Yay! Positivity – My top Five Memories of 2010-11



Yes, last season was a roiling pot of change, disappointment and entirely diametrically opposed outcomes. And, in the end, the Flames near mythical rebound failed to launch them into the post season, marking it the second time in as many years the capped-out club missed the dance.

There were some disappointments and surprises to be sure. But there was more than a few bright spots to enjoy as well. We’ve covered some of them so far in the positivity series, but today I wanted to share the particular games or moments that stood out for me last season.

5.) The 7-2 Win over Chicago

No team has treated the Flames like their own personal spittoons more than the Chicago Blackhawks the last few seasons. Calgary’s regular season (and playoff) record against the ‘Hawks since old man Wirtz left this world has hovered between pitiful and unspeakable. More than a few humiliating losses have come at the hands of Toews and company, including the game that spawned the phrase "a five goal lead is the most dangerous lead in hockey"

Which is why it felt so good to see the Flames come out and lay a good ol’ fashioned whoopin’ on the Hawks last November. Calgary was helped along by some less than noteworthy netminding by Marty Turco, but that doesn’t deflate the schadenfreude.

Bonus points to Matt Stajan, who makes a number of good plays in the above highlights.

4.) Curtis Glencross’ Incredible February

Calgary turned things around in the second half of the season for a number of reaosns, principle amongst them was Curtis Glencross catching fire in Feb. He managed eight goals and 14 points in just 13 games, including a four point effort versus the Colorado Avalanche on Valentines day. However unlikely it is that Glencross will repeat the feat down the road, it was still fun to watch him shred the bad guys for a month. And speaking of Valentines day…

3.) 9-1 boot-stomping of Colorado Avalanche

This one might have been even more personally satisfying for me than the 7-2 victory over the Hawks. During the previous season, the Avalanche had rode some of the most uncanny luck in recent memeory to their Cinderella playoff berth. The Flames ran face first into that fortune more than once in 2009-10, spending several frustrating nights peppering Craig Anderson only to see the Avs score the game winner on one of their few shots of the game.

On a more meta-level, the Avs unlikely success that year led to a bit of kerfuffle between the NHL stats crowd and Colorado fans. The latter looked at the data and concluded Colorado’s success was a fluke. The latter claimed the team’s young players and coaches had found a way to beat the odds. I, of course, was on the side of the bean counters. 

So naturally I took some selfish joy in Joe Sacco going from a Jack Adams candidate to potentially losing his job in the space of a year. The merciless beating at the hands of my favorite team was the glistening, bourbon soaked cherry on top of the glorious I told-you-so Sundae.

Yes Colorado, your team sucks.

2.) The Alex Tanguay game tying goal

After losing three games in a row to decidedly mediocre opposition (uncluding B2B contests versus the Wild) the Flames ambled into Dallas on December 23rd on a low note. With the club near the bottom of the standings and behind in the finla frame 3-2, it looked like another disappointing loss was inevitable. Until this:

With the goalie on the bench, Tanguay’s break-away goal tied things up with with less than two minutes left in the game. He would go on to ice it for the Flames in the shoot-out shortly thereafter.

1.) Backlund burns the Canucks

Aside from the Blackhawks, the other Western Conference club the Flames have struggled most against in recent times is the Vancouver Canucks. That’s why the kids singlehanded strip-and-roof-job goal was so very sweet.

That’s it for me. Feel free to share your own favorite parts of last season in the comments.

  • mayhemsince1977

    Thanks Kent, perfect article to read on a rainy day. But…how could you leave out Iggy flying down the right side on a partial break, leg kick, and GOAL! 1000 points!

  • while it’s tough to pinpoint one moment that KILLED the whole year, i’d have to say that the entire heritage classic weekend was awesome. first there was the EPIC blogger meet-up, with king jafi coming in from Tampa, sarah from vancouver, me, mikeH, azevedo, domebeers, steinberg, kent, hayley, dph, newsboy etc. SUPER good times… then the atmosphere and the buzz of the game…. AWESOME.

    but for here, i gotta say the experience was punctuated and exemplified by rene bourque’s individual-effort goal at mcmahon. booyah. that’s my pick and it doesn’t even involve giordano.

  • Vintage Flame

    All your clips were truly great games Kent. I myself always love a good blowout, when we are on the right side of the firing squad that is.

    However.. This was one of my favorite moments this year…

  • I have to say Iggy 1000th point ranks right up there in my top 5. Another one is Steady Steve Staios scoring the tying goal against the Oil after the Flames were down by 3 in the 3rd period. What makes that even more special is I remember during the live chat that night, an oiler fan said he would laugh if Steady Steve scored. He did! SOME KINDA PREDICTION!!

  • Vintage Flame

    Another good moment, even though we lost was the 3-2 loss to Vancouver on Feb 2nd, I think.

    Karlsson played a good game. Couldn’t have been faulted on the 1st goal and was ‘interfered’ with on the OT goal by Erhoff.

