AGM, Assistant Coach and Draft Pick Discussion Thread




I canvassed my twitter followers for some post ideas today and this seemed like the best one (read: easiest for me to do on short notice): an open thread for assistant coach, assistant GM and whatever other topics readers of FN feel are interesting or important.

Discussion starters:

– Flames are still looking for an AGM for Jay Feaster. We all know he’s "not a hockey guy" and has been vocal in his insistence that the club will take a more inclusive approach in terms of decision making going forward. The organization would do well to attract a guy who can evaluate talent and isn’t afraid to speak his mind in the upper offices as a result I think. Current head of pro scouting has been mentioned a potential candidate, but feel free to suggest others.

– Brent Sutter and company cleared out all of the assistant coaches aside from Dave Lowry recently. Guys like Cory Clouston and Pete DeBoar are currently looking for work and may be good fits. Also: any goalie coachs out there who can maybe get Miikka Kiprusoff back to elite form would be a godsend (warning: this person probably doesn’t exist).

– Flames have the 13th overall pick this year and there are a couple of nice talents that could fall within range. While FN will take an in-depth look at many of them coming in June (before we head to the draft to provide in-depth coverage *plug!!*), feel free to kick some names around in the comments.

– Also relevant: all the ways the Canucks are hated and the Oilers are inferior.

Happy commenting.

  • T&A4Flames

    I’m certainly no Darryl Sutter fan, but he far from invented nepotism in the NHL – one would almost think it’s mandatory with how prevalent it is. It also explains why so many teams are run so poorly. Old Boys club indeed.

    • That’s true. People like to work with people they know in the NHL and in most businesses besides. Sutter just took it to an extreme (in part because he could. Not many NHL executives have 6 brothers kicking around the league).

  • Well, if Hartsburg comes to Calgary it might be Brent Sutter’s doing. Before Butter left juniour hockey to coach New Jersey, wasnt Hartsburg Brent’s assistant coach on the Canadian World Juniour team?

    • SmellOfVictory

      If he is signed for over 4 or over that a bit of a disapointment, he did really well this year, but that is a bit high, I was haping for the 3.5 range, but at this point still just a rumor, so we’ll wait and see till something official pops up.

      What Im more concerned about is that apparently if we don’t sign Erixon by wednesday he goes back into the entry draft, ANOTHER first round pick down the drain, if we lose him this team needs to re-fire everyone, we can’t lose more first round picks, imagine if we still had last years first rounder.

      Giordano – Bouwmeester
      Gormley – Regher
      Brodie – Erixon

      Now THAT is a defence.

  • Matty Franchise Jr

    Jay Feaster said this to TSN:

    “The vision is to be a team that is a consistent Stanley Cup challenger,” said Feaster. “I think we’re a whole lot closer than a lot of people think we are in terms of the players we have in that room.”

    I’m sure glad the Flames brought in someone different than Darryl.