Anton Babchuk Update



According to agent Jay Grossman, Anton Babchuk is near to signing a two-yer deal with the Calgary Flames.

I’ve made my feelings on Babchuk pretty clear in the past. His lone noteworthy skill is his big shoot, which is pretty useful whenever he’s in the offensive zone. He’s a fairly limited player otherwise, however, and will have to be actively sheltered much the same way he was last year in order to be truly effective. He has never played in a top-four role in the NHL, so the goal should be avoid paying him like a top-four defender.

More analysis when things are made official.

UPDATE – Twitter reports are trickling in indicating the deal has been signed. Still waiting on terms.

UPDATE II – Flames have announced the official terms as $2.5M per year for two years. We’ll cover this signing more completely as the week moves along.

  • As far as Feaster & NTC / NMC, the guy got Regehr to go to freaking Buffalo, don’t think its huge issue. I would imagine that throwing in a clause on the contract lends to bargaining on $ with the player.

    • Haha… Yeah I do work 12 hour days. However, I also have a corner office in eau Claire with a view of prince’s park. So I wouldn’t bother trying to convince yourself you have a better job than me… Believe me… You don’t.

      • My Worst Nightmare = NTC

        I also have a TERRIBLE feeling its closer to the 3M than the 1.5M.

        My guess is about 2.75M.

        Also VickiHall just tweeted that Feaster thinks that Babchuk could be a 50point guy, AARRGHGHGH, what are we gonna pay him like Erhoff as well AAAAAAHHHHH!!!

        • Also VickiHall just tweeted that Feaster thinks that Babchuk could be a 50point guy

          That’s just silly. Only nine defenders scored 50 or more points last year in the whole league. Babchuk has never even broke 40-points in his career.

          • Dr. Nick

            I agree with you, Vicki was just reporting what Feaster told her. And if thats Feasters thinking he may be a MUCH WORSE GM than we are led on to believe, cause that kinda thinking and hoping is not what this team needs. We need to take a realistic approach to our players and realisticly asses their potential. Didn’t Feaster just let go Carpentier, Armstrong, Pelech and Baldwin cause they assesed their potential and said they were not NHLers. So how does Feaster go from such an honest assesment and critical assesment to saying that Babchuk could be a 50 point guy?

          • What GM’s say to the media should always be taken with a grain of salt. They often use the MSM as an arm of the marketing wing as much as possible, meaning what hey say (“everything is great! Roses and unicorns!”) and what they think (“this guy will do in a pinch”) are not necessarily the same.

  • Not happy AT ALL about this, I thought with the Clay Wilson signing and all the analysis about him that he could be that 6th guy that could be the sheltered guy that could be very effective on the PP.

    Now what do we do with our Defence, After Gio and Jaybo we have what amounts to a GLUT of #5 Dmen. I mean Sarich can play the 3/4 role, but I don’t trust him to do it for an extended period of time.

    We have Butler, Carson, Brodie, Wilson as all guys who can have the 5/6 roles and now with Babchuk resigned who moves from that role and has to actually play meaningful minutes. Based on dollars it’s gonna be Babchuk paired with Sarich(I asume Babchuk is getting a raise on his dollars) and that is gonna be terrible.

  • Michael

    Babchuk certainly adds a different look to the powerplay, but I agree with Kent, he is not a top four d man… However, on the Flames he probably would be, Bowmeester, Gio, Sarich then Babchuk…
    Hardly an awe inspiring bunch..

    Babchuk in the $1.5 to $2.0 million range makes some sense, above $2 millioni’m not so sure…

    You have to think the coaches are going to have a hard time sheltering the bottom pair plus Babchuk…

  • I hope not. He’s a one dimensional player. Maybe better than an enforcer. I think this is Feaster realizing he cant get players he wants because people dont want to play for a non-playoff team. He doesn’t have a defensive skill to his tools. If you want a big shot, one of the forwards can do it. Again this is showing signs of insanity. Doing the same thing over again and expecting different results. Dont give me that “well they played well after December”. Look so did the leafs. But remember the Flames played with little pressure and like it was game 7 EVER SINGLE GAME! Who wants that? I think thats’ why players like Richards (who probably took a flyer because of Feaster)took a pass. He knows this is at least 3 years before they are back to a contender, with very little in the pipe. Look where they will be in 3 years, Jarome will be 37, Tanguay will be 34, Bourque will be 32, Gio will be 30, Glencross, 31, Stajan will be 30, Moss (if hes still here) will be 33, Jaybo will be 30, Kipper will be 37. Thats almost a third of your team over 30. Who’s coming up? Backlund is the only one so far looking to be a serviceable NHLer.

  • I agree with most people here. If Babchuk is given a 1.5M deal roughly I am ok with this. However, I fear it being far more than that, and that would be too much. Babchuk reminds me of Marc-Andre Bergeron, power play specialist but can’t defend.

