Anton Babchuk Update



According to agent Jay Grossman, Anton Babchuk is near to signing a two-yer deal with the Calgary Flames.

I’ve made my feelings on Babchuk pretty clear in the past. His lone noteworthy skill is his big shoot, which is pretty useful whenever he’s in the offensive zone. He’s a fairly limited player otherwise, however, and will have to be actively sheltered much the same way he was last year in order to be truly effective. He has never played in a top-four role in the NHL, so the goal should be avoid paying him like a top-four defender.

More analysis when things are made official.

UPDATE – Twitter reports are trickling in indicating the deal has been signed. Still waiting on terms.

UPDATE II – Flames have announced the official terms as $2.5M per year for two years. We’ll cover this signing more completely as the week moves along.

  • MC Hockey

    Thansk Kent. I can be overly emphatic at times (re Zone Start) but I hope my 10 comparables make sense. Looking at “the market” of recent offensive-D-man signings, I still think Babchuk is underpaid at 2.5M

  • MC Hockey

    The Flames are back around 10+ NTC/NMC on the team. They’re handing these out like candy. How many other teams out there have more than 3 or 4 on their team. They cant’ keep giving these out. Feaster must grow a pair and say NO! What are they going to do now, give a guy a 2 way contract with a NTC? Man I have some words I just can’t say on this site.

  • MC Hockey

    Haha I would take barker in a heart beat. Why is it that the only way flames can sign a player is to offer a NYC or NMR?

    Seriously your organization is in serious trouble. You have zero prospects… Well I guess you have Erixon. Right?

    Calgary has the worst contracts in the NHL… No questions asked. I hope you guys arevready for the oilers to kick your butts. We finish dead last and we still love our team. You miss the playoffsbtwice and all I hear now is how much people hate the flames now.

    Haha I love watching your pathetic team suffer. Hope iffy brings his A game… You guys are dead!!

    • MC Hockey

      As usual, Oiler fans back up their comments with lots of FACTS. Good job jr_christ….you show us why the good jobs (for intelligent people) are in Calgary and the slugs work for us in Edmonton. Maybe Sarich takes Barker’s head off in first match-up and Barky’s concussion comes back.

      • MC Hockey

        No problem. We’ll let hordichuck take care of bourque and Eager absolutely crush Iggles.

        I have more facts about my hockey team than you do…. Believe me. Win a second cup or keep your mouth shut.

        I actually live in Calgary but am from Penticton. One thing for sure is people in BC have a he’ll of a lot more respect for Edmonton than Cowville. No one likes you…haha love it.

        Oilers 5 flames 1… Book it cow girls.

        Hey you all excited for “the greatest outdoor show on earth”. Pathetic. Maybe you can build your rides properly so people don’t end up in the hospital again.

  • As far as Feaster & NTC / NMC, the guy got Regehr to go to freaking Buffalo, don’t think its huge issue. I would imagine that throwing in a clause on the contract lends to bargaining on $ with the player.

    • Haha… Yeah I do work 12 hour days. However, I also have a corner office in eau Claire with a view of prince’s park. So I wouldn’t bother trying to convince yourself you have a better job than me… Believe me… You don’t.

    • Why don’t you really become a true Oiler’s fan and finally admit that you overpaid for Smyth. His best days are behind him and also realize that all your talented players upon reaching UFA status, choose to go to real cities, not cities filled with hillbillies like you. Get a job and most importantly get off welfare.

    • Reidja

      Got to give it to you, how you are able to translate Smyth’s grunts and gestures is something absolutely familial.

      On Babs, I’d like to see how he progressed throughout last season because I recall him getting more PK time and harder comp toward the end (admittedly, I have no numbers to back this up). I also recall Sutter talking about Babs having a desire to learn defence that I’m encouraged by. I’m willing to bet that this signing is a confirmation that Sutter believes he will grow into a more well rounded player.

      Having said all that, I’m still not sure who’ll play 3/4. Maybe:

      (had to add in a line combo because everyone loves those in July right?)

  • The largest problem I have with the Regehr trade is that we had to include a 2nd round pick – without this pick, we are unable to tender certain RFAs an adequate offer sheet. We should have thrown in a third or fourth rounder.

    Regarding Babchuk, term is decent, money is meh. He got overpaid somewhat. But at least we didn’t re-sign Ian White at the $2.75M or whatever he got, and at least we didn’t sign Ehrhoff or Souray.

  • Dr. Nick

    I love when Oiler fans bash the Flames. Every argument on why the Oilers rule is because of their young up and coming prospects… blah blah blah. If only the Flames read the Oilers guide to success, I think it goes something like this…

    Step 1) Don’t try to win.

    Step 2) Finish dead last.

    Step 3) Trade players for draft picks and prospects.

    Step 4) Get Top 5 draft pick.

    Step 5) Pray for luck.

    Step 6) Rinse and Repeat until it’s time to gloat.

    By the way Oiler Fans, here is a little trivia tid bit for you….. the Calgary Flames have never finished last in the NHL, even as the Atlanta Flames.

  • Captain Ron

    Babchuck, as limited as he is ended up being one of the most useful D-Man on the UFA market. Plenty of teams could use that rocket shot on the PP. Still not worth 2 years or 2.5mill

  • A few random thoughts:

    I think the Babs contract could have been better but overall I like the “non-deals” thus far. I am not expecting too much out of this team this year and better to not handcuff us for years to come with stupid contracts.

    I still am baffled by the Erhoff contract. To me that is the worst of the bad ones dolled out in the past few days.

    Unless we can pull a Burke and get some decent players (top six or top 3,4 D) from a team looking to dump salary we are pretty much hooped for next year. I may have missed something but TO seemed to have really won that one. I realize that Lombardi is injured but even if he doesn’t suit up he will not count against the cap. Franson seems like the real deal (though I am not sure of his advanced stats).

    Based on some of the contracts out there now you have to believe that there may now be a market for Stajan or Hags? Even if it’s for a crappy pick. Someone willing to take a chance perhaps. There are worse options out there for sure.

    • Franson played pretty much the same role as what Babchuk did for us. Everyone in the Toronto Media says that Burke just picked up a LEGIT top 4 d-man, but Franson has NEVER been a top 4 d-man, he was used on the 3rd pairing exclusively and had less minutes at 5on5 than Shane O Brien, that in and of itself is VERY telling of what Trotz thought of his defensive abilities. Toronto may have very well picked up a defensively WORSE player than Babchuk and they are both offensively similar, though Franson should have a higher ceiling offensively because he’s younger.

  • makes you wonder, why the flames traded rags and a second when it appears that feaster had options. pardy versus badchuk. i think feastmeister had a man crush on the ukrainian trainwreck.capable of 50 points, ha.

  • Reidja

    I wasn’t trying to disrespect Giordano as he has been a consistent player both offensively and defensively for the Flames. I was only trying to say that I think that Babchuk is improving and has some great qualities that the Flames really need. I like this defense core, as it may be a little more mobile rather than looking to just pound the opposition. It’s what we have so we might as well be positive.