve seen in a long time. Sure he’s got skill but man it’s an insomnia cure to listen to an interview with him.

    Really teh only person I see with any passion or personality is Bieksa.

    At least Calgary had Conroy, Iginla, Warrener, guys with personality and a view. Those were guys you could get behind.

  • icedawg_42

    This is easily the least offensive post Todd has ever dropped here – im not sure if that’s by design or not. Actually i’m still hoping Boston makes the finals, and I kinda like how they match up vs Vancouver…..just sayin.

  • It seriously amazes me sometimes. Whenever a Vancouver player runs over a stick, or accidentally runs over someone’s skate, they go flying. Like, huge, leaping, flying dives across the ice, in ways that totally defy physics.

    And when they are about to get hit, they ALWAYS turn their backs and get their heads knocked into the glass. Sedins have done it twice that I can remember in this series, and both times they get up immediately when a call wasn’t made.

    They take a hit, go to the ice, and when they see the call isn’t being made, it’s up immediately and back into the play. That’s not “playoff hockey”, that’s fishing for calls.

    Anyhoo, the Sharks are terrible. Niemi did well last season because of Duncan Keith and Brent Burns. Where was Dany Heatley? Good of Clowe and Pavelski to show up in the elimination game…

    Go Bruins?

  • Gange

    1. where the hell is azevedo ?! he should be actively caps-locking a response, here. he’s been MIA since shackleford won the preakness and p-stein lost all his money on roulette (shoulda bet on #15 for byron ritchie).

    2. joey joe joe jr shabadoo: i want to meet you someday, brother. i know you by name only but i’m secretly in love with your girlfriend (even though i’m a girl). she’s rad.