UFA Profile: Adam Pardy

Of the pending unrestricted free agents on the Calgary Flames, names like Alex Tanguay, Anton Babchuk and Brendan Morrison may draw more headlines than Adam Pardy.  But what the Flames decide to do with Pardy will be very interesting, as he’s coming off a serious injury and a season where he didn’t play anywhere near as much as he’d like.  There are reasons to keep Pardy around, but there are also mitigating factors that play into it as well.

Pardy is coming off a season where he played just 30 games thanks to two seperate injuries; one suffered in game one of the season, and one suffered a little later on.  The shoulder injury he suffered in February sidelined him for the rest of the season, and at this point, there’s not a whole lot known about the recovery.  We do know he was nowhere close to returning at the end of the season, which points to it being something fairly severe.  Obviously the status of his shoulder will be the number one thing that determines if and what kind of offer the Flames put forward.

So lets assume it’s all systems go and Pardy is at 100%.  Why is Pardy an attractive option to bring back for the Flames?  First off, he’s still 27 years old, so it’s not as if he’s going to up the average age of the team.  But more importantly, at 27 years of age and his professional body of work, he’s not really in line for much of a raise at all.  Pardy just finished a two year, $1.4 million deal and gave the Flames fair return in his role: a number 5-7 defenceman.

If the team were to resign him, they wouldn’t be asking for anything more than that same role.  Plain and simple, at 27, that’s what Pardy is as an NHLer: a 5-7 defenceman.  NHL teams need players like that, who give you steady, affordable minutes down the depth chart, and I believe Pardy fills that role nicely when healthy.  For us to expect anything more from the guy would be silly at this point, but that doesn’t mean he can’t continue to fill that role at a manageable price.

The downside would be viewed as Pardy potentially taking the spot of a younger player on the blueline, whether it be Gord Baldwin or T.J. Brodie or whomever.  I don’t buy it myself, though.  So maybe a blueliner makes a huge impression in camp.  I don’t think Pardy having or not having a contract will decide whether that younger blueliner makes the team…at all.  Pardy is an easy guy to move to the seventh spot to elevate someone else, and he’s also an easy guy to insert into the lineup without any hesitation.  There’s a value in that.

Two things are key when talking about Pardy’s future with the team, though: his health and the cost.  If he’s not recovered from the shoulder injury, it doesn’t make much sense to sign him.  And if he’s not going to come at around the same pricetag he’d been at the last two seasons, it doesn’t make much sense either.

  • Jarom

    I don’t like the “what if” questions that are coming up. There should be young guys how need a shot and/or healthy free agents to fill the role he has played. There’s no way the Flames should be giving him a raise to stay.

  • Captain Ron

    I don’t mind Pardy when he is healthy but I wouldn’t pay him any more thats for sure. If anything I’d like to see him at or near the league minimum salary. He has become a pretty big risk to expect a full season out of him let alone playoffs. Too bad I was really hoping he could become a 3 – 4 or at least a full time 5 – 6 guy one day.

  • Captain Ron

    I like Pardy, he is a good player to have in the 5-7 role. The only concern I have is his shoulder, as everyone and their dog as mentioned already. A big part of what makes Pardy effective as a shut down low pairing D is his size and checking ability. If his shoulder isn’t healthy and strong enough for that checking role there is far less value in keeping him around. Like I said before, I like Pardy a lot in that role but only if his shoulder is strong, fully healed, and ready to bang NHL calibre players around. That being said if we sign him and keep him on IR for most of the season we could at least have him for a playoff run or, God forbid, injury streak on the blueline. He’d be great to have as a fill in for any injuries in the playoffs or late in the season. 600-700K seems fair for what he may bring to the table, anything 800k or more and the Flames should look else where I think. Best wishes for a full, strong and speedy recovery Adam.

  • Vintage Flame

    I have to say, that I am pretty leery of the Flames re-signing Pardy. I do like the kid and I think he does fill the 5-7 role well. However his shoulder is a huge concern. I don’t think the severity of his injury is being fully disclosed, and I don’t want to see him sign, play like 3 games, if he even makes it out of the pre-season and then be done.

    No idea what the Flames would be offering him contract wise, in respects to term, but I’d hate to see the Flames hung with another Brad Werenka. We have enough problems finding money, especially with the 50 contracts ceiling. Pardy just seems like a huge risk at this point.

  • icedawg_42

    I have no particular problem with Pardy. My question is, if you are not going to start by changing out your 5-7 defencemen, when and where are you going to make changes?

    This team’s finishes over the last 3 seasons are 5, 10, 10. Adam Pardy played in 60, 57 and 30 regular season games over that period. While you cannot lay the blame for those finishes at the feet of Pardy, neither can you say that the team lost notwithstanding some Herculean other wordly effort.

    At some point, if you want to be more than playoff excluded or playoff fodder, you need to either:

    a) have players on your team get better; or
    b) get better players.

    Aside from Backlund, is there anyone that we can point to with any degree of confidence that next year they will be better? Maybe Bouwmeester?

    So we need to get better players. While I accept there is no assurance that any particular defenceman will be better than Pardy, if you can’t gamble that someone else (Brodie, a different FA signing, a trade) is going to be better than your last player in that role, who the hell can you gamble on?

    I say let him go and lets start rolling some new dice. Preferably ones with a chance to roll a six instead of the ones we have with six threes on them.

    • I assume the Flames will be losing Staios and Babchuk to start the year. If Pardy leaves, the team’s depth chart is:


      As you can see, things fall off a cliff after Sarich (arguably after Giordano).

      If the Flames had any cap space at all, that wouldn’t bother me much. But they don’t, so the opportunity to grab a couple of potentially decent guys in the 2M range to fill things out just isn’t there. As such, my assumption that whoever they can grab for $1M> isn’t going to be much better than Pardy anyways.

  • icedawg_42

    Before ErixonGate, I would have said “Let all your UFA’s on D walk, and bring up Brodie, Erixon and maybe someone else – maybe give Breen a look”…now you’ve obviously gotta sign someone. Now we’re looking at Jbo, Gio, Reggie, Sarich, Carson/Mikkleson…maybe Brodie….uh…Really thins out at the bottom end…Nothing else really in the system either. Maybe a D IS on order at the draft after all?