Flames Comparables: Secondary Defensemen

    Every Thursday we’re using the Snepsts system to project how many points each of the Flames may score this year. The Snepsts system, explained over at Hockey Prospectus, searches history for players with similar statistics (adjusted for era scoring levels) and uses their future performance as yardsticks for today’s. We’ve already looked at…



    Well needless to say the first week of the 2011-12 season has not exactly gone as hoped. The Flames went 1-3 in their first four games, and well there are a lot of unhappy people in Flamesland. One of the bright spots this week though came in the Flames only win; a 4-1…


Flames Waive Ivanans

    Flames announced today they have placed enforcer Raitis Ivanans on waivers, likely with the intent to send him down to the Abbotsford Heat.


Postgame: Six Minute Drill

Apparently you can play six minutes of effective hockey an win a hockey game.  Okay, we’ll give them a little more than that (maybe ten minutes), but Tuesday’s 2-1 Calgary win over Edmonton really was the definition of finding a way to win.  The Flames were almost entirely mediocre but used a solid final ten…

Battle of Alberta – Game the First Live Chat

Battle of Alberta – Game the First The Oilers are off to a better than expected start. The Flames have been incredibly sluggish. Calgary has owned the BofA the last few years, but there’s some question whether that will continue much longer. Can Oil can begin the turn around tonight in Calgary or will the Flames manage…