Flamesnation Draft Prep



I guess it’s about time to put the Tim Erixon unpleasantness behind us and start concentrating on better things. As you all may or may not know, Pat Steinberg, Robert Cleave and I will be attending the draft in St. Paul Minnesota in just about three weeks time. There will be pictures, interviews and radio shows starting the 23, but until then there’s still a lot of ground to cover.

Calgary now has three (!) picks inside the top 60 this summer, including 13th overall. Word is there’s a lot of disagreement across the board outside of the top-5 this year (and even at the top there isn’t universal consensus). That means there’s a good possiblity of a highly ranked talent falling to the Flames in the first round. Mark McNeill, Joel Armia, Zack Phillips, Sven Bartschi, Mika Zbanejad, Brandon Saad and Matt Puempel are just a sample of the quality forward prospects that may well be aroudn when Calgary takes the podium.

We plan to profile those prospects most probable to be within range and of the most interest. Feel free to suggest others or declare a favorite in the comments or in the poll at right

Also, any suggestions on what kind of material or coverage you’d like from Flamesnation while we’re in Minnesota will be appreciated. We’ll try our best to cover all the bases.

  • RKD

    What are the chances of Feaster making a big trade on the draft floor? Sutter was notorious for making big trades before the draft or at the draft. The Flames could steal the spotlight come June 24th.

  • RKD

    I like Phillips and Zibanejad.

    In the 2nd round if he’s available we’d be stupid to not take a flyer on Grimaldi, especially with 2 picks.

    Hopefully Ty Rattie falls that far as well.

  • RKD


    I would say there is a good chance, Feaster will have to move a contract soon to create some cap space… but I wouldn’t be surprised if his hands are tied come draft day… it’s all about the draft picks now.

    I would be ok with Feaster trading down in the 1st round if it meant we could get rid of Stajan’s contract!!

  • icedawg_42

    Wouldnt surprise me if ownership was willing to pony up for both Hagman and Kotalik to play in the minors if necessary. Stajan is just a disaster we will have to live with

    • icedawg_42

      One of Kotalik or Hagman could be in Europe, a team may still claim either one off of waivers as well to reach the salary cap floor or if they lost out on some other free agents and need to fill a hole or two. Buyouts are always an option as well.

      Stajan is a bit of a problem, but with Sutter now having full coaching contral(I think D. Sutter was a little to interefereing still) and with bringing in a hardass like Hartsburg, maybe we see some actual work ethic out of Stajan and he gets back to 60 points a season.

  • Is it really that difficult to get clowns like Kotalik to play in Europe? Are they shunned even there too?

    I mean, they get paid still, they get to play, and it’s not like the Flames are going to be Stanley Cup contenders this season (though, maybe I will get to eat my words!). It’s either play with men in a place where they speak the same language, or play with kids in a place where everyone knows they can’t hack it in the NHL.

  • icedawg_42


    I think we are stuck with him too… but it’s possible Feaster could package him with our 13th overall pick to a team like Ottawa, for their 21st overall and Chris Neil or a pick… they are in rebuild mode and are looking to move up in the draft… or Toronto (lol) I would be ok with that.

    We know Feaster has to move somebody…

  • If statistical studies are to be believed, we probably should look at birthdays as well…

    Mark McNeill – Feb 22 1993
    Joel Armia – May 31 1993
    Zack Phillips – Oct 28 1992
    Sven Bartschi – Oct 5 1992
    Mika Zibanejad – April 18 1993
    Brandon Saad – Oct 27 1992
    Matt Puempel – Jan 24 1993

    Here is a link to something talking about what I mean by the whole birthday thing…


    Basically, it has been found that, statistically (and we all love stats here!) players born in the first quarter of the year tend to do better and become more “elite”. This is largely due to the Jan 1 age cutoff, meaning that someone born Jan 2 is likely to be bigger and better than those born on Dec 31, especially at younger ages.

    Stats don’t lie. Puempel seems to have some decent numbers and was born in the “right” period. Others like Bartschi have good numbers but may be doomed to failure.

    It could all be BS though, and I doubt Feaster or any of the scouts recognize this factor.

  • I still say that you could get just as good of a player in the second round of this draft as you can from the #11 spot on.

    Which means that maybe Calgary can trade Stajan to a team that is trying just to make the cap floor along with their #13 overall pick in exchange for that teams’s later first round pick and a second round pick?

    Heck, I’d do it even without the second round pick. Trade down and get rid of Stajan. Anything to get rid of Stajan. His salary is the same as another player anyways.

    • icedawg_42

      Yeah – I keep hearing that once you get through the top 10 this year, you’re in the same ballpark through round 2 as far as the gamble on the pick. As far as trading Stajan for a pick…to me his play is SO far out of whack with his contract, I cant see anyone taking that on, even to reach the floor…I could be wrong, and I too would do ALMOST anything just to be rid of him…but I seriously doubt anyone would bite. I’d hate to lose our 13th overall just to get rid of him..makes it even more sour to me (just on principle). I hope he called Gary Roberts, and the latter spends the whole summer kicking his ass into shape.

  • Michael

    Anyone given any thought to the position or type of player that we should draft in the first round?

    With the loss of both Aulie and Erixson do we need another shut down d man, a skilled forward, or are this teams needs so great that they can literally draft the best player available regardless of position?