Brad Richards Update

Darren Dreger passed along the information on Friday afternoon the Calgary Flames had got themselves in on the Brad Richards sweepstakes, presenting their own offer to the free agent centre.  The latest bit of information from Dreger has the Rangers as the front runner, with Calgary "very much in the hunt".  Flames GM Jay Feaster has a history with Richards from their time in Tampa, so it makes sense the team would at least put an offer in.

Nothing official is coming from the Flames, as you’d expect, with Jay Feaster not able to discuss anything that could or could not be in the works.  "I truly can’t talk about any specific players that we may or may not have talked to," said Feaster, taking part in his first July 1st at the helm of the Flames.  Brad’s a great guy," Feaster did say, "we had a special relationship from our time in Tampa.  You don’t win a Stanley Cup and not have a special relationship.  He’s a super young man."

Financially and cap wise, I have no doubt the Flames could finesse this thing to happen.  With where the Flames currently, I do wonder why Richards would pinpoint Calgary as a destination.  That said, if the team is offering the best term and the best dollars, why wouldn’t he consider the Flames, and there is of course the connection with Feaster.  I’m still skeptical this thing ends up going Calgary’s way, but I’m also willing to keep an eye on it.

  • Canucks Suck

    Maybe if Feaster is working on signing Richards, he is also working on a deal to trade Stajan and Hagman. One can hope!

    And Pat, just for you: do you wanna.. do do you wanna know? 🙂

  • Canucks Suck

    I think it’s pretty far flung that they could snag him. It’s a happy thought, though.

    I truly think if he’s coming to the Flames, it would be because of Iginla, Feaster and Calgary’s tropical climate.

    Even with finesse, I don’t think they can put the dollars together to match whatever hammer Sather will drop.

    We can hope though, right?

  • RKD

    Richards would finally be the #1 center Calgary has been coveting.

    Richards, Iggy and Tanguay would be a very dangerous first line. I don’t know what kind of appetite Richards would have coming to Calgary since the Flames have missed the playoffs for two years in a row.

    The Flames were close both years, a few more wins here and there and they would have been in.

    Richards wants to win a Cup again. If the Flames do bring him on, they would have to move some salaries out.

  • Arik

    Wow. Apparently Iggy is spending his birthday helping with the proposal. Tangauy is in it as well.

    I am on the fence as to if I want this to be a success. Very exciting though.

  • PDumes

    Iginla seems to be the main driving force behind this, wanting Brad Richards. He deserves that right.

    Also we now know why that second was included in the Regehr/Kotalik trade.

  • thymebalm

    If Richards isn’t our best bet to be competitive and use our best assets (tangs, iggy) effectively, than I don’t know what is. ZERO PPG centers hit the free agency market, and they don’t grow on draft trees either. Flames make a pitch to strengthen the top line and shelter our decent middling scorers like Bourque, Moss, Glencross (all 20+ scorers) than we’ve got ourselves one potent offense. We will need a magic year from someone on the backend though.

  • PDumes

    Feaster doesn’t want the Flames to die just yet, and this is all Iginla, he called Brad earlier in the day.

    Best birthday present Iggy could ever get, if this deal goes down.

      • PDumes

        Well I know it’s split 50/50 down the middle, some want a rebuild, some want to stay competitive. I woke up this morning fully expecting the Flames to do at least something, and I was really in the boat of rebuild.

        Now this just goes to show how much Feaster wants to win and how he cares about bringing a cup here, and if he can some how magically court Brad Richards into coming here. I think we’ll all have a smile on our face. Of course if it doesn’t work out after he signs, we’re all pissed!

        But that’s what is with the love/hate of Free Agency day.

  • PDumes

    Also put me in the boat of looking at Vancouver and not being overly impressed with their lineup. Yeah they were the best team in the league, but they’re getting old and also have a sh*t organizational depth.

  • I have to admit, I’m pretty surprised by this turn of events. I will be eating a lot of crow if Feaster pulls this off. I’m not sure that Richards would be my first choice #1 center to pay big money/term, but I guess I could live with it.

    Free agency is pretty much the only way that we can ever land somebody like Richards. We won’t be trading for an elite centre any time soon…

    • Ha. As far as I know Crosby, Getzlaf, and Toews aren’t available so I would take him.

      If Feaster some how pulls this off its Regher, Kotalik, and a 2nd for Richards, Butler, and Brydon.

      Doesn’t work that way obviously. But does make the Regher dump a bit easier to swallow. At lest to me.

  • My gut says Richards does not sign with the Flames, but there are two things that play in Calgary’s favor:

    First, there’s the Feaster connection. Second, I’m sure the Flames have sold him on next summer, saying they can really go make some huge splashes after this season.

    As for my feelings…I’m not sure this is the smartest move for Calgary. I still believe this team is a number of years away from truly being competitive, ie competing for a Cup. I’d rather have a number one centre in his prime at that time, and not a 34 or 35 year old Richards.

  • Dr. Nick

    Just one of those stupid things that comes out of my head full of useless information.

    Brad was picked by Tampa Bay with a Calgary Flames third round pick and Sandy MaCarthy sent to Tampa in the trade for Jason Weimer.

    Doesn’t mean anything, just thought of it while reading FN. Like I said. A head full of useless information.

  • Greg

    Looking at that rangers roster, I actually think calgary’s might be more enticing for Richards. They’ve got the better goalie, and some young stud defencemen, but I would think centering iginla and tanguay would be more appealing than gaborik and, um, wolski? Nice job by slats to sign fedetenko and sweeten the pot a bit though. But still, it’s not a roster that will be getting a sniff at the cup anytime soon either.

    I’d bet it’s coming down to New York for the city, travel, taxes, and proximity to home, versus Calgary for a better group of guys to play and travel with. It’ll be interesting to see which one wins out tomorrow.

