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The first round commences this evening and in anticipation I asked each writer here at FN to put together their own "draft board" or ranking of players they would like to see the team pick with the 13th overall choice (assuming nothing changes in the interim). Without further ado, here’s how things shake out:

Rank Pat Robert Kent Ryan
1 Bartschi McNeill Bartschi Scheifele
2 Klefbom Scheifele McNeill McNeill
3 Grimaldi Bartschi Phillips Jurco
4 Scheifele JT Miller Grimaldi Bealieu
5 McNeill Oleksiak Siemens Oleksiak

Robert on his choices: 

1. Mark McNeill: A physically mature right shooting center that could slide to the wing if need be is pretty much right in the sweet spot for Calgary. Unless the issues are severe, I always look at motivational questions about 18 year olds with a bit of a jaundiced eye, since, you know, they’re 18. If that’s the main beef people have with McNeill, he should be OK.
1A. Mark Scheifele: Another center with potentially good physical tools and likely a smidge more skill than McNeill. The two of them are pretty close in the eyes of most observers, with Scheifele having a small edge in the rankings. He’s more finesse than power at this age, but he’ll have a year or two at least before he tangles with men. I’d be fine with either guy
3. Sven Bartschi: Skilled winger that’s a bit small, and he’s been a 5’9" power player in the Dub. That won’t fly in the bigs, so he might have to re-invent himself somewhat to find an effective role as a pro. Nice enough player, though, and his compete level is good. He’s a notch below the first two guys just based on stature, because the skill levels are pretty analogous.
4. J.T. Miller: Power center that’s already fairly mature physically, but his skill level looks a bit below the top three. He still seems fairly solid with all that said, and his downside might not fall past third line forward, which isn’t optimal for the 13th pick, but it’s that sort of draft. I’d likely be about as content with Armia or a few other guys as Miller, to be honest.
5. Jameson Oleksiak: If the Flames are going to take a defender, which I wouldn’t necessarily advocate, they might as well take a player that could be a top two guy based on his physical gifts. The fact that he survived in the NCAA as teenager is a good sign, and since his skating seems at least acceptable for a big defender, there might be something there. If his top level is more Hal Gill than Tyler Myers, c’est la vie. Duncan Siemens would be OK as a defence pick as well, but I saw just enough of him this year on the tube to wonder what the fuss was about.

Ryan defenders his picks:

Mark Scheifele: Not too many overagers on a bad Barrie team, and he still put up 22-53-75 as a 17-year-old. He also led Canada in scoring at the U18s a while back, and if he’s around, I’d hope Calgary would jump on him. Big boy, too.

Mark McNeil: He had 80 points in 71 games, and he plays a very sound game at both ends of the ice, and "people" "say" he could "be" a latter-day Ryan Getzlaf.

Tomas Jurco: RW – So handsy. So skilled. Check YouTube.

Nathan Beaulieu: He’s a good defenseman and Calgary seems to be able to develop those, and those only, these days. He might be the best available at 13.

Jamieson Oleksiak:  Saw him a couple times this year playing for Northeastern and he’s big and occasionally drifts into meanness. He’ll get the chance to develop both that and his offensive game in college.

Pat’s thinking was explained in this post earlier.
Some interesting names. As I mentioned on Flamesnation radio yesterday, things open up a great deal after the top-tier of talent in this draft, so narrowing down the choices even at 13 was a difficult task. If we score each choice above according to his FN ranking, we get this consensus board:

Player Rank points
McNeill 14
Bartschi 13
Scheifele 11
Grimaldi 4
Klefbom 4
Phillips 3
Oleksiak 2
Miller 2
Beaulieu 2
Siemens 1

I assigned points in a "reverse order" (ie: first ranked gets five points, second gets four, etc) in order to get the consensus list. Unsurprisingly, Mark McNeill comes out on top, although Bartschi and Scheifele aren’t far behind. If the Flames indeed end up with two first rounders in the teens today, the "sceond tier" headed up by Grimaldi et al. would become the list for the second pick I think. Feel free to vote for who you think the Flames will take in the poll at right. Of course, if a high-ranked guy like Zibanejad or Murphy falls to Calgary, all bets are off.

Make sure to join us tonight for the FN live chat. We’ll get things going around 4:30pm MST.

  • ALSO LOL @ RYAN SMYTH AND LOL @ THE FLAMES, apparently he’s not lifting his NTC yet till him and his agent can talk to the oilers some more about the return so that he can go to the Oil.

    Pretty sad when someone wants to badly get out of LA to be closer to family in Alberta and he doesn’t want to come to Calgary./

  • remember last year how some guys were calling for calgary to tank and get a high draft pick… well if we go after smyth, let tanguey walk, trade regehr… you got your wish. I’m not saying it’s bad but I don’t think we’ll have a competative team next year and that means a high draft pick next year along with way more cap space.

  • coptin_

    i think even with tangs ang reggie i dont see the current roster making the playoffs anyway.most teams are getting younger and faster,we just get old.maybe king is in charge and feaster is just a puppet,or edwards is and he obviously dont know hockey.any way it only gets worse from here,WERE THE NEW EDMONTON

  • PDumes

    If the Flames are so horny for Smyth why not wait a year when he’s on sale (UFA) and they don’t need to mortgage the future to get him.

    The very last thing the Flames should be doing is moving picks & prospects for short term gains.

      • Flamin Cannot's

        It looks like you’re right. If it’s 5th round or beyond the deal isn’t bad, but you’re as you mention the salary leaves the team dry-humping the cap with more roster spots to fill.

        Stajan’s salary is really becoming a huge issue. Imagine if the cap didn’t jump to 64+ Million.

        Still fired up about 13 + 16 today though (if that’s what Regehr turns into).

  • mayhemsince1977

    This Smyth situation is starting to sound similar to offering a contract to an RFA just to make the other team pay more than it wants to (refer to the Kesler signing a few years back).