Flamesnation week in preview



We’re half way through August and only a few weeks away from the prospects tourny and therefore real, actual hockey stuff to talk about. For now, FN has a few things coming to keep you occupied.

This week we’ll complete the contributor search by reviewing the entrants and voting. In addition, the site will be announcing a fresh new photoshop contest, with prizes going to the first, second and third place entries. I have a particular topic in mind which is more celebratory than mocking this time around.

We will also finish up the "medioctrity" series of posts and move on to "reasons for optimism". Yeah, the Flames aren’t elite and there doesn’t seem to be any obvious way the club can take a step forward any time soon, but the truth is the team isn’t terrible either and there are more than a few positive things worth talking about as well. Pat, Robert and I (and maybe one or two new contributors?) will discuss a few silver linings, including some of personal favorite games or events from last season. 

Stay tuned everyone. The doldrums are almost over.

  • I’ll have a couple articles this week, including something on camp battles and the good and bad to an unchanged forward group.

    I’m also hoping to start a three part series on Mark Giordano stemming from a radio interview this week.