RFA Profile: Brendan Mikkelson

Of Calgary’s main roster players last season, defenceman Brendan Mikkelson is the lone pending restricted free agent to worry about.  Playing just 19 games with the Flames this year, the team needs to decide whether they see the former Anaheim second round pick ever being capable of playing regular minutes on the blueline.  Mikkelson certainly struggled throughout last season, and certainly hasn’t shown me anything to prove he’s worthy of a one way contract this time around.

The Flames claimed Mikkelson off waivers from the Ducks early on this season, but the soon-to-be 24 year old defenceman had immediate problems fitting into Calgary’s plan.  The problems weren’t overly noticeable in game situations, as Brent Sutter was forced to protect him on the third pairing.  The problems were most glaring during practice situations, as Mikkelson struggled in 5-on-5 drills with his first pass and exit positioning.  As such, Mikkelson saw very limited work, playing just four games in the calendar year of 2011.

On the positive side, Mikkelson is still young and does possess decent size and skating ability.  With Tim Erixon leaving the organization, it might make Mikkelson’s possibilities of sticking with the team greater, and another two way contract isn’t totally out of the question.  That said, with five defencemen already under contract, a regular spot on the NHL roster doesn’t seem like the greatest possibility, especially if T.J. Brodie does what many hope he does and impresses for a second straight training camp.

The other thing that impacts Mikkelson is what Calgary decides to do with pending unrestricted free agent Adam Pardy, who we’ll profile later this week.  If Pardy is signed and Brodie starts the season with the big club, it doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for Mikkelson.  The team does need AHL defecemen right now however, and having Mikkelson as a first up, first down type guy isn’t the worst idea in the world.  He could fill a solid role on the Heat and could fill a seventh defenceman spot if needed at the NHL level.

I will say this: Pardy clearly needs to be a higher priority than Mikkelson at this point.  We’ll see if the Flames tender Mikkelson a qualifying offer prior to the deadline; if they do, it might give us an indication as to how Pardy fits into their future plans.

EDIT: Jay Feaster announced Monday afternoon a qualifying offer has been sent to Mikkelson along with goaltender Leland Irving.

  • icedawg_42

    First Priority is Still Pardy, and then Pardy, Brodie and Carson can fight over who gets to play with Regehr while the other two are the 5/6 pair while Sarich crys himself to sleep with his money(or gets bought out). And if Sarich does get Bought out, Mikkelson is fine again behind those other three I mentioned.

    If Pardy doesn’t get signed than Mikkelson is fine as the 7th guy behind Sarich/Carson and Brodie. However watching that guy back there was an adventure sometimes and I really don’t have any faith in him at all.

    Mikkelson just always seemed to me to be the kinda move Sutter would make, find someone elses trash(Staois) for the most part and play it over your own prospects and hide them cause he didn’t want to show the rest of the league how bad his drafting was.

    • joey joe joe jr shabadoo

      Buying out Sarich makes little to no sense.

      First of all he only has one year left on his deal. worst comes to worst and he plays as poorly as he did in 09/10, the team just rides it out and his contract goes away at the end of the year with no salary implications for the flames this coming year, or the next.

      Secondly, if the Flames were to buy him out and take the cap hit for the next two years, they still have to spend more money (and cap space which they don’t have) to replace his spot on the blue line. So all the sudden the cost of his buy out (1.4 for each of the next two years?) plus the cost of said replacement player, well, that is just poor cap management. The Flames need to clear the slate as best they can and not take any short cuts (ie: Buying players out) in trying to do so.

      Thirdly, if Sarich plays like he did at times last season, he can help this team. He can still be a useful player, not necesarily a 3.6 million dollar defenseman, but still a useful player. And if the Flames are dead in the water by the trade deadline, they might be able to peddal him off for a mid-round pick.

