Daymond Langkow Traded



According to emerging reports, the Flames have traded Daymond Langkow to the Phoenix Coyotes.

We don’t know the return yet, but failing another very good ES player coming back the other way, the deal makes the Flames worse. Langkow stood as Calgary’s best even strength centerman and was a guy who drove scoring chance differentials and possession despite falling output the last few years. Matt Fenwick of the Battle of Alberta blog once called Langkow "instant chemistry" – he made whomever he played with better.

More analysis to come when the particulars are sorted.

EDIT – Lee Stempniak has been confirmed as the return. His cap hit is $1.9M this year and is only for one season.

  • Scott

    I’ve watched Stemp in St. Louis, Toronto and Phx. Had splashes of a good player, but really kept playing like a guy who did well on bad teams (Phx taken out of course). he played on a top line in Toronto and Phx. Not a fan of the trade. Just think its a slap in the face to a guy who gives his all every shift, is the Masterton nominee, then Feaster trades him. I guess he’s trying to say “this is my team”. Wouldnt be surprised if Feaster trades Iggy now.

  • RexLibris

    So is it fair to say that Flames fans feel this trade is at least a wash if not slightly in their favour because it was uncertain how Langkow might return and the cap hit? It seems like Stempniak can get about 40pts if he plays a full season, of course this being a contract year he’ll probably net 50 just because.

  • icedawg_42

    Six years younger
    $2.6M cheaper
    Fairly consistent 10-15 goal winger
    UFA pending
    Reduces the logjam at center

    I am okay with the trade, but then I did not have any expectations that Langkow would be back to the level of play we saw before the injury.

  • icedawg_42

    Feaster: “”Now we’re going to go into camp with a lot of players not just competing to make the roster but more importantly, competing for their ice time. All those things considered and again, it’s a positive for us.”

    Here’s my prediction – NO one earns or gets any ice time. Giordano and Moss will be out there skating alone.

  • Derzie

    Good move. Nice salary dump and a potential spare part for cheap for a year to start the retooling next year. I like this one. Gives Damon a chance to play as well.

  • Super_Gio


    “Langkow is a really under the radar guy: he’s not big, he doesn’t hammer people and he doesn’t have a big shot or anything. He’s just smart and he just gets the job done. So unless you’re noting who he plays against and how often he gets the puck moving north, you’d never really know his effectiveness.”

    Strongly agree… I’m going to take some heat for this, but that’s exactly how I view Bouwmeester as well. Casual fans don’t cheer for guys like Bouw or Langkow. They are effective players that play a very understated game. Casual fans in Calgary appreciate players like Phaneuf, who I consider to be a polar opposite to these players: he hits the highlight reel, makes the big hit & swings for the fences. Yet, he lacks the awareness & hockey-sense to contribute to a team game consistently.

    This team will miss Langkow big time

    • MC Hockey

      Agree with Kent wholeheartedly and also about Bouwmeester. While Bouw’s offensive production could be better of course, he does a lot of good things and we have Gio and others to score from the blueline.

  • RKD

    Too bad to see Langs go. With a glutton of center men and his health, age, and cap hit all counting against him he was the most likely choice.

    Who knows how he will perform next season, sure he took a cross-check in the game against St. Louis and got up. Now we are talking about the rigors of an 82 game season plus pre-season and potentially playoffs.

    That could be a lot of strain on him. Stempniak means we get younger, save money, plus he seems to hit career highs in contract years.

    You guys are dreaming for Yandle, Vrbata, or Hanzal. Just like you guys were dreaming of Kassian, Myers, Roy, and Stafford in the Reggie trade. No way Phoenix would part with those guys.