Introducing Flamesnations Newest Contributor



After an extended contributor search, we have finally settled on the newest voice to join the cast here at FN. It wasn’t an easy choice and I spent a lot of time deliberating over the many quality submissions we received. But in the end we have settled on…Vintage Flame!

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A frequent commenter around these parts, VF has been a quality member for the FN community for a long time. He was extremely passionate about becoming the next writer on the site and his submission (What makes an elite player…elite?) garnered a lot of positive votes and the most discussion amongst any of those submitted.

VF brings a rosier perspective to the team relative to my own more critical take, so I also felt his presence would bring a bit more balance to the overall feel of the site. He’s also excellent at engaging people in both the comment section and on twitter, which is becoming increasingly important in this game these days.

Welcome aboard Vintage.

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PS – Thank you again to everyone who expressed interest in the FN contributor position and submitted entires. I was overwhelmed with the response to my modest request and think the Flames fan-sphere may be adding some strong new voices in the very near future.