      The best option is, as I touched on before, the Flames can simply walk away after this year with their hands clean of his contract. Same goes for Hagman. Buying players out just creates salary cap problems down the road. It’s like trying to pay off credit card debt by only making the minimum payments, inevitably you’re just F’ing yourself over. Best thing the flames can do is swallow hard and hope these guys can have a decent year, because the teams options are limited and buying players out just does not make sense. This year and next is all about transitioning for the Flames, hopefully they can stay competitive in the process, but I don’t expect this mess to get cleaned up in one offseason.

      • I agree almost 100% with your take on Sarich; I may not be on board with the Flames being able to pedal him at the draft, but other than that, your thinking aligns with mine.

        It makes zero sense to buy out Sarich at this point. Doing so would be following the exact same thinking that sunk this team under Darryl…short term gain for long term pain. Instead, being patient will be the best option…come July 1st, 2012 the Flames will have 3.6 in the clear.

        Yes, he’s an overpaid 5-6 defenceman; but ride that out for one more year, and then you’re in much better shape.

      • PrairieStew

        So your solution is just to ride it out? Kotalik and Hagman don’t need buyouts, they should be burried and sent to Europe, they were mistakes, bad ones, but they were not our players either. As well you can’t buy out EVERYONE, you look at your team and see where a buyout will do you the most good. The combined salaries of Brodie/Carson/Pardy(asuming he signs) will most likely be that of just the SAVED portion of a Sarich Buyout. It does give you some more money to work with.

        The big reason that you HAVE to buyout Sarich over guys like Hagman or Kotalik, is he has a FULL NMC, so your “trading him at the deadline” a pipe dream if he doesn’t feel like going, what if he doesn’t want to go to a Nashville or play in the Southeast or the pacific.

        And lastly the Cap is going up to 64 MILLION this season, at some point the Flames are not gonna be cap spenders and that is gonna be coming sooner rather than later, having 1 million of that tied up in a single buyout is not a big deal. If this team is so badly mismanaged that the 1 million our of 64 million is the difference between making or not making the playoffs then we have a lot of bigger issues than just working about Sarichs buyout being on the cap.

        • Dude, how does it make sense to buy out a guy in the final year of his contract? Why on earth would you do that?

          You’re saddling yourself with cap hit for next year because you’re impatient? Dumb, dumb, dumb. Ride it out…save yourself the full 3.6 at the end of the season.

          You have to understand that a “running in place” season is GOOD for the Flames. In my eyes, it’s a necessary evil in turning the team around LONG TERM. Long term being the key words. You lose Sarich, Langkow, Jokinen, Hagman, Kotalik and more in terms of big salaries at the end of next season. Don’t screw it up.

          • What I’m saying is the buyout makes sense depending on how you plan to play him. If management has moved on from him and the plan may very well be he is the 6th/7th dman and ends up spending all his time in the press box unless there are injuries, why would we hold on to him? For his buyout we would get 2.4 million in cap space.

            If this team plans to stay competitive(“running in place” is stupid either try to make a competitive team or blow it up, cheering for a Running in place team is like cheering for the guy using a stationairy exercise bike in the Tour De France) than that 2.4 million can be used on a D man that for 1.2 million or so can replace Sarich very easily, as well that extra 1.2 can go on to re-sign Tanguary or bring in Connolly or something. A 1.1 million cap hit on the books for next year might mean very very little as well, cause if all we are gonna do is run in place this year, whos to say next year with all our cap space we are able to attract anybody in free agency anyways. And it snot like we have KEY free agents here that we need to lock up either. Plus theres always the threat of another lockout next year as well.

        • joey joe joe jr shabadoo

          yeah, my solution is to absolutely ride it out. The Flames need to clean the slate, not saddle themselves with dead cap space moving forward.

          I think it’s pretty well known that Kotalik is as good as gone. he’ll either be riding busses in the AHL or in Europe. The Flames know that, Kotalik knows that, his agent knows that, the fans know that. Hagman will probably be given his shot to play again this year, but much like Sarich it is just a prudent move on the organizations behave to simply let these contracts expire.

          A blue line consisting of Brodie/Carson/Pardy on your bottom 3 scares the hell out of me as a fan, and would probably get the likes of the sedins, sharks, blackhawks, redwings, and well probably 2/3’s of the leagues mouthes watering. The Flames will be better off with Sarich in the line up, given that senario.

