The August Doldrums



So we’ve entered the dreadful slow days of August. The lack of news and the warm weather combine to form the very worst days for NHL hockey coverage. Fear not, however, we here at FN have plans to find a way to keep the site lively.

In addition to continuing to dig through the numbers and diagnose the Flames ills, the FN contributor search "blogoff" will begin this week, with hopefuls submitting articles to the site. You, the helpful and friendly reader, will get to assign a score and provide some feedback which will help me make the ultimate decision of who to add to the roster.

After all that, I think it will be time for another photoshop contest in the spirit of Staois! Is! Available! I’m open to potential subjects or themes, but I’m leaning strongly towards Olli Jokinen as the focus (for obvious reasons). We will once again be giving out Hudson’s gift certificates to the winner(s).

Finally, Flames Nation radio is currently being discussed behind closed doors by shadowy men. We can’t divulge any details quite yet – just know that we’re inching closer to making FN radio a regular thing.

Stay Tuned.

  • A big thanks to all the FN crew for continually providing SOME semblance of hockey during these trying and boring times. Ball hockey in the street, moving every time a car shows up, can only provide so much entertainment.

    Perhaps a Hagman! Is! Available! contest might be in order, especially if Feaster really is shopping him. Not quite the same as ol’ Pumpkinhead, but worth a thought.

    Looking forward to the new blogger submissions and mercilessly critiquing their topics and writing abilities.

  • Emir

    Sounds like good fun. I log into FN everyday to read something to keep me going lol.

    Photoshop contest does seem like alot of fun, but instead of just one person why don’t we do it as just a flames theme and get some laughs. Let the photoshopers pick on whatever flame they want!

  • ChinookArchYYC

    Please hurry up on the Flames Nation Radio front. The quality doesn’t have to be high to out perform Oilers Nation Radio, or the idiotic posts from Oiler fans.
    Just have a read of the posts from the last show and judge for yourselves.

    • Emir

      Maybe, Feast says he wanted to wait and get good value priced players. So it should be on his radar. Unless he thinks the current group is “deep” enough…

  • RKD

    As of August 2nd, Matt Stajan and Nicklas Hagman continue to be a part of the Flames roster.

    Maybe Feaster is giving Stajan and Hagman a second chance this season.

    • Vintage Flame

      I think Stajan is going to remain with the club this year. I just don’t see any takers with his contract and the shape he was in last year that led to his lousy play. He’s going to have to have a redemption season to even garner any interest at all as trade bait. That includes any team even trying to get to the cap floor.

      Hagman, I still think is being shopped and there are probably going to be some teams still trying to get to the cap floor that will at least inquire about him.

  • Vintage Flame

    Re Photoshop contest, I humbly suggest Matt Stajan summer workout routine, either prescribed for this summer or actually undertaken before the last. I suspect doughnuts would be involved. I have seen so much Olli that much of it is done and I kinda feel bad for the guy as by all accounts I have seen nor heard nothing that would suggest he deserves the treatment he gets aside from his appearance which he has no control over. Being out of shape on the other hand…


    Anyone else wishing Stajan gets a high ankle sprain in camp and has to sit for the season? It’s mean and rude, yes I know, but its his fault for me to wish that upon him. For a guy who has never scored 20 goals to get that kind of money is ridiculous….this just in Sharp re-signs in Chicago…There goes one of the higher profile UFA next year. We have to go “ALL THE WAY IN” on Parise now!