Clay Wilson Update



You may missed it during the weekend flurry, but the Flames signed one of the highest scoring AHL defenders available in Clay Wilson. The 28-year old scored 60 points in 2009-10 for the Rochester Americans and followed that up with 48 points in 66 games last year. He also had a cup of coffee with the Florida Panthers, scoring five points in 15 games.

Wilson looks like AHL depth given his age a limited experience in the big league, but cap geek reported today via twitter that Wilson was actually granted a one-way deal in the second year of his contract. Meaning, regardless of where Wilson plays in 2012-13, he’ll make his NHL wage of $525,000.

Veteran AHLers with some NHL experience sometimes warrant such deals. Staffan Kronwall was also on a one-way contract when he arrived in Calgary, for example. Meaning, this doesn’t necessarily suggest that Feaster has Wilson earmarked for the big club the year after next. Still, it’s an…interesting decision.

For a more in depth look at Clay Wllson, check out this post over at M&G.

  • Maybe this signing means that they intend for Wilson to be the 6th/7th guy on the flames this season and brodie to be a 1/2 guy on the Heat this year rather then making him take the jump into the NHL this year and giving him one more season to develop.

    Also Wilson’s Salary in the AHL is 300,000, so his 525,000 Salary isn’t much of difference for his second year.

    • Im annoyed the Flames missed out on the opportunity too. That said, sometimes players sign certain places because of the perceived opportunity. The Preds definitely have more room to move up the depth chart than the Flames.

      • Couldn’t agree more, maybe the flames did go after him and offered him a deal but he chooses the Preds. Maybe he gets a bunch more ice time and PP time so he can get his stats back in order so he can sign a higher dollar/longer term deal next off season. With the flames at that salary if he didn’t start flying right from the start he was a waiver candidate.

  • Correct me if I’m wrong, but if the organization sends him to the AHL in year 2, he would have to clear waivers. That means that the experiment has failed, so he either gets claimed on waivers or he gets paid in the AHL (but he doesn’t count against the NHL cap).

    I don’t really see the downside, aside from the fact that the Flames organization ends up paying a higher salary in year 2.

  • Completely non scientific. But based on his 31 games in the NHL his point totals in an 82-game season are 10 goals and 20-points.

    If you consider that this was done in small chunks and with limited PP time it isn’t unreasonable that he could put up 15-goals and 30-points in a full season. Which is Babchuk numbers.

  • Reidja

    It is interesting that Berfors played 8 games for Sutter in 08-09 and 1 in the season before. Maybe Brent said something. I don’t think that is a large enough sample to nix this deal, personally.

  • Now Heatley ships out for Havlat. Really?! What is going on in the NHL? Things are being turned upside down at this point. Lebda and a nobody for Franson and Lombardi?

    At this point, Feaster’s “do nothing” stance is turning into a joke.

  • AND Talbot’s deal is now being examined by the NHL. I’m not even sure what to make of it all at this point. Shouldn’t Brad Richards’ deal be examined too if this contract violates the rules?

    Bergfors signs with Nashville, ok, they have better chances for him to move up, but I don’t believe this. Flames have very little forward depth – are we really in a position where players won’t even sign here for a decent deal? Minimum amount, we could have had him for slightly more.

    The West just got even worse – Heatley on the Wild, Bergfors on the Preds (along with all the other people), and the other teams signing players. What is Feaster doing? Are we really at the blowing up point where we sign nobody?

    I’m all for letting players like Sarich and Hagman run out their contracts, and then waiting. This just seems ridiculous though – does Feaster really want this team to implode?

    • Your take is such a gloom and doom portrayal. Quite honestly I couldnt be happier with what the Flames didn’t do. They dont need to be out overpaying stupid amounts of money of a bunch of ‘B’ grade players that do not help the team at all. Trying to build a team through big name Free Agency doesnt work and would only hinder their abilities after this year.

      I bet Feaster still makes a trade or two but they wont be making the playoffs this year unless they get someone really big so why bother giving Ryder 3+ million, Talbot 2+ million etc.

    • Gange

      Relax! Sure Bergfors for such a low price is an irritant but he isn’t going to change the face of this team.

      The biggest issue I had was pursuing Richards. Now that Richards has saved us from ourselves I’m pretty happy where we are. There is no need to panic.

      That said, if Vokoun could have been had for 1.5M that would have made a great goaltending tandem with Kipper. Of course he wouldn’t have signed into that situation but I can dream can’t I?

      So far for good with Feaster. We’ll see what happens going into the season though. This team still needs some blueline help.

    • I feel your pain. The truth is the Flames didn’t have much of anywhere to go this off-season given the circumstances. The budget is tight, the players are aging and CGY isn’t exactly a hot destination now that the club has missed the playoffs for two straight years in a row.

      I’ve kind of resigned myself to the club being middle-tier for the next couple of seasons. It’d be nice to see Feaster pull off some sort of miracle and right the ship, but that’s pretty unlikely.

    • The offseason was going okay in my opinion, we didn’t make any big mistakes, but we also didn’t pick up anyone that makes us better either.

      Picking up SoB ruins both of those, he is a mistake and would probably make us worse. Looking at his NSH numbers makes me worry immensly, and like we need to give VAN anymore PPs than it already gets.

    • Reidja

      That’s a disturbing rumor and when paired with the Babchuck rumor, we may have 7 or 8 bottom pairing defensmen and only 2 top 4s. Are we hoping for a couple of guys to have major breakthroughs? Our back end seems to be getting deeper but weaker.