          I hear your argument, but there is just no logic in buying out a still half decent defense man with one year left on his contract even is he is making 1-1.5 million too much.

  • With the cap supposedly going up to $64M, we now have a little less than $8M to spend. Perhaps we can look at keeping Babchuk as long as the price tag isn’t more than $1.5-2M or so, re-sign Pardy, and just dump Mikkelson. Or keep Mikkelson on some low-end, two-way deal.

    This may make the situation more urgent for teams like Nashville and Florida to take on such players as Matt Stajan, just to hit the increased cap floor. You can only play so many rookies, and pay them so much in bonuses, before that runs out and you actually need a player making a bunch of money to hit the floor.

    • With the cap supposedly going up to $64M, we now have a little less than $8M to spend. Perhaps we can look at keeping Babchuk as long as the price tag isn’t more than $1.5-2M or so, re-sign Pardy, and just dump Mikkelson. Or keep Mikkelson on some low-end, two-way deal.

      The feeling I get from talking to some inside the organization is the Babchuk may have sailed. He’s with the same agency as Erixon, which is the first red flag…plus, if you were Babchuk’s agent, you can’t really blame him for trying to sky the price after the numbers he put up in Calgary.

      For those who observed him on a game in, game out basis (like we all did) we kind of know what he is. Other teams don’t necessarily have that luxury, and agents can inflate their clients very effectively.

      • icedawg_42

        So Pat, are you hinting that anyone represented by Puck Agency is going to be a hard sell here? Is that a personal issue between them and Feaster? Did Darrel Sutter pee in this dude’s corn flakes, and the Flames are going to pay the price for years? What is Grossman’s issue!

        • So Pat, are you hinting that anyone represented by Puck Agency is going to be a hard sell here? Is that a personal issue between them and Feaster? Did Darrel Sutter pee in this dude’s corn flakes, and the Flames are going to pay the price for years? What is Grossman’s issue!

          It seems like there is an issue with Feaster and the agency…talking to a few people, that’s the prevailing thought. I really have no clue what the issue is though, but the thought is the problems are on the agencies side.

  • icedawg_42

    to put it bluntly – Pardy’s shoulder should be of great concern. I like Pardy, and I hope he gets signed, but the Flames will need a backup capable of stepping in to the NHL. As far as the Babchuk boat sailing away – meh. He never really impressed me all that much. I thought he made strides this season under Butter, but to me was no more than a #7 guy plus PP specialist at best. Im a bit surprised about what you say concerning Mikkleson – I’ve never watched him practice, hence my surprise. I thought he had decent ability in the D zone, and was a decent skater. But you’re right – a very limited window of viewing on him. I hope he can get it figured out, as I think he should be the “backup defenseman” I alluded to. Assuming and hoping Brodie can take the next step and stick on the big team – which is starting to look more like a necessity at this point.

  • Matty Franchise Jr

    I believe that Mr’s Shabadoo and Steinberg were fairly clear that their solution is that the Flames should ride out Sarich and his contract.

    It is a generally accepted principle that in most cases buying out a contract with 1 year remaining is a terrible idea, especially when that player can add value to your team.

    • icedawg_42

      Yeah – I am totally on board with this. I think the best thing Feaster can do right now is stay the course and avoid NMC’s at all costs – INCLUDING Tanguay. Let the wrinkles work themselves out a bit – give the fans something to chew on with some youngsters getting a shot in the lineup. Lets face it, there’s not really a scenario where the Flames aren’t fighting for #8 at best again this year. Why continue to torpedo yourself with ugly contracts. In the Flames case, a little patience will go a long way, even if the general fanbase makes a lot of angry noises.

