AGM and Duane Sutter News



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We’re going to continue draft weekend coverage in earnest here at FN with profiles of Byron and Butler coming up in the next few days, as well as some more personal anecdotes from the excursion to Minnesota.

For now, there’s been some minor Flames news broken on twitter today. FAN960’s Dean Molberg tweeted that the Flames terminated Duane Sutter today. Duane was the director of player personnel and is probably a casualty of Feaster deciding to sweep the vestiages of the prior regime out of the organization, which was probably inevitable. Ron Sutter was at the draft this weekend and remains a scout for the org, but I’d say his days are probably numbered as well, simply as a matter of course. I’d say Brent Sutter is the only one of the clan who is safe from the axe, at least in the short-term.

Also, HNIC’s Elliote Friedman tweeted tonight that Bruins scout (and former NBA GM??) John Weisbrod is in line to become Calgary’s next assist general manager. I don’t know what connection Weisbrod has to Feaster nor what his qualifications are outside of a few years exeprience in the NHL as a scout, but I’m sure more information will come out if/when the hiring is confirmed.

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  • Michael

    I bet Weisbrod’s experience with the NBA cap is one of the reasons he is being hired. The NBA’s soft cap is convoluted that the NHL’s hard cap should be much easier for him to deal with.

  • Man after reading that guys Wikipedia page I see nothing wrong with his hockey background, but I am curious on how the F this guy went from the IHL to the GM of the Orlando Magic. Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode where an unemployed George was talking to Jerry about job possibilities and suggested becoming the GM of a professional sports franchise. Jerry said those don’t come along too much. Guess he never considered the Orlando Magic!

  • Interesting move.

    Sounds to me like he’s a “cap-ologist”. I thought the Flames already had one of those. I wonder if the plan here is to expand the respective roles of Craig Conroy and Michel Goulet.

  • Michael

    Connection to Feaster…

    Feaster: Former Tampa GM

    Weisbrod: Orlando NBA GM (and GM of the old IHL Orlando team). And acccording to his wikipedia entry was a scout based out of Tampa after leaving his NBA job.

    Not inconceivable that they knew each other in Tampa.

  • Dr. Nick

    The Flames Management is driving me crazy…. First I am happy that a D. Sutter was fired, then sad that there was still a Sutter scout, then I was mehhhh about Brent Sutter being safe from the axe, then confused about why we are considering AGMs with NBA experience who have received death threats for trades they made and like to fire coaches.

    I feel like I am being forced to choose between hibernating for the summer, wearing a Sensory Deprivator 5000 or making a reservation for a spot in the nuthouse.

    Cheers to the Calgary Magic!

  • Michael

    He was the very successful GM of the old IHL Orlando Solar Bears, which were owned by the same company that owned the Magic. Guess they liked his minor pro hockey work so much they moved him to basketball.

    I think his stint in the NBA is pretty relevant – he was given the nasty task of blowing up a crappy, expensive veteran team, including trading its popular superstar Tracy McGrady. Though the McGrady trade didn’t turn out so well (just in terms of getting value for your assets), it probably had to be done. He was pretty hated and controversial at the time, but in retrospect he did a pretty good job of setting up a very solid team – including the risky and not-at-all obvious move of drafting Dwight Howard at #1.

    On the hockey side, he’s been a scout for pretty good orgs – NJ in the 90s and Dallas and Boston since he left the NBA. Was the head of college scouting for Boston, so that’s probably a sign…

  • Michael

    As I’ve said, 2 sutters down, 2 more to go and one more Button. Just weird how, “I’m not a hockey guy” Feaster wants to bring in an NBA guy. Um didn’t the NHL try that with the commish and what has that gotten us? I think that Feaster may be a little bit more sly than I give him credit. He’s slowly moving the team into rebuild condition. What I see happening, Flames near bottom again by Dec and brent is given the pink slip. Unfortuneatly the guy Feaster wants has failed even more miserably as a head coach, hartsburg.

  • Michael

    One of my biggest issues with the Flames has been the lack of development of a number of our prospects. Whether this is purely a development issue, or partly a drafting issue is hard to tell, but either way I’m not surprised to see Duane leave…

    After this weekend, we need an AGM with solid hockey credentials (to counter Feasters lack of them)… maybe an experienced scout would work, but only hire top notch talent!

  • Magic fan here. Weisbrod finagled his way into the GM job with the Magic the same way Feaster did with the Flames. Weisbrod actually appointed himself as GM too! He was a horrible horrible GM and if it weren’t for him picking Dwight Howard over Emeka Okafor, Orlando probably would not have an NBA franchise today. (I mean Feaster managed to pick Stamkos under OK Hockey’s direction, the same way Weisbrod selected the player ownership wanted with Howard.) He subsequently quit before Dwight ever played his first game to become a scout with the Dallas Stars (that says everything). Inside word was he was chased out of town. This is another ill advised move coming from none other than K Squared with the assistance of his idiot goon Feaster. What connection does Weisbrod have? None really, other than Feaster and Weisbrod probably co-oped some cheesy charity functions when they were both unqualified GMs along the I-4 corridor in Florida. (The Lightning are essentially, Orlando’s local NHL team.) Following the Flames is going to be brutally painful the next few years. This sucks.