Draft Day Two Open Thread



It’s been quite a ride already with the Flames keeping 13th overall and picking Sven Bartschi and then trading Robyn Regehr, but the draft isn’t even half over yet. Today the action resumes at 9am MST.

The Flames still have four more picks to make this year, assuming no more trades are made:

– 45th (2nd round)

– 57th (second round)

– 104th (4th round)

– 164th (6th round)

Both second rounders are from the Erixon deal. There are quite a few interesting names left on the list of eligibles currently, including Rocco Grimaldi and Bartschi linemate Ty Rattie, both of whom were considered first round talents on a lot of lists. Swedish center Victor Rask is still on the board, as are Brandon Saad, Boone Jenner and Thomas Jurco. A few other sleepers to keep in mind are Daniel Catenacci, Seth Amborz and russian forward Alexander Khoklachev (76 points in the OHL last year). If the team wants to focus on defenders, David Musil and Adam Clendening will be available today. They come from opposite ends of the defender spectrum with Musil being a bigger, defensive-type and Clendening a smaller, mobile, offensive-type. 

The FN crew will be taking in the action from various angles today. We’ll stop by in the comments and have more content ready as things shake out.


  • Emir

    Plus put yourself in that business decision. Want to increase profits by 3 million next year? Just give up a gamble, thats all you need to do. As much as we all want to win win win, if the core organization isn’t making money they will peace out when it gets tough.

    Plus we need to build a new arena and the org is aware of that and needs to get all the cash it can get cuz the provincial govt won’t give up jack for a new building.

      • Emir

        The feds are not interested in giving away hundreds of millions of dollars to already rich owners just so we can keep a team here. And I agree with them.

        Look at all the teachers who just got turfed. 300 peoples lives who were impacted, PLUS we now have a glut of teaching grads who have to get jobs elsewhere after doing 4-6 years of university at the low low cost of $6500 per year PLUS living expenses.

        So with that said, yeah we can win a cup and every player award and the govt won’t give a dime. They got bigger issues than a sports team.

        • Brent G.

          Yeah I’m not disagreeing with you, happy as hell that the Feds didn’t cave into quebec, 600million for that arean, a new 500-600million arena for the Roughriders, probably a new one for CFL team in atlantic canada, both arenas for the Flames and Oilers, and the list can keep going on. I’m just agreeing saying we won’t see any federal or provincial dough, we may see some city money, but I wouldn’t hold out for that.

          The thing what I was saying for the second thing, is if they don’t feild a competitive team they are not gonna get fan money to build a new building and no one else is gonna come along and help them out if the team starts going lame duck.

  • Emir

    Wow, a few months back everyone wanted Kotalik basted and out of town for any deal, now everyone is complaining we got rid of him! You can’t have it both ways. Just because no big flashy names came back to Calgary doesn’t mean the whole logistics of the deal doesn’t improve the team in the future and provide flexible cap space (alla Tanguay and maybe another free agent).

    But I do wish that any new Flames GM has to sign a deal to never trade a second round pick the next five years, it has left a hole in our talent pool for years since Sutter called the shots. We did over pay the second rounder to unload Kotalik, maybe that money gets us a decent UFA.

    • Emir

      I like it, great pick actually. Its the 4th round so this is the perfect place to start going for the hail mary’s. Worst case scenario he winds up no better that Sutters picks lol. But I like it, I think small guys don’t get looked at enough especially in the new age of the NHL.

  • Brent G.


    Given your initial impressions on the draft choices (excluding the Regher, Tanguay or Babchuk deals) what are your initial thoughts on the choices of who they have selected?

    I dont know a lot about the last 3 picks but all do seem alright.

    • Bartschi and Granlund are guys I had in mind, so I’m okay. I’m also gald they have focused on forwards. Wotherspoon played with Bartschi and was picked right about where he was projected, so that’s okay.

      Seems like a decent enough draft.

  • First Name Unidentified

    I posted this on other thread, but will post it here too, since this is busier. Only because i’m still outraged:

    This is great platform to unite all the genuine Flames fans and to voice our need to rid us of the newspaper peddling bully KK. I say, let’s start a thread where we vote to get him and the lawyer (who couldn’t really cut it as even a half-assed lawyer in the corporate world and chose hockey instead) run out of town.

    THESE TWO CLOWNS NEED TO BE RUN OUT OF TOWN NOW. RIGHT NOW, before we become the Isles or the Panthers of the league.

    I am also beginning to think that the ownership doesn’t give a sh!t either. They are happy with this team being run into ground AS LONG AS THE ‘DOME GETS FILLED EVERY NIGHT.

    I’M OUTRAGED!! TOTALLY DISGUSTED. King, please do us all a favor and cover your face with the black newspaper ink that you were given as a golden parachute package when you were told to fu$k off from the media industry and that hid in your basement.


  • Dr. Nick

    I wonder what Iggy thinks about what has gone down today. I’m sure he is glad to have Tangs back, but has Flames management really shown him evidence that they are seriously trying to compete for a Stanley Cup?

  • Emir

    I don’t really think things are as bad as some of you are making out. Feaster just got rid of 7 million in salaries and even including the raise for Tanguay they still are about 5 million to the good that can be used for a couple of decent free agents. Also I think Feaster will still work to get some other idiot team (they are out there somewhere) to take Hagman and Stajan off of our hands. I think that there are a few teams that need to bring in enough salaries to get to the salary cap floor. Give the guy some time and then complain come September if he does not manage to do some more good things. And remember that Tanguay and Iginla are great together. I think that some of the newly available money will get us a decent defenseman or 2. The one other guy that I think needs to be traded while he has value is Kiprusoff, he has not really been consistently good for 3 years now and at his age will only slip more.