      • icedawg_42

        So you want to give the fans something to chew on by giving the youngsters a shot in the lineup, but how do you do that unless you get rid of Sarich. Bouwmeester and Giordano are not going anywhere, I don’t see them getting rid of Regeher this year either. So if you Legitametly want to play young guys you have to get rid of Sarich. But then is your guys idea to just let him sit in the press box all season. Thats a ****ing terrible idea and is only gonna make agents tell their clients to avoid this place even further. As well you are now paying him to do nothing and his money is further tied up, its 1.1 MILLION next year if we buy him out, Thats NOTHING. If we want to start playing young guys, first order of business is to get rid of an old slow guy, Sarich, and since Sutter was dumb and gave him a full NMC, the only way to move him is to buy him out.

  • Matty Franchise Jr

    Jbo, Gio, Reggie, Sarich. That’s 4 d-men. I believe that an NHL team usually dresses 6 to 7 for a game. If the Flames want to give youngsters a chance, the math says there is still room.

    I think you’re using the “doubling down” techniques that Darryl used so well in his time with the Flames. When you put a bad idea out there and then everyone else realizes it’s a bad idea, instead of admitting that it was a bad idea, you push it even harder.

    • icedawg_42

      Pretty much what I was going to say – only 4 on 1 way contracts (as far as I know)…I expect we’ll see Brodie get a significant look – that alone will make some happy. I honestly cant say I see Pardy making it through 82 games – hope I’m wrong here. A scenario with Reggie being dealt at the draft wouldnt totally surprise me (though I would probably expect some kind of Dman in return, as that would seriously pinch our veteran depth on D) – in all, as some have said here, letting some of these nasty contracts run their course seems like the only sane option.

  • PrairieStew

    Sarich stays. Everyone check your memory – he made a pretty good combo with Giordano, and was and is without a doubt the best right handed defenseman on the team.

    As to Mikkelson – Bouw, Gio, Reghehr, Brodie and Pardy if he is resigned, are all left hand shots I would put ahead of him.

    Solution – offer the minimum qualifying number around $700 K – if he gets waived when he doesn’t make the team – no big loss. Alternatively – put him a package with Matt Stajan and Niklas Hagman for the rights to Brad Richards. zzzz – uhhh – Oh I just woke up from my dream…..

  • Parallex

    Buying out Sarich would be a stupid move. He’s got one year left on his contract and is capable of being a decent defenseman (Really, his skill isn’t the issue… it’s his skill relative to his salary).

    Really, I think at this point it’s a choice between Mikkelson and Pardy… whoever insists on less money wins the spot.

  • Matty Franchise Jr

    Maybe if they planned to bench Sarich for 60 games then buying out makes sense. But given that they only have 3 other d-men with NHL experience, why would they do that? they’d have to use some/all of the ~$2.4M in cap space created to replace him with an 2nd pairing guy, but since he IS a second pairing guy (on a middle of the pack team like the Flames anyway) they should just keep him, play him, and be done with him and his salary after this season. Otherwise, all they’ve done is reduce the 2012-13 cap space by $1.4M for no benefit.

    It’s. A. Bad. Idea.

    • Matty Franchise Jr


      It’s 1.1M in cap space for 2012-2013 and 1.4 for this coming season.

      And now with word that the issue with Tanguay is MONEY it only makes more sense, if they’ve already included Kotalik and Hagman being sent out in the math then if they still need more Sarich NEEDS to be bought out.

      So what would we rather have, an aging breaking down Sarich or Tanguay, who thanks to being here, gave Iggy a rejuvinate season last year. Without Tangs coming back who’s gonna play with Iggy that can be the elite talent that sets him up and creates a dangerous pressence on the other side of the ice? No one in this organization thats for sure.

      As for Dmen with NHL experience, WHY DON’T WE JUST RESIGN STEVE STAOIS THEN! How do players get NHL expeirence, BY PLAYING IN THE NHL! If Pardy could stay healthy I’d take him over Sarich any day of the week and lets give Carson and Brodie a chance. Everyone here complained to no end when Erixon said he wasn’t gonna play here cause they never play rookies, well look in the mirror boys, you’d rather have Cory Sarich playing in the 4 spot then rookies, no wonder he left.

      • Petr's Jofa

        Beeker touched on this, but I want to expand the thought.

