The Regehr Watch

Having to roll to the top prospects luncheon and having Kent in the air means we’re away from the site at a potentially inopportune time.  I thought I’d post this to get discussion going, as Darren Dreger is reporting the Flames have asked defenceman Robyn Regehr to waive his no trade clause and accept a trade to Buffalo.  As things become more official, it’ll be good to have a thread up where the comments can start to flow.

If anything becomes official, we’ll have opinion pieces up later in the day, plus we’ll have lots more coverage here in Minneapolis.

  • A18

    I was really hoping it was going to be JBo being moved but that’s probably just wishful thinking. Like other have mentioned it looks like a salary dump. This is going to be Feaster’s first major move so let see how things pan out. I’m cautiously optimistic about next season but I have a feeling it’s going to be another emotional roller coaster.

    The Philly trades have left me perplexed. Both players leaving are effective at what they do. That being said I think Simmonds has the potential to become a beast but only time will tell. Schenn is highly rated but unproven, it will be interesting to see how this plays out after a few years. Goaltending has been the major excuse/complaint I’ve heard from many Flyer fans, if this doesn’t work out then what?

  • icedawg_42

    If Reggie is traded for picks/prospects, and the team goes well below .500, at least we can stop this farce about “competing for a playoff spot” and then the serious retool can begin.

    • icedawg_42

      Agreed, hard to be optimistic about this coming season without Reggie, but next year’s draft is supposed to have some potentially elite talent, which would be something to look forward to.

    • icedawg_42

      Ya and if he finish not in the playoffs again this year, we get to enter into the lottery next year once more. There’s some upside in this in the FAR FAR future.

  • icedawg_42

    I would also suspect that the 16th pick plus a 2nd rounder and/or Kassian is the return but that is completely a shot in the dark. Guess we’ll see who we get in return and fry or cheer Feaster from there.

      • OilFan

        I don’t know, I think if we’re looking to sign Tanguay you might see the following:

        Trade Regehr to Buffalo with one of our second rounders for their 16th overall first rounder.

        If you’re looking to not resign Tangs:

        Trade Tangs and Regehr to Buffalo for first round (16th overall), get a forward back (Pominville, Conolly, Gaustaud) and a prospect.

        Or we exchange first rounds, we trade regehr and we get more of their seconds and thirds.

  • coptin_

    feaster should ask all players with nmc or ntc for a list of 3 or 5 poss destinations,try to dump dutters bad deals and move forward. dont get philly,does no one there have a clue about goalies 7 years of bryzgaloff.

  • Oyo

    if we do get the first round pick from buffalo….could we package them and move into top 5???? do you think that is at all a possibility??
    i want to get landeskog as a flame!!!!

    • PDumes

      Keep both, Draft McNeil with our 13 and Draft Rattie with Buffalos pick, or use Buffalos pick to draft down, acquire more picks and draft Rattie around the mid 20s.

  • We are all assuming that Regehr will waive his NMC to go to Buffalo. Buffalo is a terrible place that smells like a trash heap. What if he doesn’t waive his NMC? What then? Flames get burned again, and then Regehr can become a scapegoat until we run him out of town for magic beans and another Dome dog for Feaster.

        • Michael

          Calgary and Edmonton are both great cities, but to the honest the Flames organization is a mess, so I’m not really surprised that Calgary ranks pretty low…

          Buffalo isn’t a great city, but the taxes are lower, and the current exchange rate should put more money in Regehrs pocket… at the moment he is earning US dollars living in Canada

          All that extra cash just might make up for Buffalos lack of appeal..

    • jbeach403

      So we are making cap room and dumping Regehr so that we can trade for Ryan Smyth?????

      So what the hell was the point of Firing Sutter than? This is the EXACT move that Sutter would make.

      Now to see if Regehr does waive his NTC and what the return is. If the return is Buffalo’s first and a prospect then whatever, we can be terrible in the west with Ryan Smyth. But if the return is Buffalo scrubs/scraps much like the Toronto deal, well then Feaster, pack your bags and join Sutter.

    • jbeach403

      Very nice piece to start, but surely there must be more to this deal, to gut our defence like that there has got to be a REALLY good pick(PLEASE Buffalos FIRST!) or another prospect or something.

      • everton fc

        I think so as well. The posting on TSN said that the Sabres did not impose any sort of deadline on a response from Regehr but that can’t be if a pick in tomorrow’s draft is involved (which is why I speculated earlier that it might be a pick in 2012).

        The Fan 960 has reported that the Flames or the Sabres have imposed a 24-hour deadline on the Regehrs. They are also reporting that there are other pieces in the trade going either way.

  • jbeach403

    Not bad at all. If they get Luke Adam and their 1st that is a good deal.

    If they use the excess cap space to get Smyth it would be funny to watch the Oilers reaction to them but a stupid move. That being said, being in Smyth would not undo a good trade of Regher. Trading for Smyth should be looked at as a seaparate entity entirely. They weren’t going to make the playoffs with Regher and definitely won’t without him. Who knows, maybe it would be fun to watch and we will be a lottery team in what is said to be an awesome draft.

