Flames Trade Tim Erixon



According to Jesse Spector, the Flames have traded Tim Erixon to the New York Rangers for Roman Horak and two second round picks. Flames also sent a 5th rounder to the Rangers in the deal.

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Horak is a former 5th round pick who scored 78 points in the WHL last year for the Chilliwack Bruins. He was second on the team in scoring behind Ryan Howse.

Analysis and reactions later…

  • Danny Lawson

    Flames are the losers in this transaction.
    The most promising kid in their pipeline to another organization for not so much. Calgary is the new Edmonton.

  • Danny Lawson

    So I’m a little worried that this is the start of a slppery slope. Accept for Vancouver, western Canadian teams are going to have trouble signing players. Where would you like to sign? LA, San Jose, Tampa Bay, NYR, etc. or Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg……

  • Whatever the cause of this fiasco – be it management, the player, or both, there’s no question the org is worse off today than it was with Erixon in the fold. Unless they hit a winning lottery ticket with one of the those 2nd rounders, the Flames meager prospect cupboard became even more barren today.


  • wattree

    Maybe they hope Horak-Howse becomes the next Henrik-Daniel.

    Ha, only Calgary would look at the way Feaster failed in Florida and say “That’s our man!”

  • Scott

    I am a flames fan from sweden and I know the Erixon family. Since he got drafted all they talk about is rangers this and rangers that. I can only imagine that he refused to sign in calgary and Glenn Sather knew his intentions. Pretty odd that he ends up in New York, compared to 28 other cities.

  • Scott

    Tim Erixon’s father played in New York and has been quotes numerous times about how much he loves Glenn Sather and the work he does. Odd that he refuses to sign and ends up in New York… Tampering anyone??

  • @Scott. Should of it been dealt with last summer, well yes and no. Your not going to give up on a top prospect like Erixon until you 100% know that he refuses to sign with your club. So should of it been done last summer? I’d say no. Should of it been dealt with 3-4 days ago.. Debateable. Hind sight is 20/20 but you have to work on convincing him and trying to sign him until last minute.

  • Scott

    So far as as Rob Kerr and the Fan960 is concerned, we shouldn’t complain because we don’t have the facts… Sounds like the words were coming straight from ken king. What a bunch of BS. Thats the job of the media and the fans. Just cause the media doesn’t question the flames doesn’t mean we should!

  • Scott

    perhaps he was never coming to the flames to begin with, yet pighead drafts him anyways. just to show the erixsons he can. rangers now have a nice group of young dmen. delzotto, erixson, and the shutdown kings girardi and staal. thanks dutter.

  • Jano


    Can’t listen to radio, is Kerr actually saying we don’t have the right to judge this deal until we learn the truth? The truth is that the best prospect we have is gone and even if erixon did indeed refuse to sign, why in the f%#& didn’t Ken King try to trade him earlier?

  • Scott

    Ken King has got to go.Just for supporting Darryl alone. He’s just a b.s.in lawyer. He has said that the fans support his plan by ticket sales. There’s to much money in this town. In another city no one would by tickets and he would have been fired with Sutter.He couldn’t run a Dickee Dee on the freakin sun. They won’t fire this guy if you idiots keep supporting morons.

  • Captain Ron

    It seems pretty clear to me that this is more about where he wants to be than anything else. I’m sure the Flames did try everything possible to get him to stay. Given the circumstances I think Feaster did OK with the situation. No doubt he would have had more than one offer. I would have loved to see him here but no point in getting bent out of shape over it. Lets not start firing new GM’s and depreciating Calgary as a good location for free agents etc because a kid wants to play where his daddy did. This rarely ever happens. The previous GM put us in this position not Feaster. If Erixon doesn’t want to be here then see ya……next.

  • Just listened to Feaster. Sounds like Erixon didn’t like the org. Cap situation+lots of NTC+reputation for sending kids to the farm. Feaster intimated they couldn’t get past those issues with the player.

    • SmellOfVictory

      re: Reputation with prospects, I wonder if his time at the WHC chatting with Backlund influenced him at all. “Hey, how’s your first year been?” “Oh you know, they put me as a healthy scratch for a chunk of the season, then threw me on the 4th line and gave me 6 minutes a night until there were so many injuries that I had to play more minutes.”

    • Jarom

      Totally agree. Erixon was calling out the organization and they didnt like to hear the truth. Feaster really has to blame himself for that. He could have NOT given Glencross a NMC and said “see I’m different”.

  • Michael

    Forget the spin, the fact is the Flames boxed themselves into a corner and had to trade one of their few ‘real’ prospects for a couple of second round lotto tickets.

    Its hard to believe, but the Flames record of drafting second rounders is as bad as our first rounders. Even if we get lucky and land an NHL player, we have virtually no chance of landing an impact player.

    Bottom line, we have prospects who may make the NHL (bottom six forwards / bottom pair d) but a complete dearth of any that could be considered high end or impact type guys.

    We have now manged to loose Aulie and Erixson…
    the bare prospect cupboard is pretty barren.

    Major miscalculation by Feaster and crew

  • Michael

    The Fan are a bunch of PR reps. Not one mention of why this took so long.

    Even if they couldn’t negotiate during the season they still could have set a deadline way longer than 1.5 hours. The deadline to sign should’ve been a week ago and that would’ve given enopugh time to shop him to all but 2 teams still in the playoffs. Waiting to the last minute is pure mismanagement.