        So let’s say you buyout Sarich. You save 2.5 million dollars this year. Then, take away the 800k for a replacement who will probably be worse, which leaves you with 1.7 million left to put into Tanguay’s contract, which, hypothetically, is 4 million. So this year, you’ve spent 1.9 million on two players and 4 million on another. Next year, however, you spend 1.4 million on one player who wouldn’t have been here, 800k on another and 4 million on another. Instead of saving yourself 3.6 million over the two years, you’ve spent 500k over the two years with a player who is worse.

        Now, tell me-why the hell would anyone want to spend money on a player who is worse then the player you already have over a longer term? Because the math says that’s exactly what you’re doing.

        Sarich would’ve played 5 if Erixon had stayed. Brodie is not good enough defensively to take on the comp that Gio does and Gio couldn’t carry him if he did.

        P.S. Babchuk is terrible and I want him nowhere near this team. Maybe 1.5 for one year, but that’s it. He sucks and his numbers are inflated by the PP.

        • Matty Franchise Jr

          Again the buy out cap hit for Sarich is 1.4M this year, 1.1M next year, not this 1.4 you guys keep throwing around.

          Carson was already playing with Giordano last year and looked ok, Pardy > Sarich when healthy, but that seems to be Pardy’s problem, problem is Pardy may not even resign, probably realizes he’s gonna get more garbage time behind Sarich as well and wants to get out. And as for Brodie, he may not be as good defensively, but he should be a hell of a lot better offensively and if we are not renewing Babchucks Contract, we need someone on the PP besides Giordano who is gonna chuck pucks at the net.

          I’m gonna give you some other numbers, Assuming BOTH Hagman and Kotalik are moved off the active roster, Ivanans as well, if Tangauy was resigned(AVG 4.7M), Sarich bought out and Brodie brought up, Flames would need to sign 4 more players(2 actual roster players, 2 guys to hang around in case of injury) to fill out the roster with over 7 million in Cap Space(at 64M). And you telling me we can’t work with that? That you guys wouldn’t want to use some rookies and young guys and give them a chance over just sitting around and hanging onto Sarich and further putting down Young guys we should give minutes to so we can further be the team that would rather pick up guys off waivers or trade for Staois then play young guys.

          • Petr's Jofa

            Point still stands, regardless of the year split-you’re paying money to a player who no longer plays for you a year after he would’ve been gone and a player who is probably worse then that guy.

            Brodie will play 5 this year. I didn’t say I didn’t want him on the team.

            Carson’s underlying numbers are vomit.

            The cap works, yeah. But you’re not going to be getting players who are better then the ones you already have with that much to fill and Brodie is the only guy who’s ready for NHL minutes and not cost the team with his play-and even he might be a net negative.

            Is the team better? I think it’s pretty obvious the answer is no. Give some examples of guys you’d rather see.

            Edit: Why does everyone think it’s an automatic that Hagman and Kotalik will be off the cap? It isn’t. They can refuse to play for Abbotsford/go to Europe and depending on their contracts that might not be a breach, leaving the 3 million on the cap.

          • Matty Franchise Jr

            Better question. Is this team worse if we buy out Sarich? Carson showed the last several games of the season he was capable of playing 16-18 minutes without putting up points and being a slight plus player. Pardy when healthy was a MUCH more mobile player than Sarich, and Brodie will give us an acutal pass out of the defensive zone and give us some offense. And at least with playing younger guys you have a chance they haven’t hit their ceilings and will grow throughout the season. With Sarich you know exaclty what you have, a guy whos getting older, slower and making poorer decisions. I think a lot of guys overlook his play cause he has those HUGE hits every 10 games or so that make people love him.

            Brodie should be given the oppurtunity to play 4, I think he’d be a good pairing on the side of Regehr or move regehr with Gio and put Bouwmeester with Brodie. He’s easily our best defensive prospect and was also our best player on the heat last season. I would have no problem with him playing 18-20 minutes a night on the 2nd pairing.

            If Pardy resigns I have no problem with him and Carson playing 15-18 minutes or whatever on the third pairing.