  • Ya just read the article where Feaster believes he’s a 50 point man. I’m looking at the 50 point d-men, almost all were with offensively minded teams, like Detroit, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Vancouver. Calgary isnt one of those, heck they arent a defensive team either.

    • Flames were a decent offensive team, but to be a 50-point d-man you have to play a lot of minutes. Babchuk doesn’t, nor has he ever.

      The only guy who could probably sniff 50-points next season is Gio, because he’s likely to see 22+ minutes a night.

      • What I meant, is they dont appear to be a defensive team anymore. I recognized Reggies attributes helped the team. I agree, they have to play 20+ minutes to be up there. Gio very well could be a 50 pt man. But Babchuck may play 12-15 minutes because of his defensive liability.

          • Vintage Flame

            We have to realize that Sutter really set this team back in the last couple of years. This ship is way out of sync & we have to find the right balance. This year is going to be tough but there is light at the end of this year. Babchuk for no more than 2 years at 2.0Mill or less is OK. I’d be more concerned about term than the $$$. We have to throw the kids out there on defence. Poor Kipper is going to see a lot of rubber so Karlson MUST play at least 20-25 games this year. Things could be worse. Any injury to Gio or JBO will be disaster & result in a lottery pick for sure.
            The Reggie salary dump is the one I keep having to try and put past me. Feaster really thought he had a shot at Richards & did that, it wasnt to sign Tanguay. Now we gave up a Dman that could have netted us a 1st rounder at the trade deadline but instead we gave up our 2nd. Now we have cap space but nothing makes sense to spending it. God I loved what Mcphee did.

          • Vintage Flame

            Everyone has to get passed the Sutter ordeals as well. Yeah he made some REALLY bad moves and some even worse signings, but it is what it is now.

            Feaster looks like he’s on the rebuild not retool mentality, even if they don’t come out and say it.
            It is a 2 year deal for Babchuk, and I really don’t think we have to worry about a NT or NMC for him. Money ways I’m REALLY hoping no more than 1.5 per.

  • Dr. Nick

    There are plenty of reasons why the Flames could be offering a contract to Babchuk, and its not because he has a well rounded, top 4 game.

    Maybe the Flames have talked to the other UFA defensemen they are interested in but their contract demands were too high or they didn’t want to play in Calgary. Heaven knows Kaberle would demand more than he is worth after seeing the crazyness that just went on and he might not want to play in the West. McCabe is an older defenseman that maybe wants a longer term than Feaster wants to give out. But the reasons could go on and on, and unless I had a front row seat to the Jay Feaster show, I don’t know the exact reason for Feaster regulating himself to signing a second rate defenseman.

    On the other hand, perhaps Jay Feaster is too lazy to work the phones to get a better defenseman and just hit the Babchuk speed dial. I mean look at George McPhee this past weekend, the Feast should have been talking notes.

  • When Regehr was traded forvery little and it was called a salary dump I felt I would be patient and see what was eventually acquired by the salary room created.
    There would likely have been a package for Fransson to Nashville which should have been better than the Leafs package which basically got him without giving up an asset and Lombardi thrown in as well.
    I’m becoming more and more concerned that we dumped a top line defender ( one dimensional but very good at the one dimension) and are looking to sign another 1 dimensional defender.
    The Erixon trade is a move which will strengthen Abottsford which is simalar to the Regehr trade. Last year the Heat just missed the playoffs with the youngest team in the AHL. With the additions of Howse, etc. and the youngsters with 1 more year of experience they would have been stronger naturally but with the additions from the Erixon and Regehr trades and recent signings we seem to be building an AHL powerhouse which is fine.
    However I’m more concerned with the NHL product which compared to the team which ended the season has moved backward.

  • Vintage Flame

    I had a feeling Babchuk was going to be a signing we all had to deal with as fans.

    I certainly hope this signing isn’t any more than 1.5 Mil per. Have to assume he’s getting the raise but I hope they don’t go crazy for a guy that is probably going to get eaten alive this season give the current state of the Flames defense corps.

    I REALLY can’t see Feaster giving this guy a NTC. Just won’t happen. He doesn’t have the bargaining position to demand or warrant one. It would be a different story if he was putting up 50 pts.. which he will not do this season, but he’s not even close to it, so I think it’s a non-issue.

    Flames REALLY missed out in not signing Hejda, this guy went for a decent cap hit, and unless the Flames were out right refused by him, they messed up.

  • As it sits right now, barring any major trades, I don’t see how the Flames will not be picking in the top 5 of next years draft. Stajan, Lankow, ect will need career seasons for this team to be even close to a playoff spot. Kipper will be seeing alot of shots this year and there could be a few 7-2, 8-3 losses, this coming seasons.