    As far as tampering, you have to prove it. Sather may have just been crafty on this one. If his family really talks about the Rangers so much and so often it’s more than conceivable that word filtered back. It’s called doing your homework and a part of proper scouting. Obviously, Calgary never did a proper background check on this guy.

    I agree with those who say no matter how you look at it we just lost out top prospect for a guy not even in their top 10 prospects.

    I also agree with the comment that Calgary is desperately in need of young talent now and that even if the 2nd rounders work out it’ll be a couple of years down the road at the earliest.

    Also, we’re not talking about some superstar who you despeartely want to bring back and he has all the bargaining power. It’s an entry level contract, about as straight forward as it gets, so no you don’t wait until the last minute to sign him. He should’ve been shopped at least a week ago, probably longer and dealt far sooner than he was. There are teams that would’ve given a decent first round pick back for a guy ready to step in.

    The new comic duo – Feaster and King. We are now Calg-monton.

    • Captain Ron

      The kid did have all the bargaining power. He was willing to go into the draft again and get picked even sooner. No loss from his point of view. The deal to trade him was no doubt in place before today as a last resort if they couldn’t sign him. The situation Feaster is in was not created by him but by the last guy. He would have been scouted and interviewed for sure before he was drafted. In the end he and his agent manipulated the system to their advantage.

    • CP is GARBAGE


      leave the over-emotional reactions for my favorite web-site, Calgary Puck. This reponse would fit in quite well with all the other 14 year olds who frequently post there.

      Essentially, you don’t know what you don’t know. Clearly you have no idea what-so-ever regarding the negotiations with Tim Erixon and his representation. Nor do you have any idea what the timeline was from the Flames standpoint regarding when they started to discuss trade options and who they were talking to. Feaster came out and stated exactly what happend and why it happened, you can listen to the interview on the Fan960’s web-site. The Flames did everything they could do. They did start shopping him a week ago, and hypothetically had they traded him then, you strike me as the type that would be flying off the handle because we didn’t get good return.

      so please leave the long winded blow hard responses for Calgary Puck. Do some homework before you post this garbage. Act like an adult and not like a 16 year old girl who’s pissed because she didn’t get her dad’s car keys for the night.

      • the forgotten man

        As a licensed health-care practitioner, can I recommend some RUB-A535…carrying all that water for “The Feast” and K-Squared can strain both the back (and mind).

      • Captain Ron

        CP thanks for saying pretty much exactly what I was thinking. I just tempered my reply a whole lot more. The overly emotional rants are both amusing and annoying at the same time.

      • Super_Gio

        First off, I hate CP even more than you do.

        Second, CP comments are all in the positive on this one. As always, because no criticism is tolerated there. So I would NOT fit in. Nor did I. which is why I was banned fromt here eons ago.

        Third, Feaster stated in the interview that hr and Craig only came to the conclusion thi sguy wouldn’t sign sometime on Tuesday.

        It’s a straight forward entry level contract. They should’ve smelled something was up.

        Fourth, this forum is for the free exchange of ideas. If you want conformity and to be a Flames PR, go back to your beloved CP. You DO fit in there, obviously.

        Fifth, I’m tired of this organizations mismanagement. This is just one more example. Considering it’s been 22 years of frusturation my repsonse was pretty tame. So, as a fan, I have every right to be ticked off and no matter how you spin it, it sucks and it’s the Flames fault.

        Sixth, name-calling should be beneath you. I guess it’s not.

  • Michael

    It seems to me this raises a host of questions/concerns:

    1) The NTCs, cap space etc. is all Sutter hangover, plus he didn’t get Erixon signed last year letting him get another year of quality play under his belt and increasing his leverage (by moving up in likelihood he would get drafted higher). What a knife from the grave.

    2) How much of this is chalked up to Feaster not having the interim GM tag removed until relatively recently? Perhaps if this had been taken care of sooner more steps could have been taken to woo the kid.

    3) In light of 1 and 2 I am much more around to the “Fire Ken King” way of thinking. Grr.

  • Michael

    YOu guys in Calgary are pretty stupid. Fire Jay? Really? Is it his fault Tim Erixon thinks he’s the next Bobby Orr? Jay did everything he could, and Erixon decided to take his ball and move to New York.

    Anyways Flames are done, GO VAN GO!

  • Captain Ron

    No point in blaming past regimes. Feaster has been here how long? More than long enough thtat he should’ve known Erixon had no intention of coming here. Mayb eyou can’t negotiate, but there’s nothing that says you can’t be in contact with the guy. Feaster: “Hey Erixon, are you excited about coming to camp in Calgary this summer?”
    Erixon: “I love NY!”
    Feaster: “So, are you a rodeo fan? Heard of the Stampede?’
    Erixon: “Rangers rule!”
    Hmmm……………maybe, just maybe, some #@$^!!$#^#%@%&^**^W#$^#&*uck’in @$$clown somewhere, in some part of the organization, should’ve known this.
    It’s almost incomprehensible. Honestly, I could walk into that front office tomorrow and do a better job.
    It’s OK though, because feaster will be upfront and honest and entirely self-depricating about how he screwed this one up too.
    Feaster record so far:
    – Freddy Modin
    – His boss having to go all brokeback mountain to sign Glenncross with a NTC.
    – Losing the organization’s top prospect who was ready to step in thus eliminating the chance to trade a guy like Regher for a another top 6 forward.

  • Michael