Flames Development Camp This Week

37 Calgary Flames prospects will descend upon the Don Hartman NE Sportsplex for their annual development camp, and it’ll be our first chance to look at the 2011 draft class from Minnesota.  All on ice sessions are open to the public with the schedule included in this article, and while it’s not always the best way to scout players, it’s always fun to see potential future Flames put through the paces.  This year, there are a few names I’m looking forward to seeing.

Here is the schedule for the camp:

Monday July 4th, All Players 3:30 pm

Tuesday July 5th, Power Skating Group A 9:00 am
                                Power Skating Group B 10:30 am
                                Skill Development All Players 2:30 pm

Wednesday July 6th, Power Skating Group B 9:00 am
                                      Power Skating Group A 10:30 am
                                      Skill Development All Players 2:30 pm

Thursday July 7th, Power Skating Group A 9:00 am
                                  Power Skating Group B 10:30 am
                                  Skill Development All Players 2:30 pm

Friday July 8th, Skill Development All Players 9:00 am

The 37 players are split into two groups as opposed to working on skills positionally.  Here is the breakdown:

Group A

Bill Arnold, Centre, Boston College (Hockey East)
Sven Bartschi, LW, Portland (WHL)
Carter Bancks, LW, Abbotsford (AHL)
Lance Bouma, LW, Abbotsford (AHL)
Chris Breen, D, Abbotsford (AHL)
T.J. Brodie, D, Abbotsford (AHL)
Paul Byron, C, Buffalo (NHL)
Justin Dowling, C, Swift Current (WHL)
Turner Elson, LW, Red Deer (WHL)
Michael Ferland, LW, Brandon (WHL)
Patrick Holland, RW, Tri-City (WHL)
Nick Larson, LW, Notre Dame (CCHA)
Joey Leach, Kootenay (WHL)
Gaelan Patterson, C, Abbotsford (AHL)
Michael Quinn, D, Alaska-Fairbanks (CCHA)
John Ramage, D, Wisconsin (WCHA)
C.J. Severyn, LW, Ohio State (CCHA)

Group B

Scott Arnold, RW, Niagra (Atlantic)
Dan Bakala, G, Bemidji (WCHA)
Laurent Brossoit, G, Edmonton (WHL)
Bryan Cameron, RW, Abbotsford (AHL)
Dallas Ehrhardt, D, Moose Jaw (WHL)
Blake Gal, RW, Spokane (WHL)
John Gaudreau, LW, Dubuque (USHL)
Markus Granlund, C, HIFK Helsinki (Finland Elite)
Ryley Grantham, LW, Abbotsford (AHL)
Roman Horak, C, Chilliwack (WHL)
Ryan Howse, RW, Chilliwack (WHL)
Logan MacMillan, LW, Abbotsford (AHL)
James Martin, D, Kootenay (WHL)
John Negrin, D, Abbotsford (AHL)
Greg Nemisz, RW, Abbotsford (AHL)
Joni Ortio, G, TPS Turku (Finland Elite)
Max Reinhart, C, Kootenay (WHL)
Keith Seabrook, D, Manitoba (AHL)
Mitch Wahl, C, Abbotsford (AHL)
Tyler Wotherspoon, D, Portland (WHL)

Of note will be watching Howse and Horak play together in Group B, with the latter coming over as part of the forced Tim Erixon deal.  Howse was very excited to have Horak join the Flames and seeing them play together at development camp will be a good gauge as to what Calgary potentially has with one or both.  Group B also gives us our first look at four picks, with Markus Granlund and John Gaudreau being the most interesting case studies for me.  Granlund is said to have very impressive skill and offensive smarts, while the same is said about Gaudreau with a little more speed a more pint sized package.  Kootenay’s Max Reinhart had a great season and watching how he’s progressed in person is something I’m looking forward too.  Bryan Cameron had a rough transition from junior to pro, as he was a prolific scorer in the former, but you could certainly tell the guy could shoot it at camp last summer.

In Group A, Sven Bartschi will have the most eyes on him, being Calgary’s highest first round draft pick in a while, going 13th overall last month.  Watching him play on TV, you can tell he has high end skill and finishing ability, so it’ll be a treat to see that up close, even if it is in a development environment.  T.J. Brodie will continue to be a story, as many hope he’ll be able to crack the big team for the upcoming season, while some also have hopes Chris Breen might be able to push for a spot, so both will have lots of eyes on them.  John Ramage intrigues me, being the captain of a disappointing US entry at the World Juniors in Buffalo, but I think there is an NHL future for him.  Patrick Holland is the lone guy in this camp who will also attend Team Canada’s World Junior summer camp, and having not paid a ton of attention to him in the past, I’m eager to see what he’s all about.

Seven of the above players are not technically affilliated with the Flames but instead will join the camp on Amateur Try-out Agreements.  Those players are Scott Arnold, Bakala, Ehrhardt, Elson, Gal, Martin and Quinn.  Hope to see you down there this week!

    • “playing” is a strong word to use for the dev. camp. More like “skating well slowly up and down the ice”. The drills are aimed at improving and assessing very basic skills. Half the time they don’t have the puck on their sticks.

    • Flamin Cannot's

      Terrible, just TERRIBLE. He was okay as a stop gap, but I don’t see him getting any better than what he was, and he was paid okay for what he was. Giving him any significant raise is just stupid.

  • Derzie

    I’m really interested to see some of our young guys such as:
    Baertchi, Bancks, Brodie, Byron, Holland, Ferlander, Reinhart, Larson, Ramage, Gaudreau, Granlund, Horak, Howse, Nemisz, Seabrook, Wahl, Ortio, …well half of them now, which is a huge improvement from last year. Feaster has done a really good job of increasing our young scoring type players this year. Give me more hope for the future. I think all the players I listed above will end up playing in the NHL in the next 3 years, or less (Brodie this or next year, Howse next year or year after, Baertchi 2-3 years, Byron next year very small possibility of this year, Nemisz most likely next year or year after.)

    I’m more excited about these kids then some of the NHL guys we have. Maybe it is the new Rose coloured glasses I found by the Dome talking.

    Wish I could skip out on work for a few hours but alas not in the cards.

      • FrankTheTank

        How many years do you think Bartschi has left in the WHL? Just the 2011-2012 season then to Abby?

        It’ll be interesting to see Howse and Horak in the AHL. Hopefully they’ll add an offensive punch to the team.

        Just still wondering, if we cut Pelech lose, why not lose Negrin too? Those too go hand in hand, if you lose one, might as well forget the other.

        One last question: I’ve heard almost nothing about Mitch Wahl for a while. That injury he had really set him back? Or is that just heresay? Hopefully the latter.

        • Because he’s an older player in the WHL, it’s possible he’ll only have one more year before making the jump to pro. I guess it will depend on how he does in junior this year…if he crushes it, might as well get him in the AHL as soon as possible.

          I don’t know why you’d think Negrin and Pelech are connected…the former was selected two years later and is only 22-years old currently Negrin also has one more year left in his deal whereas Pelech is RFA.

          As for Wahl, he’s currently healthy, but that hit wiped out his whole season last year. He’s basically starting his pro career from scratch this season.