Saturday Morning Shadenfreude – Tim Erixon Gets Cut



Vicki Hall has the deliciously ironic news on Flames Insider this morning – the New York Rangers have demoted Tim Erixon.

This is hilarious on all sorts of levels. Erixon’s ostensible reason for not wanting to sign with Calgary was his perception that he would have to spend some time in the AHL, which he didn’t want to do. We can safely say there was more to it than that given his familial history with the Rangers, but there’s no doubt the SEL pro felt he was a bit beyond the minors at this point.

Even better, the player the Flames received in compensation, Roman Horak, is still in camp and battling for a s roster spot.

Of course, none of this really says anything about each players viability in the long-term.

Still, it’s hilarious.

  • SmellOfVictory

    When I saw this I was so pleased. Overall i’m totally over the erixon fiasco. But it’s still delicious to see something like this happen. He’s going to have to learn his place before he becomes an NHL player. I imagine if he stayed here he probably would have made the team, in saying that I don’t know how his training camp went in NY. I just have to say this is awesome.

  • SmellOfVictory

    Kind of unexpected, they were giving him 16-20 minutes a night, so they were giving him a really good look. So even after all that they still demote him, thats not a good thing. Maybe he just didn’t put the effort in because he thought he would make the team because of his dad and the high profile trade.

    I still think that he could be a really, REALLY good NHL defensemen, and just cause Horak is still with the big club shouldn’t mean we “won” this trade.

    • Willi P

      Nobody is claiming that the Flames “won” the trade Colin,

      Vicki Hall says “Does this mean the Flames won the trade? Of course not.”

      Kent Wilson says “Of course, none of this really says anything about each players viability in the long-term”

  • The Rangers simply have too many guys ahead of him on the depth chart. No sense keeping him around to be a 6/7 when they can send him to Hartford for substantial minutes in their top pairing.

  • Dr. Nick

    Wow, I guess Erixon’s dad doesn’t have the sway maybe Timmy thought he did. I hope this was a wake up call for him about the competition level in the NHL and that he finally realizes newbies, even top prospects, are never guaranteed a spot.

    By the way, I forgot to mention……….. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

    Go Horak!!!!!

  • Vintage Flame

    I think the picture at the top pretty much sums it up for a lot of the fans.

    Erixon will have his day in the Sun someday.. I for one am just glad that it will be later rather than sooner.

    Have fun in Hartford Tim… You putz.

  • Vintage Flame

    Well isnt this all kind of sweet. I think the deal was Erixon & a 5th rounder for Horak & 2 2nds. Tempering the fact Horak is still with the club, this is still not a bad deal for us. The deal I was really upset with was Regehr, I thought we could have gotten more but after seeing both Butler & Byron & the fact we got such a great deal on Hannan, my Crown Royal Black was going down a lot smoother. Anyone know if RR has been playing any exhibition games in Buffalo & how it’s been going for him. He’s a decent guy & great family guy(very young family) & hope he does well there.

    What sweet news & the irony truly is, if he came to the Flames, he would be still here & probably Henry & Smith would be sent down & Carson would have something to worry about. This made my day despite the rain 🙂 🙂

    • I hope your not suggesting we injure the guy. While we all want to burn effigies of little timmy, myself and others dont want to see him injured.

      Now if its a hit like the glorious dion phaneuf v denis hamil, where we get major air time and not serious injury, that would be widely applauded 🙂

      But it just goes to show how he just wanted to shaft us just to play for the rangers. Nice for us to get a laugh on the situation.

  • flamesburn89

    Oh yeah!!!!!!! That just made my day!! News Flash Erixon; you havent played a game in the NHL and you thought you could be guaranteed a roster spot? HAHAHA… SUCKER

    For once, I’m actually pleased with John Torterella.

  • Jeff Lebowski

    Sorry for posting this here but the poll question has me thinking:

    What do people expect out of Stajan? Taking into consideration where he plays and with who, what does he have to do to make people happy with him? Is there anything? Is that then fair to the guy?

      • Jeff Lebowski

        Ok. I think Jokinen put up around 50 pts last year as the second line centre and on the second unit PP.

        I just don’t see Stajan getting the PP time. I dont think on this team he gets the opportunity to succeed (given the expectation).

        If people have already made their minds up on him or set an unrealistic expectation how will he be viewed? People will just focus on mistakes to justify their viewpoint. No one plays perfect.

        To me, I want him to contribute the best he can given his role. Picking on him won’t do any good for him or the team.

        If he’s the third line centre I’d be very happy with around 100 pts from the entire line (200 from 1, 150 from 2).

        He sucked last year and that’s on him. I think he also triggers emotions linked to Darryl Sutter and I hope people give him a realistic chance to prove his worth. Booing him won’t help and neither will expecting a level of production in the absence of PP time.

        • Jeff Lebowski

          Problem is the fact that he is so overpaid on a cap strapped team. If he plays like a 3.5-4.0Mill player & starts to control the puck, create offensive opportunities, bury the puck when he does get his chances, I think he will get better line mates & get the fans off his back. Boumeester is in a similar boat, he is actually a very good Dman who logs a lot of tough minutes but he’s paid for more than that & fans expect more. Nature of the beast, big bucks come with big expectations. These players got paid these $$$ because they showed the ability to perform in a way that commands the $$$ & they havent delivered, especially Stajan. I still like JBO, he’s just over paid & Ive accepted that.

  • Rangers will never be charged with tampering. Big market, original six team. They probably could have gotten away with kidnapping Erixon and just playing him.

    I find it ironic that Erixon didn’t think he would get time on the Flames’ blue line, yet we still have Smith and Henry around. That COULD have been Erixon.

    This does make me giggle inside, but I have no doubt we will see Erixon patrolling the Rangers’ blue line should injuries occur for NY during the season. At the very latest, I think he’ll be full time next season.

  • wawful

    What pisses me off the most about Erixon isn’t that he didn’t want to play with the Flames. It’s the games he played in the process of leaving. If he had been up front with Flames management about wanting to be traded before his contract deadline then the Flames might have had time to set up a deal that was a little more fair. I like Horak but, if he turns out to be worth what Erixon was, it will be a fluke the rangers did not intend.

    Going forward, the Rangers probably realize what kind of player they’ve picked up. He’s got a huge sense of entitlement and he’s willing to employ dirty negotiation tactics to get what he feels he deserves. If the rumors are true, he’s not above quasi-illegal backroom dealings, but only Erixon and the Rangers know that for sure. He wants to be a ranger now, but who knows what he’ll want in a few years?

    Torts might be trying to teach Erixon something by demoting him to the minors, or it might be that Erixon simply isn’t good enough to crack their lineup. Regardless, I hope Erixon weasels his way out of NY too and leaves the Rangers with exactly what they deserve.