    • T&A4Flames

      If Calgary takes on Smyth and gets a draft pick or prospect for the troube, I’m ok with that. It’s 1 year and we may be able to move him at the deadline for another pick. Only though, if this supposed Regher trade is for some decent return….LIKE GOAL SCORING FORWARDS THAT ARE YOUNG!!

  • everton fc

    I think this is a potentially bad move… Moving Regehr, I mean.

    Picking up aging Ryan Smyth is another… And I like Smyth…

    I feel both strongly.

    We shall see…

    • Michael

      Both are REALLY bad moves POTENTIALLY, Depends on the other peices moving and the return for Calgary. If the Return is this Luke Adam kid and a 1st rounder with some other pieces moving than thats fine, as long as OUR first rounder isn’t touched. Course it all depends on what is available in free agency as well, there are A LOT of defencemen available, though I think none of them will fit Regehrs skates.

      The Smyth deal might be bad well, would probably mean we can’t sign Tangauy(which is even worse) and the team stays nice and old in a a confrence getting younger and faster. The thing is, Smyth apparently can be had for our fourth rounder or a future fourth rounder, which is the rumor flying around when he was first reported to Edmonton. And now with Richards there, there is no center spot for a Smyth making almost 6 million. The thing is, if we are gonna take a 6 million Smyth, HOW much does Tanguay want? Cause a 5 million Tanguay is > a 6 million Smyth

  • Michael

    A Regehr trade wouldn’t surprise me, a solid shut down guy who should produce a decent return, and free up some cap room.

    Then again, if we turn around and use the Regehr assets to acquire Smyth (in effect a Symth for Regehr +/- something) what does this mean for Tanquay. Would a Symth trade rule out signing Tanquay, or can we afford both?

    • SickFloBro

      We would recieve minus 4 first rounders, cause that is what it would take for a team to take on those three bums.

      Regehr by himself would get us a MUCH better return than packaged with ANYONE of those three. They all have negative value while Regehr still has positive value.

      Man I hope this doesn’t drag on much longer, I really want to know the details or kill the deal so my hopes are dashed, either way.

    • SickFloBro

      I have to have a little rant about all of those players:

      The Dion Phaneuf deal totally tanked our team. BUT, think about it from Sutter’s perspective when he made the deal: Hagman had been putting up solid offensive numbers for the previous three seasons. Stajan wasn’t high-end, but he was solid and dependable…bad +/-, but he played on a bad team. Mayers was serviceable, and White was showing real offensive upside. Sutter was trading an overpaid, overrated player that was essentially cancerous to the rest of the team, plus a solid pick. The deal, in principle, is a good one for the Flames.

      Unfortunately, Hagman disappeared, Stajan floundered, and White didn’t pan out. These weren’t things that Sutter could have forseen, even if he was picking up four players from one of the worst teams in the league. Stajan would still overpaid even if he were putting up the same numbers he did in Toronto. Hagman would be a steal at his price if he continued to produce.

      Kotalik is awful. That’s all I have to say about him.

      Teams are going to be more interested in Hagman because his contract is up sooner than Stajan’s, and he’s got more offensive upside.

      Now, after ALL OF THAT, I think we could get a 3rd round pick for Hagman. No one is taking Stajan or Kotalik. We’re just going to have to hope Kotalik runs away to Europe.

  • SickFloBro

    Who started talking about Ryan Smyth? That’s completely ridiculous.

    As far as dealing Regehr, I’m not opposed to it as long as we can get a decent return that benefits the Flames in the long run. Luke Adam and a 1st round pick would be perfect because the Flames aslo get the added benefit of shedding salary.

    I think that if Regehr ends up going, it will have a domino effect – you’ll start to see other activity as well.

    Feaster’s hands are tied in so many ways because of how many bad contracts the Flames have on the books, specifically those players with NMC’s/NTC’s.

  • SickFloBro

    I’ve always liked Regehr and will continue to even if he does go to buffalo. I’d be ok with it though. Like most people are saying if we get picks/prospects I think it’ll be good for the team in the long run. What’s the point in keeping him if we are going to continue being a fringe team until his value continues to deminish and we hardly get anything. I think this is a good time to move him.
    Overall I think it would make sense from the flames point of view. As for Regehr, Buffalo has a better chance of winning right now than calgary but like people say, in terms of city life… it’s trashy. I think it’s a coin toss as to whether he decides to move

    • SickFloBro

      Probably wouldn’t be a first, probably be a prospect and a crappy roster player on the Sabres, if someone is gonna take your garbage you have to be willing to take theres.

      We are stuck with them this season, and if this is stricktly a salary cap move and we are taking back picks/prospects and if Tangs doesn’t sign and we don’t trade for Smyth, well expect Hags and Kotes to play with the big club this season…….FIRST OVERALL HERE WE COME!