Draft Bloggin: Spicy Food Meets Kent

Well, after being a bit of a dunce and booking a really late flight on Thursday knowing full well we had a radio show that night, Kent Wilson got his skinny ass to Minnesota on time for the first ever edition of FlamesNation Radio.  It was a much, much, much busier day in Minnesota, as we bring you a little of what happened.  By the way, the picture above is what we like to call the Steinberg Super Sex Suite: Part 2.  Including two beds…double the magic.

Things started off with a skills clinic waaaaaaay out of town, with top prospects like Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Gabriel Landeskog, Adam Larsson and more working with youngsters in the Minnesota hockey program, along with Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke and Wild players Brad Staubitz and Cal Clutterbuck.  It was pretty cool and it meant we got a chance to talk to a number of the guys after it was all said and done, as you see below.

Then it was off to the prospects lunch, where even more guys got together and chatted with hoardes and hoardes of media.  Most of them were mainstream media asking real questions, and there were some rather odd questions coming as well on Thursday afternoon; I usually find it entertaining.  We got a few more interviews and rolled out; it was also about the same time the news of the  Flyers crazy afternoon started filtering in.  I can tell you: being around a ton of NHL media, the entire place was buzzing about what Paul Holmgren pulled off with the Blue Jackets and Kings.

It kind of overshadowed what the Flames were doing, with the news coming before that the team had asked Robyn Regehr to waive his no trade clause and accept a move to Buffalo.  I worked the angle for quite a while, and found out what I needed from a great source: the whole thing caught Regehr WAY off guard and so he was really taking his time to figure out if he wanted to waive his NMC or not.  Either way, I don’t think we can really begrudge him…he has the clause, and he has roots in the city.  Don’t think it’s fair to criticize one way or another here, as this is really out of his control.  From all my dealings with Robyn, I feel fairly confident he very much wanted to be part of the solution with the Flames.

Kent and I did FlamesNation Radio, where we sat in a hotel room in close quarters for three consecutive hours.  It got very uncomfortable.  What was even more unsettling was Kent taking me to a dimly lit, romantic, boutique restaurant after the show, as we both hadn’t eaten all day.  But the creeper made up for it when we ordered some gourmet wings with what they call "Smoke Bomb" sauce.  The pretty waitress said they were mildly hot with a nice chipotle smoke; and I totally agreed.  Mildly hot.  Kent did not agree, as the tears in his eyes and profusely sweating face would attest.  It was mildly amusing.

Friday is the first round and we’re going to get plenty from the Calgary Flames, so keep it locked on the site!

  • everton fc

    What about freeing up cap space for Peter Stastny? I still think moving Regehr is a bad call; but if need be, and you can poach Luke Adam… Can you imagine Stastny/Adam/Backlund down the middle in two years time?

    Tanguay/Stastny/Iginla would do some damage in the West, me thinks… And the Avs need a goalie. Karlsson? Kipper??

    I know I’m dreaming. My other dream is to see the Wings take Bouwmeester. I’d be willing to take Filpulla and a pick. Or even Hudler. They want to rid themselves of Hudler. We need cap space… Not sure the salary implications, w/Filipulla or Hudler, though. And it is only a dream…

    If the Regehr move is to free up cap space to take on Smyth… Feaster has proven he is the wrong man for the GM position here in Calgary.

    Off to work!

    • wattree

      I think this is fantastic idea ~ …It then takes J-Fe into the dimension of Dutter making sure that the average age of the team reaches the stratosphere of the residents of the Colonel Belcher…somewhere past 50. Might as well call the Canadians to see if Jacques Plante is available too.

      The cupboard is bare of prospects — so why is Stastny (and Im sure you mean Paul who is 26 I believe), Smyth or anyone else with a birth certificate north of 30 even on the radar.

  • Derzie

    If Robyn goes only to bring in Smyth, the GM position is in serious jeopardy. None of it makes sense. Both are older players. One is loved by Flames fans, one is despised as an ex-Oiler. Oh and the good one is cheaper. This better not happen.

  • Jarom

    I wish the Smyth talk would go away. It make me feel the same way I did when Staios came to Calgary; All dirty on the inside……

    Steve played hard and I know Smyth would as well. It just doesn’t feel right. In addition it goes against what the team needs. Get younger, stock the shelves with talented young prospects. Start to rebuild or at least restock. You never know what a 4-7th rounder could turn into.

    • TeamJibber

      I only hope you washed your hands before you went to the washroom after eating those wings. I’ve been witness to friends meeting an untimely demise when their gentleman’s sausage is on fire for the enitre time leading up to when the wings reach their final destination in digestion.

  • icedawg_42

    The Smyth thing continues to flat out boggle my mind. Reggie’s fully within his rights to refuse to waive – even though no matter what happens, the territory has become “awkward”. Reggie’s a great Flame, he’s just in the unfortunate position of having the most sensible contract for a good player in this entire organization (Giordano aside) – I feel bad for Regehr, because now he’s faced with either uprooting his family, or playing for a team who’s pretty much publicly announced that they’d like to part with him.

    • everton fc

      Spot-on. I feel for Reggie, as well. I’ll suppose no one is at all interested in Bouwmeester at his price tag. Again, I’ll assume this…

      Though maybe the organization feels Bouwmeester is more valuable than Regehr on an immediate, and long-term basis. I don’t. But that’s me.

      We’ll have no shut-down defencemen, outside Sarich. Carson is billed as a shut-down type.

      Neither, of course, is Regehr.

      What if Reggie says “nay” to the waiver of his NTC? What then?? Would the dressing room be less likely to buy into Feaster as GM?

  • icedawg_42

    And dont worry Kent, you’re not alone – I had extra spicy Vietnamese soup yesterday, so I spent a good portion of my evening curled up in the fetal position wishing for the End.

  • wattree

    It’s tough cause Reg has been a warrior for us, but with his knees seemingly getting worse this is probably the most value you can get for him. And you can’t fault the Flames for asking him to waive it they think the deal will improve the team. If they didn’t ask, we’d be out with pitchforks.

  • Michael

    TSN is indicating Symth to the Flames for a late round pick. With a $6.2 million cap hit, Regehr and Tanquays combined contracts basically cancel out the addition of Smyth.

    The trade has to hinge on Regehr waiving his no trade clause, and Tanquay not resigning…