    The other positive was the play of Backlund on the top line with Iggy. Lots of scoring chances. I thought it fit in with what we have talked about around here lately.

  • Jeff Lebowski

    On the Tanguay-Dallas goal…What a chip pass by Iggy from the boards to the middle of the ice. Of course what an amazing shot too, Lehtonen came OUT to challenge. I remember screaming my head off after that one.

  • Captain Ron

    Those are some of my favorite memories of the season too Kent. Thanks for the rainy day reminder. The Tanguay-Dallas goal was “some kinda shot”, and the Backlund-Vancouver goal at the end of the year was “some kinda deke”.

    Before next season is over Stempniak might give us a goal or two for the highlight reel.

  • Wanyes bastard child

    Well I don’t know if I can get 5, but for sure I can do top 4, 3 of them are easy as they are all from the first game of the year vs the flames 😉

    #1 – Eberle with a sick PK goal (voted goal of the year btw)

    #2 – Smac’s KO on Ivanins (Yeah I probably spelled his name wrong… how’s he doing?)

    #3 – Oilers crush the flames 4-0 in the first game of the series.

    #4 – Taylor Hall’s first hatty (many more to come)

    #5 – Omark’s shootout goal vs Tampa (What do you know, I did get 5 🙂

    • ChinookArchYYC

      Ivanins who? Guy got sent into the next decade. So endeth the lesson. Don’t puck with us. Eat puck Flame scum. Rookie camp is coming in Penticton. Our first chance to plow you into the dirt. Prospects>OOps forget you don’t have any of those. Traded away all your picks for guys like Matt Stajan and company. I’d rather finish last then watch my team finish 9th. Atleast we get the pleasure of RNH and Hall and Eberle. You get Iggy,Tanguay and Moss.Ouch.

    • ChinookArchYYC

      I am so glad you chimed in with this, since my favorite game last year was the comeback win against the Oilers, at the end of the season.

      After falling behind 4 – 1 and putting up with the Oilers taunts and jeers Iggy (from St. Albert) scores his second PPG of the game, followed by a Glencross (former Oiler) goal, and then best of all former Oiler Steve Staios forces overtime with a slap shot with 1:55 left in the third.

      Beautiful poetry my friend. Thank you for the memories!

      • Wanyes bastard child

        Well shoot, I had completely forgotten that game… when your the suckiest team of sucks for what seems like 10 years running you tend to forget the losses and focus in on the wins eh 😛

        I don’t come here to troll but to just have fun and perhaps poke a little fun your guys way 🙂

        Also my question regarding Ivanin’s (still unsure the spelling) was a sincere one, how is he doing?

        • Vintage Flame

          Personally… I always get a kick out the 3 stooges.. WBC, Rubbertrout and edmontoncritic!

          Just kidding boys..

          As to your question on Ivanans.. I’ve heard he’s doing better, which is not good news for Flames fans, since I don’t think ANYONE wants to see him in the lineup.

          Maybe our first game vs. the Oil… ummm.. you don’t have Mcintyre anymore… I guess Hordichuck is your tough guy now? Okay… MAYBE he can knock Ivan the terrible fighter out again for us.

          Well Larry, Curly & Moe.. In the words of the late Ed Whalen… “In the meantime and in between time….”

  • Canucks Suck

    When Jackman scored his second goal of the game against the Sens. I was there and pretty intoxicated but I still remember that. I even have a nifty scar on my leg from falling into the rail after cheering too hard after he knocked that second one in.

    Also all Jackman’s goals on Luongo were pretty damn great.

  • ChinookArchYYC


    Nice work and excellent picks! I thought about my picks before reading this and you nailed 3 of them. That said, I couldn’t help but to go off the chart and cheat a bit. Giordano’s domination of Dustin Brown throughout a game in January 2010 was my absolute favorite game since the 2004 playoffs.

  • Greg

    Surprised it hasn’t been mentioned yet, but my favorite was Conroy’s 1000 game ceremony. I was at the dome for that, and it was quite a moment. Dude was definitely, and rightfully so, loved by teammates and fans alike.

    Also, Karlson’s first shoot out. I laughed so hard when he karate fist pumped that save. I’d never seen a goalie do that before. Got even funnier when Brent Sutter commented on wanting to see more of that so Kipper started soon it his next game.

    Iggy’s 1000th, the return of Langkow, and the second half run that almost made me think we just might do it round out my top 5.

  • RKD

    I guess this one doesn’t count since it happened during the pre-season, but I really enjoyed Theo Fleury scoring the gwg in the shootout on his backhand.

    It was awesome how the Flames shutout the Habs 4-0 in the outdoor classic with Bourque scoring two goals.

    Iginla passing Sergei Fedorov with 484 goals for 47th all time.

    The somewhat unexpected return of Daymond Langkow when most were whispering retirement.

    The ascension of rising from 14th place in the West to sitting as high as 4th for a brief span of time.