    • Jeff Lebowski

      IMO Kipper is the best goalie in the league. I’m not concerned with stats, when I watch Kipper play, he makes saves no other goalies make. No one else is as athletic or fast. I’ve criticized Sutter but that move was brilliant.
      So I think the draw for Calgary is Iginla and Kipper.

      • I’m drunk right now, so I don’t know how this comment will turn out, but:

        The stats do matter. they are the most basic metric of skill level-especially EVSV% while tied. Kipper was not good last year, and no amount of athleticism overcomes raw skill-which at this point for him has diminished greatly.

  • Dr. Nick

    I think there is too much going in the Rangers favour for them to lose this bidding war to the Flames. Playing for Feaster won’t overcome the fact that Richards will get more money, have a better chance of making the playoffs, be able to play for Torts, and be able to play in the East (which he has stated he would like to do) if he signs with NY.

    I do appreciate the fact that the Feast is making an effort, but I think it would be better for him to hop off the Brad Richards bandwagon, after all, Zach Parise might be available next year.

  • THERE IS NO WAY he comes to Calgary. IF he does I’ll sell wear a Flames jersey the first game my team plays you next year. Calgary is a DUMP compared to New York. He wants to win the cup, not finish 10th every year. Great signings Calgary, Carter Banacks really?

    • Dr. Nick

      New York is not the mecca of talent either, and while the Rangers finished higher in the standings in their conference the last two seaons, Calgary had more points than them in those seasons while playing in a tougher conference. So, Brad Richards may sign in NY, but it won’t be because of the depth of their talent.

      As for the Calgary lack of free agent signings, at least they didn’t sign a contract they’ll regret later. Ask Buffalo in a couple of years how great the Ehrhoff and Leino contracts are, or hell, ask Slats how the Drury, Redden and Gomez contracts worked out.

    • Captain Ron

      Your blind faith predictions are laughable Todd. Hows that choke show game seven swallow going. At least when we lost a game seven for the cup in 04 our team showed up unlike your group of diving whiners. Oh Manny’s back now we’re so scared. Louongo is a screen door in a submarine. Last time I saw your downtown it WAS the dump. Chicago just reloaded and they’ll kick your keister next time you meet them. Loser.

  • Dr. Nick

    Sounds like most are hoping we manage to sign Richards.

    I will say this. Last season I suggested the Flames try and acquire Lecavlier. People were really down on that. Worst contract in the league and all that.

    Lecavlier’s contract goes for 9-more seasons with a 7.7m cap hit. It will expire when he is 40.

    The rumored contract to Richards will go for 9-seasons with a 7.2m cap hit. It will expire when is 40.

    The players have similar roles. They play in similar circumstances. Counting numbers are similar. Though Richards gets more PP and EV time since the emergence of Stamkos.

    Not trying to defend my previous position on Lecavlier or say told you so. Just wondering if people are really comfortable with the contract. Or if we are just caught up in the moment.

    Personally I am still for it. I think Iggy deserves a legitimate centre. Of course I was okay with trying for Lecavlier’s contract as well.

    • Greg

      Interesting observation. I don’t really like the contract and am not that comfortable with the signing, and can admit I’m just caught up in the moment. But I’ll be happy either way it goes at this point. It’d be fun having something exciting to look forward to this season if he does sign, it’ll be a relief if he doesn’t.

    • Greg

      Actually… If those contracts are so similar, does that mean we’re going after lecavalier if we don’t get Richards??? I know his counting stats aren’t as good, but how do his underlying numbers look? If he’s a tougher minutes center than Richards and Feaster has room to make this kind of offer anyway… Would a Stajan, Hagman, and joking for lecavalier trade make sense?

      • Greg

        I doubt it. Tampa won’t trade him, and he has a NMC. I heard Feaster had interest in Spezza, but that sounds like a leap to me.

        My best guess is we go after Connolly.

        • Greg

          You know, Feaster does have a relationship with Vinny & his biggest career moment was against Calgary. If we could unload Stajan & get Tampa’s 2012 1st & 2nd & Lecalvier. That deal does make sense. Calgary’s cap hit only goes up by 4.2 mil & it frees Yzerman up to resign Stamkos & Hedman(next year). Now that would be worth that awful contract.

          • Not a chance. I don’t think LA or TOR take Lecavalier so there may be a small market for him. Which may reduce the assets required to get him IF they actually decide to trade him and IF Vinny agrees to waive his NMC. But no way do they take Stajan and give us a 1st and 2nd pick.

          • Greg

            Well, maybe a 1st & 2nd is a stretch, I guess all depending how desperate Yzerman is if a Offer Sheet comes in on Stamkos. Stajan would have to be in it & freeing up 4.2Mill for Tampa would be huge for them, would love to see a 1st rounder come back with Vinny. I do think it would be worth the dialogue between Feaster & Yzerman to even see if Vinny would come to Calgary. If I were Yzerman, save Stamkos or save Lecalvier, no brainer.

          • thymebalm

            If it was between Lecavalier and Stamkos of course he picks Stamkos. Every time.

            But it isn’t. He might loose Purcell. He might not be able to bring on another top 6 winger. But he isn’t going to loose Stamkos. At least not so he can keep Vinny.

            Depending on his budget maybe he trades Vinny. But I don’t see him taking on a questionable contract and giving up picks to do it. Especially after 4-teams were in line to give Richards essentially the same contract.

  • Greg

    Actually, one other question… Calgary came out of nowhere last night on this, which makes me think it was plan b, especially since they didn’t send anyone in person like the other bidders did. so what was Plan a? Who do you think they were going after and lost out on yesterday before deciding to go this route?