Giordano Photoshop Contest Entries



It’s been about a week since we announced the Giordano PS contest, so it’s time to reveal the entries and start voting for the winners.

Things started out slowly since the celebratory theme made it a bit tougher for folks to come up with ideas. It’s easier to be mean, apparently. That said, we ended up receiving 12 quality photoshops. Some won’t be eligilbe for the prize (they’ll be marked and won’t show up in the poll), but all are worthy of being posted.

So, without further ado…

Gio as Superman is this contestants official entry, although kudos for working in the Conan reference as the bonus photoshop. That said, I definitely think Gio as Raving Conan would have been a shoe-in for first place.

Sticking with the "movie superhero" theme, this entry manages to work in a few more Flames stars. Bonus points for casting Jay Bouwmeester as Trinity.


Giordano facts: it’s now generally understood that the sun revolves around Giordano. This is called the Giocentric model of the universe.

"Hey Girl, did you know Mr.Bean is a sex symbol in Britain?" I’m not sure if borrowing from a lesser known meme makes this one more or less impressive.


This is the second photoshop contest in which Olli Jokinen has appeared despite not being the subject. I sense a pattern forming…


The first (and official) submission by this entrant is a reference to Verizon’s "Can you hear me now?" guy for our Canadian readers. 

No one threatens helpless blonde women with a shotgun as cooly as Monkey Giorda…wait, what?

A photoshopped #6 on Frodo would have put this one over the top in my estimation – "I can’t carry your stick Mr. Sarich! But I can carry you!"

No puns or movie references here. Just a flat-out stylish wallpaper type entry. Really like the fact that Gio’s incredible highlight reel goal is in the background.


This last entry is from our very own Vintage Flame and is therefore ineligible for a prize. Good stuff though, particularly because he was able to retain the Hanson brothers glasses on Bourque et al in the background.

That’s the lot Flames Nation. Now go forth and vote on your favorite in the poll at right. Winners will be announced this week.