            If we fail to resign Pardy and the question is between Sarich and Mikkelson, even I would rather have Sarich at that point. But at this point we aren’t going anywhere anyways rather than just have another mediocre season, I’d rather we spend this season giving guys like Sarich/Pardy/Brodie a legit shot on the backend rather then spinning the tires with Sarich.

          • Petr's Jofa

            1. Yes. Carson sucks. “Capable” is subjective, his underlying numbers and the math are not. Brodie isn’t ready for 4 minutes. I am not “overlooking” any of Sarich’s play-he is also not good, but the numbers say he is better then Carson. He is a better option at 4 then Brodie. Not having any part of his contract on the books next year is better then any “benefit” we get this year.

            2. I’m not sure why you keep bringing up Brodie. I’ve already stated I want him on the team as the number 5 guy. He can still do PP stuff from there.

            3. Pardy will not be healthy. He has not demonstrated his ability to be healthy over the course of one full season at any time in his NHL career and basing a monetary decision of upwards of 4 million on the assumption that he will be injury free is at best dumb and at worst completely moronic.

            4. Based purely on the mathematical reasons-your logic tells me that Jokinen, Langkow, Kotalik and Hagman should all be bought out as well. They all make more then they’re worth (like Sarich), their contracts would only be on the books for an extra year (like Sarich), and they’re all potentially taking away spots from young players (even though there are two spots on the backend and two spots up front where players will have to be plugged in regardless of who signs).

          • Matty Franchise Jr

            1.)Carson numbers are from a VERY small sample size, even still from his last years numbers, he is capable of playing 15-16 minutes a night without being a liability. He was a plus player without putting up any points. He was played in a more limited role, we should be giving him a better oppurtunity to show what he can do with a bit more responsibilty and challenge.

            2.) Give Brodie a challenge, don’t just shelter him on the 3rd pairing, let him try the 4 spot, Again he is our BEST defensive prospect, if you are not giving your BEST defensive prospect an oppurtunity to succed its thinking like yours that told Erixon to seek greener pastures

            3.) You can’t just say Pardy will never be healthy, he has had his run of bad luck, doesn’t mean with a good offseason with the strength and conditioning coach he can’t turn it around. Whenever you sign a guy you hope they will be injury free, you think the Pens expected both Sid and Malkin to be injured last year, nope.

            4.) I want Jokinen traded for future assests, again we are not competing for a Cup this year, lets dump Sutters mess and start looking at playing younger and give people chances. Kotalik and Hagman don’t need to be bought out, THEY DON’T HAVE FULL NO MOVEMENT CLAUSES LIKE SARICH. And I’d rather keep Langkow, he may have had a freak injury, but he is still a good second center, defensively responsible and has chemistry with Bourque.

            If Sarich didn’t have a FULL NO MOVEMENT CLAUSE then I would be all for the Hagman/Kotalik ride(waivers/europe), but Sarich 100% controls his future, he can’t be traded or waived without his consent. If we buy him out and play the young guys, if they do improve and play above what they have shown so far we have some actual TRADEABLE assests come the trade deadline.

          • Petr's Jofa

            1. He has played a full season of NHL games. His numbers have not been good in any of those games. He was playing on the 3-4 pairing in Carolina.

            2. Brodie’s “challenge” is playing at the NHL level, since he has not shown he can do that.

            3. He has not demonstrated he can be healthy. That is the history we have. What’s the line about dooming to repeat…?

            4. “We are not contending for a Cup this year, but by all means let’s put money on the books for next year so we can be even father away from contending for the Cup!”

            Once again, I would like to see examples of the “young guys” you would put in there over Sarich and I would like to see you quantify how they would be better then Sarich and would justify costing the team an extra 1.1 million dollars next year.

  • Petr's Jofa

    1.) And Saddly those numbers he had in that full season, yup, BETTER than Sarichs(in less games), so if we have a MUCH cheaper defender putting up similar numbers if not better than Sarich why would we play Sarich as the 4 and not Carson

    2.) Brodie only got 3 games, he now has a full season of AHL under his belt, shouldn’t he now get a legit shot, 20 or so game of REAL NHL work, not 6 spot duty or sometimes a 5, let him play the 4 and if he can’t handle it yet, drop him to a 5 and supplement it with some PP time as well.

