Go Canada Go!

This is Jordan Eberle scoring one of the most famous goals in the game’s history. The timing (perfect) and the degree of difficulty (impossible) add to the appeal of this photo. Tonight in Buffalo, a new chapter will be written.

I believe there are several reasons for the immense popularity of the World Junior championships. For one, we all have way more leisure time than in the past (certainly compared to 1970) so the potential market is mammoth for advertisers. This means more money is available, which means that networks are going to improve the coverage.

Add to that the exceptional talent on display during the lockout season (a spike season for the WJ’s) and the fact that TSN is run by smart people and you have one of the major events on the Canadian sports calendar.

I don’t think the Americans (or enough of them) have discovered this tournament and that’s a shame. Those American kids played a home game that didn’t feel like one; I doubt their performance had anything to do with the semifinal’s outcome (Canada was perfect) but it has to be galling for the USA to see that kind of invasion.

I’m tearing up thinking about it.

Team Canada plays the Russians tonight in the Gold medal game. Canada plays in the final game every year it seems, but it’s a battle every time. This version of Team Canada appeared to lack skill at the beginning, but those fears have eased as the tournament rolled along.

Russia is a wildly inconsistent country in international play. Sometimes they play lights out and other times they look disinterested. The Russian club that came over for the CHL series this season was stronger and that was the first indication that something might be brewing for Mother Russia.

This group started slowly and then improved as the tournament wore on, a classic Canada trick going back many years.

The Swedes play the USA in the pissed off game at 1:30pm today; the Russians and Canada play at 5:30 pm. TSN has the television, Team 1260 the radio.

Bless you boys. Win today and you can sing the anthem and bring home the Zeta-Jones. 

  • Where's Your Towel

    Can’t wait to see if our guys can execute another essentially flawless performance. I have a feeling the Russians may be a lot harder to beat the second time around.

    As a 31 year old with a horny teenager’s obsession with bathing suit girls, I do understand that there are times it is acceptable to be reading a hockey blog at work. I also understand there is likely no time a female supervisor is going to think viewing the aforementioned bathing suit girls is acceptable at work. I suggest setting your browser to load images at this site on demand rather than automatically.

  • Go into your browser and turn off the images.

    Its easy.

    That way the rest of us who can look at girls are not harmed (yes harmed) by those who can’t.

    Girls, hockey, beer.

    Three great tastes that taste great together.

  • John Chambers

    In some ways I cheer against Canada only to help increase interest in the game in the US and elsewhere. Alas, we seem poised to win this thing yet again. Sigh.

    It’s kind of like the NCAA tournament with only 8 teams and Duke ends up in the final year after year. Yeah it’s exciting basketball, but it doesn’t make for a very interesting line in Vegas.

    On another note I’m pleased that Switzerland and Germany keep getting stronger. International Hockey seems like it’s a 4-team race (Canada, US, Russia, and Sweden), with dark horses in the Czechs and Finland, and a Slovakian team that can compete on any given night.

    I believe that we’ll see Switzerland medal in a major tournament over the next 20 years, and see Germany reach a level of competitiveness on par with Slovakia or Finland.

    This will do a lot to help promote the game internationally.

  • Mouse

    Great post as always LT.


    My bitch about this post is that many of us read this blog at work in a PC atmosphere.

    I can’t risk opening up this page when my female supervisor is behind me.

    Whoever has the horny teenagers obsession with bathing suit girls needs to remember this.


    /rant off

    • Nice to see this was met with the predictable replies. It’s probably not a big deal to the unemployed or self-employed but it’s a pain for most to have to censor a hockey site because some people can’t be arsed to head over to a skin site to satisfy their needs.

      • dangersuede

        Nice to see this was met with the predictable replies. It’s probably not a big deal to the majority or employed, who have the privilege of surfing while at work, but it’s a pain for most to have to see censorship on a hockey site because some people can’t be arsed to head over to a hockey site to satisfy their needs til they are finished work.

      • IceDragoon

        Something wrong with Woodguy’s suggestion?

        Blocking images is completely in your control.

        In firefox go to: tools > options > content, then click on the ‘exceptions’ button beside ‘load images automatically’, then enter –
        http://oilersnation.com/ – in the pop-up box.

        If you use ie or safari, instructions should be equally simple.

        You will no longer be bothered by the images that others find… inspiring.


        GO CANADA!

        • Protagonist

          Just a note, as someone who is “in the know” about these kind of things, while you are hiding the images, the page is still being downloaded normally. When people get busted for doing bad things on company time it’s not because someone caught them in the act or looked over their shoulder, more often than not it’s soulless lines of code that search the webpages you visit for naughty things.

          Just because your blocked all the images and some well-endowed or half naked female isn’t shown on your monitor doesn’t mean your company doesn’t know that a page you visited contained hot_swedish_chick57.jpg. There are some smart people who try to find ways around corporate firewalls and network monitors, just remember that there are smart people working to bust those people.

          And for the record, I can testify that in a majority of the monitoring software that is in use will not be fooled by the above trick.

          As always, browse safely.

    • S.Tambellini

      Worst rant ever.

      This guy is probably a vegetarian who asks his dinner host not to serve any meat at the party because it offends him.

      Can we punish him with more (and larger) boobs please?


    • Petr's Jofa

      If there were no girls on this page, would reading a hockey blog be acceptable at work with your female supervisor behind you? Just Curious.


      A 35 year old with a horny teenager’s obsession with bathing suit girls.

  • Petr's Jofa

    Canada needs to come out flying like they did vs the Americans to plant that seed of doubt in the Russians’ heads.

    Some quick Canadian goals and the Russians’ will to win will die faster than a flock of blackbirds in Louisiana.

  • O.C.

    Funny how the hype was all about revenge on the US and it ends up being the classic Canada Russia game.

    This should be a barn burner. Either team can win here. Russia won’t turtle in the corners.

    edit… Wow, who is that girl? K Z jones?