It takes the most up to date technology on the planet to bring you NationRadio this week. Massive databases of information. Radio towers that stretch into the very sky. And cutting edge computers capable of recognizing speech patterns.

Hot on the heels of our highest downloaded to show to date – this is NationRadio.

Segment 1 

AJ Haefele Mile High Hockey – discusses the Colorado Avalanche’s offseason strategos and looks ahead to their plans at the 2011 Entry Draft.

Segment 2 

Lowetide drops his long awaited Top 30 Prospects list for the 2011 Entry Draft. Where does Tijs Michiel Verwest sit on the list? You will have to listen to find out!

Segment 3 

Lowetide reads listener emails and discusses conspiracy theories with regards to the ice hockey.

Segment 4 

We rebroadcast an excellent interview with Ryan Nugent Hopkins originally aired on Oilers Lunch this week.

Segment 5 

Cam Moon – the play by play man for the Red Deer Rebels – stops by to provide an in depth look at Ryan Nugent Hopkins in the run up to the 2011 Entry Draft.

Kirk Luedeke from Bruins Draft Watch discusses the 2011 Entry Draft and provides a compelling look at the Bruins Cup Run. Oh to be a real Bruins fan these days!

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