Flames To Hire Craig Hartsburg



This may have slid by without notice in the wake of the Erixon stuff, but Bob McKenzie noted today that the Flames are going to announce the hiring of Craig Hartsburg as an associate coach at some point in the near future.

Hartsburg is a former NHL head coach who has also spent a lot of time in the CHL and the Canadian World Junior team. His last gig in the show was with the Ottawa Senators from 2008-2009 before begin replaced by Cory Clouston. He won a couple of golds with the Canadian junior team between 2007-08 and has been the head coach of the Everett Silvertips since being deposed in Ottawa.

I don’t know too much about Hartsburgh, but he comes with a pretty solid pedigree. No Doubt Brent Sutter had a lot of input into this hiring. As McKenzie notes, the two have a WJC connection.

  • icedawg_42

    Well I guess he fits the mould of “veteran” assistant coach. Now Brent will have a buddy to confide in when people say “he’s a great junior coach but just couldn’t translate it to the NHL.”

  • MC Hockey

    Hey the guy is experience and a former NHL player too…this cannot be bad for the Flames. Also he could be the “back-up plan” should the Brent Sutter era not go well. However with Feaster watching Butter, I think this year will go OK but may be hard to reach playoffs.

  • So… with news that Brad Richards will go to free agency, do we try to dump Kotalik+Hagman and sign Richards for something like… $5-6M? That’d be sweet to see him playing a line with Tanguay/Iginla, buuuuut, a pipe dream I’m sure.

    He’ll end up on the Rangers I’m sure…

  • craig hartsburgh. baaaaaaaaa. the guy has all the emotion of an undertaker. junior resume padded with a mem cup win years ago with an inherited team. his nhl results in chitown are junk, his junior record with the soo greyhounds is junk, his ottawa stint is junk. another crony move.

  • I like the move. Nothing wrong with Hartsburg.

    Here is something on how to sign Tanguay and free up cap space:
    1)Sign Tanguay for four years 12 million. Nice raise for Tanguay.(3 million/year)
    2)Resign Iginla for fours 22 million effective immediately.(5.5 million/year)
    Iginla would be taking a paycut in the short term however would gain 2 more years at a above average salary. This is not much risk to the Flames as he has proven to be in great shape and is quite capable of keeping pace for another four years. Overall the Flames would dish out the same money as last year for Iggy/Tangs and keep them both for four years which would by them some time to rebuild along the way.

    Just a thought!

    • His earlier stints were not so great, but to put the blame on that Ottawa mess solely on him is a little unfair, that whole Org has been a mess the last few years, and now he is not a Head Coach but just an Assistant and has been a very good Junior Coach, maybe he’s just not quite ready for the Head Coaching thing but maybe what he has from Junior will be better suited to an assistants type role. I think its a little early to completely write it off. I think its better than our previous hirings of getting guys straight out of the W without any previous NHL experience or even AHL experience.

  • icedawg_42

    Offensively stifling head coach, and offensively stifling assistant coach…I only HOPE they can continue to be somewhat offensive going forward, even though the numbers this season were maybe higher than they should have been. I suppose the pendulum is about to swing back to “Flames have top 5 defense in the league, but bottom 5 offense”

  • icedawg_42

    Dont even start on the richards bandwagon, if a 20 year old swedish boy dosent want to be here, the greatest passer in the nhl and a grown man, calgary would be his last choice.