Flames Re-sign Karlsson



The Calgary Flames announced today that Henrik Karlsson has been re-signed to a two year deal worth $1.725M over two years (862k cap hit).

There isn’t much to be worried or excited about when it comes to the signing. Karlsson didn’t play enough last season for anyone to really get a sense of whether he’ll ever be more than a back-up goalie at this level. He had some markedly good games mixed with some markedly poor ones, although his celebratory fist-pump and enthusiasm during shoot-out wins became iconic as the season progressed.

Karlsson finished the year with a slightly better SV% than Kipper (.908 vs .906), but that’s entirely due to a ridiculous .922 PK SV%, which isn’t sustainable. His ES SV% was entirely mediocre (.905), but he only saw 300 shots at 5-on-5 so small sample size caveats apply. The data is in short supply, but there’s no indications he’ll be ready to usurp Kipper or anything and that’s given the fact that Kipper isn’t an elite goalie anymore.

The deal is short and relatively inexpensive, so no complaints there. Flames probably weren’t going to do much better in the free agent market and this gives Leland Irving another season as the Heat’s starter. I know some folks were hoping Irving would get a chance to make the jump this season, but the truth is more games in the AHL would be better for his development than sitting on the bench for 65+ games in the bigs. In addition, it’s not like Irving has nothing left to learn in the AHL – he’s been Abbotsford’s starter for all of one season and he has yet to really stack up with the best in the minors in terms of save rates as a pro.

  • icedawg_42

    I still think Irving has yet to prove he belongs in the NHL. Sounds like the dressing room has confidence in the Tower, and thats a very good thing – we all know that can be shattered very quickly, but I also thought Karlsson made some strides last year. The money is low enough that they can swap him out with Irving if it gets that bad – assuming Irving’s qualifying offer is enough to keep him around. I like the signing. Some won’t like the 2 year term, but I’m ok with it.

  • everton fc

    Ha ha good one It’s hall over. I am very surprised at this one. Good money, decent term. I think he has the ability to be a #1. Surprised from the fact he could have gotten more on the market, possibly with a playoff team and been a potential #1. Here, he’ll sit, play 10-15 games, come in once in a while. Overall kudos.

  • everton fc

    Good money and good term and finnaly a guy that the team actually shows up to play in front of. I remember when C.MAC was here and the team never showed up in front of him. He’d be good for the first 5-10 minutes of a game getting absolutely shelled and then when the ineviatable first one came in the team stopped skating and it became a 7 goal against game.

    At least with Karlson the team seems to really want to see him win and competes in front of him and thats huge for this team.

    As for Irving, he gets his next year in the minors and builds on what was a great season this year, if he continues to improve and Karlson stays the course, we may get to see a Goaltending Tandem in Calgary for the 2013-2014 season and Kippers big Cap Hit can be traded to a team like Florida(very little money but big cap hit) to help them and their cap floor needs.

  • maggotbrain

    Like Kent says, there is one place for a goalie to develop in an organization-as the AHL starter. 60 games against AHL players is much better for a young goalie then 15 games against NHL players.

  • RKD

    I really hope Brent plays Karlsson at least 12-15 games. That would mean Kipper only having to play 67-70 games. Luongo only played 62 this past season and made it to gm 7 of the Cup finals. Kipper only played 38 and went to the Cup finals. Just saying.

          • everton fc

            Gio had all the leverage though when he made that move though, Irving has none, we have Kipper for two more years, Karlsson for two more and Oritio in the system, Irving has a chance to be the Abby starter for another year and then we have a chance to trade Kipper and he has potential to get the Flames starting job.

            Running off to Russia with no garauntee he gets decent playing time or plays on a team to show his strengths can really hurt his cause, especially with the amount of UFA/RFA and other goalies right now in the NHL its not like theres competition for his services.