    3.) Injuries are different than history repeating itself, from what I understand his injuries where never repeat, they always hit a different area of his body, don’t give up on players to early.

    4.)How exactly is that 1.1M on the cap next year gonna change us from Cup contenders to Not Cup contenders, explain that to me, IMO we are not even cup conteners next year. The only way to get back to cup contention is to start forcing some of our younger guys into the line up and the way to do that is get an old slow and overpaid guy out of the lineup.

    I’ve already said, I would play Pardy/Brodie/Carson over Sarich any day next year, we don’t have anything else, maybe Baldwin if he REALLY impresses at camp and is still a flame, heck Breen has impressed me in Abby and if he has put in a lot of work in the offseason maybe he is ready for some spot work as well.

    What I want you to explain to me is the benefit of playing Sarich over anyone else or how that 1.1million of a cap that could very well be OVER 64 million next year is gonna stop us from being Cup contenders, please, with the roster we have, NO significant rookie forwards ready to make the leap, or no rookies coming off entry levels we need to sign(IE Doughty/Stamkos). If you are Philly/Van/Boston/Wash/Pitts, that 1.1 can sign an extra depth defender or forward, if you are the flames, that 1.1 million gets you an extra 2 points out of the playoffs.

    • Petr's Jofa

      1. What numbers are you looking at? Sarich had better CorsiRELQComp, P/60, PDO and QUALTEAM.

      2. He can have a legit shot. 13 minutes a game against weak comp is more then fair for a rookie. It’s not like you can’t move him up if he performs well. Why put him in a position to fail right off the bat? I think you’re vastly overvaluating his skill level.

      3. Pardy is 27. He will not get better as a hockey player. The variance of his injuries demonstrates to me that his whole body is unable to sustain the physical wear and tear of the NHL game over a long period of time. He has never played a full season at any level.

      4. Did I say it would? It’s simple logic. If I said to you “You can keep this car and lose 3.6 million in one year and get a new car and lose nothing in the next or you can lose your car and 2.1 million this year but get a crappier car and then have that crappy car and lose another 1.9 million next year and be unable to get a new car”, which would you choose?

      Sarich is a better defender then any of those other guys you mentioned. None of them have ever demonstrated the ability to play number four minutes on an NHL team and none of them made enough progression this year to demonstrate that they deserve the chance. This is not subjective. That’s what the math tells us.

      We have Moss, Jackman and Backlund to sign next year, and all three will probably want to at least double their contracts, plus, there will have to be at least 8 other players signed-and the team already has 38 million committed to 10 players. Sure, that 1.1 million dollars might not turn us into a Cup contender, but it may create a situation where the team cannot sign a player they want because of cap concerns over a player who no longer plays for your team. I can’t understand why paying someone real cash against the cap to not play on your team at an above-replacement level doesn’t bother you.

      Either you’re being naïve or stupid, but none of those guys can perform at the same NHL level as Sarich, and I have the numbers to back that up.

      • Petr's Jofa

        1.) Sorry I’ll use the most advanced statistics next time as well even though Carsons season was his rookie season and Sarich played his 11th, a real fair comparision. Corsi and all that can be imporved over time and with learning the D, Offence can’t and Carson will provide us with more offence than Sarich, simple as that. Giving Carson more time and developing him will improve his other numbers.

        2.) A LEGIT shot is giving him an oppurtunity to use all his tools, the fact he came into abbotsofrd and was IMMEDIATELY better than Pelech, Baldwin, Seabrook, Breen and All and was put on the #1 pairing means he’s up to a challenge. Burying him and playing him like a Babchuk means hes never gonna get to be a proper defender, He needs to be played in ALL sitautions and we need to live with a few mistakes early

        3.) Yup lets just give up on guys that have showed they can compete, I bet the Bruins wished they gave up on Tim Thomas when he was 27…….

