Flames Re-sign Brett Carson



According to the Flames official twitter, the club has re-signed Brett Carson to a new, two-year deal. Incredibly, the official release also states the official terms of the deal (!): $550k, $600 for a cap hit of $575k.

Carson has been a ‘tweener since being picked by the Hurricanes in the fourth round 2004. He’s played in just 78 NHL games since turning pro in ’06, with the most being a 54 game stretch for Carolina in 2009-10. He’s a big guy at 6’4", 220 pounds but skates better than most men that size. He acquitted himself relatively well during his cup of coffee in town, at one point usurping a struggling (and apparently injured) Cory Sarich near the end of the year. 

At 26-years old, it’s unlikey Carson will turn into anything more than a third pairing defender in the NHL. His deal is small enough in both term and dollars not to be any kind of risk and it gives the Flames a decent enough bottom of the rotation option should Pardy and Babchuk seek greener pastures.

  • jakeryley

    I like it. Carson’s got the size, and enough ability with the puck to be a solid, hard-checking, hard-working 3rd pairing d-man. I was hoping he’d be retained. I’m also hoping Pardy gets re-upped. Pardy and Carson help establish what needs to be a bruising blue-line from top to bottom. With Bouw, Gio and hopefully Brodie also in the line-up it gives us a nice balance of speed, finesse and physical prowess.

  • jakeryley

    I like the signing a lot, if Pardy doesn’t resign Carson is his essential replacement, they both play a very similar game. I wouldn’t mind if Pardy still signed, then what we would probably see is:

    Bouw – Giordando
    Regehr – Brodie
    Pardy – Carson

    Yeah we would miss Babchuks shot from the point, but at what he probably wants($) we NEED to let him walk.

  • jakeryley

    This leaves Feaster with about 3 Mill in cap space… is it possible for the Flames to go over the cap this early and then try to clear space in September?

  • Cap is expected to go up to 63.5million this coming year and you are allowed to go over 10% before the start of the season, so we could go as high as 70 million as long as we are under the 63.5 by either the pre-season or the regular season, can’t remember which.

  • Hope this is a 2 way deal and no NMC. Typical Flames moves, find a plugger, forget the up and commers. Again a no “look to the future” move. Its Feaster this time telling everyone he knows best. Just like Sutter. This guy better be playin in Abby. I like the young guys better. Is this a consolation for failing to sign Erixon?

    • thymebalm

      Okay, get over the whole failing to sign Erixon thing, after the whole mess was over pretty much everyone else saw it for what is was, Erixon wanted to play in NY, that is done, move on.

      As for Carson and 2 way deals and NMC, he did not get either. It’s a 1 way deal and no NMC, he is better than probably any defender other than Brodie in Abbotsford right now and all they are asking for is some hard 3rd pairing minutes and for a guy making pretty much what will be league minimum next year, thats not bad at all.

  • jakeryley

    Thanks @Kent, @Colin

    That takes a considerable amount of pressure off of Feaster to make any panic moves before July 1. I suspect we might have to wait until Sept. to see decisions made on Hagman or Kotalik (buyouts).

  • thymebalm

    I like the signing and the cap hit. I liked what I saw of his play at the end of the year, though to be fair playing with Gio makes eveyone look a bit better. He is a big kid, strong skater with good hands and seemed to make good outlet passes. I see him slotting into the 5/6 with an upside of developing into a top 4 defencemen. Definitely an upgrade on Pardy and Mikkleson, though I love Mikkleson’s physical play.

    • everton fc

      I wouldn’t say Carson is an upgrade on Pardy. Pardy is an experienced, reliable, daily NHL player. Carson has yet to prove himself in the NHL. The size and potential is clearly there. But his price tag also makes him potential trade bait, as the season approaches, if need be.

      Mikkelson never seemed to have the confidence to play day-in, day-out. He is either a #6/7 guy with a lower-table team, or a career minor leaguer who yo-yos up-and-down the remainder of his career. He’s not a #6 d-man. So his loss is “moot”.

      Pardy and Carson as a 5-6 tandem can only occur if Sarich moves. Which he won’t. Pardy may be moved due to his oft-injured shoulder, which may turn into a liability. I always liked Pardy, and still do. Good guy, one of my favorite Flames, in terms of personality. But I think he is damaged goods… Perhaps I am wrong… I’d rather have Pardy as my #6, for now, over Carson, but I do like this signing.

      Sarich and Carson may be a nice 5-6 pairing, as well, minus Babchuk. Indeed, it’s the only 5-6 pairing that makes sense, minus Babchuk (and Pardy). But – would you take Babchuk next season over Brodie, leaving Sarich as your #4 guy for one more season? This gives us the opportunity to hold onto Babchuk, who’s still young. Sarich is either let go, or signs for much less in 2012, staying as a #5 option w/Babchuk. Carson may simply become another Montador, in terms of what Steve was to the Flames back in the day….

      Is Babchuk part of the Flames future? I think this should be considered.

      • thymebalm

        Babchuk is gonna want Sarich type pay for a guy who was buried on the 3rd pairing except on the PP where his only job was to shoot the puck and was beat a few times short handed. That guy is MA Bergeron and if you are giving him 2.5-3million call the season now.

  • Michael

    Decent signing for the Flames… interesting to see how this affects the like of Negrin and Pelech on the farm…. one more d man ahead of them on the depth chart, and dimming opportunities to make the big club….
    This has to be a key season for them…

  • icedawg_42

    I have it from a good source, one more shoulder injury and Pardy’s done for good. I still think Babchuk is gone for the exact reason Colin just mentioned. Carson? Maybe Butter can bring him along some, but I agree with Kent, I think we know what we’re gonna get. For the price, fine.

  • icedawg_42

    I should clarify what I just said – I dont think anyone will give Babs 2.5-3 (I could very well be wrong)..but to me ANYTHING more than 1.4 is too much. If he signs for the same money, then ok, look at keeping him around. (but he’ll be looking to cash in)

    • icedawg_42

      I think he spends one more year in the AHL and gets a serious look after that. He’s one of those big body kids that take a couple extra years to really figure himself out and be comfortable on the ice, he looked REAL good as a shut down guy in Abbotsford when I saw him, just needs more polish to get in the NHL, another good year where he pushes himself with no real set backs and I can easily see him on the 3rd pairing.

  • Emir

    Its a signing that’s adds depth and it does not prevent anybody from coming up from the farm. a near ELC is something that can sit up in the rest box if it needs to and is low enough to stay on the team. We want him as our 6/7 and not pelech or negrin since we want them playing minutes and getting better and not slowing their development in a press box.