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For the first time ever, FlamesNation.ca will have it’s own radio show, as we go live from the NHL Entry Draft in Minnesota tonight on Sportsnet Radio FAN 960.  Kent Wilson (if he gets here) and I will be bringing the show to you, and this article will drive the conversation…your comments will direct what we discuss, so make sure you post early and often.  We’ll also be taking phone calls; FlamesNation commenters, if you use your commenting name with the screener, you’ll go to the front of the line.  The show goes from 6 till 9 pm Calgary time.

Here are the ways you can contact us tonight:

  • By commenting on this thread
  • By calling 403-240-4444 or *960 if you’re a Rogers Wireless customer
  • By tweeting at either @Kent_Wilson or @Fan960Steinberg on Twitter.

Topics to be discusses are wide ranging, they really are…

  • Should Robyn Regehr waive his no trade clause?  What should the Flames get in return if the deal with the Sabres ends up going through?  Can anyone replace Regehr on the roster?
  • Should the Flames pick at 13 tomorrow night?  Should they try and expend resources to move up in the draft?  Should they think about moving down and acquiring more picks?
  • Who should the Flames target with their 13th overall pick (if they keep it)?  Who should the Flames be targetting with their other two picks inside the top 60 (#45 and #57)?
  • What other things should Calgary be looking to accomplish this weekend with the entire hockey world in one place?

Let’s get this started, because this hopes to be the first of a number of shows exactly like this, so I’m counting on FlamesNation to represent!

  • Vintage Flame

    I have to say if the option for Reggie to the Caps for Eakin is there, they have to take that. Washington has scoring but has been complaining all year about the need for defense and Regehr fits that to a bill. He would also be a great mentor for a D-man such as Alzner.

    • Vintage Flame

      I don’t think anyone thinks there is someone in the system that can replace Regehr.. but that was my point in an earlier post.

      Where do you see the Flames finishing that the loss of reggie is going to kill us that much more? This team is not going to contest for the division title and anything below that is iffy territory at best. So why not deal Regehr NOW, while we can, and get a decent prospect and a great pick in the draft. You want Cup contenders, wait til next year when we have 25 mil come off the cap.

  • Vintage Flame

    i have to agree with jake. if the Flames are talking about ryan Smyth at the expense of tanguay.. that makes this deal ludacris. Feaster said teh problem is money, so if you’re prepared to pay the mullet.. forget it and give tangs his cash. i figure Tangs is wanting somewhere in teh market of 20 mil over the four year term.

  • Hey Pat, LOVED that you read my comment on the air, you guys are great and are putting on a great show.

    Another Question.

    What do you think is the chances that Jokinen gets moved before Free Agency or at the draft as well? He’s another Sutter guy that Feaster isn’t tied to, and if Feaster has no problem trading Regehr I can see him moving Jokinen, especially if Rumors of Smyth is true.

  • The thing is that without Regher that would eliminate the Flames from any chance of the Playoffs because there is no way we make it to the playoffs with a D like this:

    J-bo – Gio
    Sarich- Brodie

    No depth, that’s why the move doesn’t make sense if the Flames want to be competitive next season

  • Bring Smyth here! I figure we trade Smyth for Hagman. We get rid of a crappy contract and take on some salary. The Kings want to be good next season, and get a bit of 4th line depth and some cap space. We can move Smyth at the deadline for a pick, and then like magic we have turned a contract that we cant give away, not even on waivers, into a pick. Huzzah

  • Jarom

    My biggest fear with this is that Feaster will give Reggie away and not get fair trade value in return back for him. All the talk on this trade is making me uneasy. Regehr is a Flame through and through. On and off the ice he is what we want players on this team to be.

    What is that worth?

  • Jarom

    moving regehr makes sense, but bringing in smyth does not. if the kings are willing to take stajan or hagman then bringing in smyth may be ok. regehr shouldnt be traded in a rush like the phaneuf deal. we need to be sure we get full value for a great player like robyn.

  • Vintage Flame

    Anybody else concerned that the coming clamp down on head shots next season would affect how Reggie plays in the corner? Maybe a good time to part ways? How happy will Hemsky be to see Reggie leave!

  • Vintage Flame

    Great show Pat and Kent. As always you guys do a GREAT job with the Nation and tonight was a huge success, IMO…

    See you tomorrow night in the live chat!

  • No doubt Regehr will be missed but hopefully Robyn still wants to win a cup & realizes his chances with Buffalo are better than the Flames. The trade of Adam or Weber and the 16th overall for Regehr would be huge for us and great for Buffalo.
    Then I would look to see if Philly would take our 16th & one of our seconds for the 8th overall.
    Absolutely no defenceman with our 1st rounder or rounder(s), we need Mcneill and/or Phillips and we need that high end centre prospect depth badly.
    Forget trading Hagman & Kotalik and watering down the return for our marketable players. Eat the lousy one more year left & then we will have huge options this time next year. Dont forget, we will have Iggy in the last year of his contract and lots of discussion about his future.
    Ryan Smyth hell no only unless its Stajan going back the other way & that may come at a cost of signing Tanguay.

  • See you all tomorrow for the live chat, hopefully the Regher trade will have happened or he would’ve rejected it, and hopefully the Flames will pick a good prospect. Oh, and hopefully there are lots of Telus ads 🙂

  • Awesome show guys. I hope to hear this show on a regular basis on the fan.

    I just hope flames management was listening. Then at least then they would know how nervous everyone is.

  • jgl

    Someone likely mentioned it already, but it is interesting that Regehr and Leopold would be in buffalo for the same length of time if this deal would go through. Would that possibly be motive for Reg?

    • jgl

      Not confirmed on anyones twitter or on any website. As well Connolly is a free agent, his right could be had for pretty well nothing, never mind regehr, his RIGHTS might be thrown in with the trade if the flames want to move in that direction.

    • Vintage Flame

      I haven’t seen jack for anything confirmed. as mentioned, Connolly is a Free agent, so I highly doubt he is the key player coming back. There is no way Calgary is letting Reggie go for Connolly straight across, but if his rights are included.. possible.

      Also, Smyth already plays for LA, so I highly doubt they traded him to themselves for a third..