        Sarich may be slightly better “Defender” but thats all he can do is play decently well in his defensive zone, he brings NOTHING else. What I want is this team to take Younger players and play them, see what they bring, if we are gonna waste a season, lets waste it properly and give guys a spot to evaluate them properly to see if we need to keep them going forward. What was that about what you said doing the same thing and expecting different results. Playing sarich and pretty much the same roster from last year gets us the same result from last year no playoffs.

        So 38 million to 10 players leaves us with 26 million over 10 players, not considering that we have our top 3 defenders already payed for, as well we can dump Stajan next year withonly 2 years left on his contract, thats more than enough that 1.1 isn’t gonna kill us.

        And you want to Re-sign Moss but not Pardy? THEY ARE THE SAME SITUATION. Both Moss and Pardy have shown they are legit NHLers but both can’t stay healthy, but you have a problem with Pardy but not with Moss?

        I’m not being Naive or Stupid, I’m being realistic, sitting around for this entire year just floating along waiting out contracts DOES NOTHING, we sit and sit and become older. If we are gonna waste a season do it ****ing properly, play young guys and play them over guys that are not gonna be here anyways next year.

        • Petr's Jofa

          Carson is 25. He has likely hit the point where any more development is going to be minimal. You can move Brodie up if he deserves it, having to move him down logically means he has been hurting the team. Did Tim Thomas get hurt every single year of his professional career until the age of 27? No? Confirmation bias at it’s finest.

          I can tell you what the guys you listed will “bring”-nominal offensive support and nominal defensive support.

          You can’t “dump” Stajan. He has a NTC.

          Moss is an effective player. He played 81 games in 08-09 and his 09-10 season was shortened because of a cheap hit from behind. He has shown he can be healthy over an entire season and has performed much better then Pardy has under their respective circumstances.

          Actually, it does do something. It allows them not to have said contracts on the books for 12-13, which won’t hamper the team in any way.

          I’m done with this. You aren’t thinking logically and seem to have no grasp on the real financial & hypothetical situational benefits of keeping Sarich over guys who are terrible. Sarich makes the team better and costs them less over the next two years. There is no downside.

          • Petr's Jofa

            Giordano was 25 in 2008-09 and hes only continued to improve by leaps and bounds. Players still develop in their 20s, especially Dmen, a lot of them take longer to develop then forweards, If we are talking about a carson at age 30 right now, I’d agree with you that he’s probably plateau’d but at age 25 with minimal NHL experience I’d say he still has a lot to show.

            You can dump Stajan, he has a NTC(modified as well so not a FULL) and NOT a NMC, if Stajan does show some sort of imporvement this year, its entirely resonable to assume someone would pick him off waivers should he not wave his NTC to move to a team. And if he’s only gotten worse, if the Owners are willing to swallow both Kotalik and Hagman in either the minors or Europe, they should be willing to swallow a Stajan in the minors as well.

            Moss had ONE full season, so thats showing he can be healthy over an entire season, yeah 1/4 nots bad I guess Pardy’s only played 3 season in the NHL, so maybe his fourth one he matches Moss’s 1/4.

            If there was some other way to take Sarich of the books(trade or waivers) I’d be advocating that but because Sutter gave out NMC to even the most average of players we are stuck with him unless you buy him out. And right now we are treading water, even if we re-sign Tanguay we MIGHT get to 8th spot in the west but more likely we are in the 9-12 range again, I’d rather spend the season seeing what we have.

            If you are happy with the current roster, than HURRAY, LETS GO 10TH PLACE FINISH!!!!, I’d rather we try out other players on the back end, fully get rid or players that we are not gonna have going forward and if those younger guys can’t play and we suck it up this season, who cares, better draft picks.

            Look its obvious we have different Ideas on the upcoming season, I’d rather we move away from what we currently have and give ANYONE else a try, and your fine with the status quo. I don’t see 1.1M being the straw that breaks the camels back next year either, you seem to think it will turn us into the Edmonton Oilers. We’ll agree to move from this thread and see what the team does.